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  1. I know this comment may be a little late but Furthermore I find the staff/developers at Black Box Simulations, to be rather arrogant and rude. I have had a few run in's with them with support on joystick throttle issues and they were very un-supportive i had to demand for a refund fortunately they cooperated. Now about this Matter and BBS A330 VS Aerosoft Airbus Family, Personally I find that the A320 has a Pretty accurate FBW system and the BBS FBW system is left to be desired. I think BBS is Butt hurt and jealous that you guys at Aerosoft are making a A330 series that is way better looking and more functional than there shotty A330 but the only thing BBS holds is that they make the first payware A330/340 for P3d/FSX. Finally I cant wait to fly the AS A330 and fly the BER 7008 flight from EDDL(DUS) to KRSW(RSW) Keep Up the great work and have a great day and weekend.
  2. oh wait Aharon screen shot your in sim FSX Settings
  3. i was just stating that every one has problems with FSX not really trying to hijack a Thread
  4. FSX is a Very Unstable Flight Sim because of Poor Coding and that its a 32bit sim instead of modern 64bit, 32 bit being it only uses up to 2gb of allocated VAS (Virtual Access Space) However it can go up to 4gb but for some reason FSX only uses 2gb which causes major problems so there is a program that makes fsx use all 4gb of VAS its called 4gb patch i have used it and it works.
  5. Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    Can Any one make a West Jet A319 A320 A321 NEO As well as a319 A320 A321 Air canada Sharklets