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  1. Ugh....reserve.....glad those days are behind me. Until I upgrade that is
  2. Just finished a 4 day in the 700/900. Guess I will spend my 3 days off flying it some more once I get it downloaded.
  3. Yup. The -900 can take quite a bit of breakaway thrust to get moving when fully loaded (especially single engine). We are limited, when taxiing single engine, not to exceed 80% N2 on the operating engine. Sometimes this is barely enough when fully loaded (causing some captains to groan!). The -900 is a fantastic airplane, but is not exempt from getting stuck in a tight spot once in a while (this is especially true in a -200). When told to line up and wait, I will generally hold the brakes and spool up the engines to about 45% N1 until cleared for takeoff. Saves quite a bit of time in getting the airplane rolling especially at busy airports. When they say it can take a jet engine up to 8 seconds to spool up from idle to max thrust (or takeoff thrust), they ain't lyin'! As for the George (the autopilot), sometimes he gets a little lazy and I find that I'm better off hand-flying (depending on the phase of flight). Sometimes hitting some waves at altitude can be enough to upset him. Just click him off, put the plane where you want it, trim it, and tell George to get back to work.
  4. Although, I believe I took this when I was flying a 200, not sure if there is a limitation on the 700/900.
  5. 2 minutes ON, 30 minutes OFF...