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  1. Yeah, we could get flushing toilets, or even some of the seat backs have entertainment screens, a flight attendant or two walking about the place. Myself, I am more of a locked flight deck guy. I do not walk about the aircraft when flying at all. On my walk around before each flight, I do marvel at the detail of the undercarriage the modelers built. I would rather Aerosoft spend their budget/time on perfecting the normal flight characteristics. The climb/descent engine logic is super super important, as are many other normal operation systems. Some of us have seen issues of strange climb/descent happenings as well as power failures in the bus series. Some of us can't save flights and reload the CRJ series.This is where the time is best spent, getting the code more robust for a wider audience of machines and getting a wider level of beta guys and machine types to test and retest the same scenario in slightly different flavors, so that a wider audience has less issues. I missed out on the beta group, so hopefully, there are sufficient to strengthen the ranks.
  2. Yeah, great post Steve. When I am flying what ever a/c, if some message pops up as a warning or what ever, I could hastily find the a/c manuals and look for the message...And by then if it was a serious issue, I maybe in a tad of bother due to the research time for the message. I know, I could pause the sim....Now with the internet, I simply post the message on my support machine and instantly some one would have found it as well, and usually a solution, and many many references. And of course, how would we survive without Youtube. Despite many written explanations out there, A few well created videos and the issue is the proverbial , A picture is worth a thousand words...umm, what would a video be worth in words!! And Tom, you are so right. No matter what happens in our life, we rely on Google etc to solve it.
  3. Of all the flight sim forums I visit, this would be one of the most open, honest, and above all, friendly of them. Some forums will simply not answer multiple previous asked questions. Tom is answering questions, rather than saying nothing. But, I guess he thinks it gets very repetitious answering the same questions, when forum users can read the thread, or search the thread for the answer. Maybe some people are not prepared to read 'long' threads? A few months ago I suggested Aerosoft place the most common questions/answers at the head of a specific topic page where there is lots of interest. I recall Tom's reply, saying even with these question/answers in the header, many people still did not read the page header, but asked a question with the same question/answer above them. Remember the old saying, give a man a fish, he eats today but he is hungry tomorrow. Teach him to fish and he is not hungry any day…..Maybe this is Tom’s thought?
  4. Hans, very good that you have found an issue that may assist us with flight save/reload.. Can you comment about the current/previous AIRAC dates and how, if at all, they affect the save/reload flight. For example, if i save the flight with AIRAC "A" but reload with AIRAC "B"? As long as the waypoints are the same, does the AIRAC date have any effect? Did you find any difference between Nav database providers? I would imagine most of flights saved would have had FMS data of some sort incorporated. In my case, as you know, the action of reload of a saved flight, would kill off my P3D session, so I am hoping the Dev version and your latest fix will solve my issue as well. When you release the fix and hopefully, newer version, I will test the various permutations and see if I can get this matter resolved.
  5. por928

    mid flight or taxi power loss

    I was in cruise at FL380, some 5 hours into a 7 hour flight(KJFK-EGLC) with no action on the stick(Logitech Extr 30 Pro, using Chaseplane. I notes there are several posts scattered about the forum. To me, it is like the aircraft has run out of fuel and flattened the batteries (despite loads of fuel on board) the aircraft systems just shut down, in my case, the packs went, then the gens then a few moments later, all black. When I was just getting out the life jackets, when at about FL120, she came back to life, with no FMS loaded...
  6. por928

    mid flight or taxi power loss

    Umm, and I thought I had done something....On a long flight BAW2, KJFK-EGLC with the A318(BA Livery) and just short of Shannon, I just lost all power including electrics, in the night with nothing on the screens....A tad scary, as no RAT, no emergency power. I first noticed pack 2 fault, then pack1 then the gens off line...sort of like fuel starvation, though FOB=7280kg... But after descending from FL380 through 9000, all of a sudden, everything came back to life..Though, the flight plan was lost. Now diverting to EGAA and will land here and give most of my passengers some Valium, then re-schedule the flight later today. First time ever this happen with the buses.
  7. Hi Hans, So, you managed to load that YBBN YSCB file, fly for 5 minutes or so, then save the file via the Scenario tab. Close P3D, open P3D, and reload the saved flight with no issues. It is one of those things. All our machines are slightly different. The majority of PC's are similar enough that their Win 10 and P3D and the Aerosoft CRJ build are within your machines allowable code range. I just need to park the CRJ and wait until the coding becomes broad enough to cope with my machine's combination. I just carried out the YBBN-YSCB flight plan and my dog harassed me for some thing at the crucial moment as I was on short final, only to lose too much airspeed and stalled when I looked back. Normally, I save my flights when in cruise and just before TOD. Obviously I could not do that in this case. Again, thanks for trying.
  8. Hi Hans, thank you for reply. Here are the files i had created for the test...For me, they do not even look like loading. CRJ 700 YBBN YSCB2.fxml CRJ 700 YBBN YSCB2.wx CRJ 700 YBBN YSCB2.crj CRJ 700 YBBN YSCB2.crjfms
  9. OK, when I created and saved the scenario, then tried to reload it, it crashed P3D. Several attempts all had the same outcome. Sometimes to the screen saver some times the load hangs requiring me to crash out. For some reason, despite the two updates, that previously allowed me to load a saved scenario, have now stopped working. All other aspects of the aircraft seem to work great. When I reload a saved scenario for the A318-A321, I have no issues. The same for the FSL A320, the PMDG 777, the majestic Q400..all load ok.
  10. por928


    That's ok Tom. If the Updater says it has updated the a/c to what ever x.x.x, then that will do.
  11. As stated previously, I Updated the CRJ700/900 to and applied the Updater for the CABIN ALT and PASS OXY ON warning. On the same day, with no P3D restart, when I saved a flight and reloaded it, the scenario was correctly loaded. and I could carry on with the flight. However, after a restart of my P3D machine, and I reload P3D and try and load the same saved flight, it crashes P3D...either straight to the screen saver or it might hang unresponsive and needs me to use Task Manager and end task. Anyway.........Later, I will create a flight plan and configure the CRJ900 again for taxi, sitting at an airport. Save it, and while P3D still running, reload it. Assuming it loads ok, I will then reboot the P3D machine and retry loading the scenario and see what happens and report back. I have been playing with the Updater, so I am not sure if this has upset it. My method of reloading a scenario is to: Load P3D>at the load screen, accept the default a/c(F22) which has its engines running, and accept the default airport, select ok, and when the F22 is sitting at the end of the default runway, I select Scenario from the top left, and select load. Chose the saved flight scenario, click ok. Maybe my machine is sensitive to this reload action. I recently had the P3D QW 787...For me, the major issue was being unable to get the saved flight scenario to reload. Apparently some QW 787 people did not have any issues. There was another group of us that did have this issue.
  12. por928


    OK, looking at my original questions. In my Programs and Features area, the Version loaded does not reflect the changes made by the Updater!!! I guess this is to do with the actual base program loaded and the changes made to the base program are sort of hotpacks? Does it matter where I run the ASUpdater from? It does not seem to matter. I tried different location Updaters for the CRJ and the A318-A319, and both report the changes were made. I thought at one stage, the Updated was located in my A320 program list. Maybe as Otto said, it gets Win 10 a tad confused if the Updater's are in the same area. So, all is well in the Updater camp, and everything clarified. ✔️ Thanks for the replies guys.
  13. por928


    That file crj700900x_p3d4.xml was there.
  14. por928


    Hi Otto, What are we looking for when I open the updater? I see my version = v1.1.8.0 it says P3D 4.x found it comments that it found the Add-on Path for the A318_A319 it comments that it found the Add-on Path for the A312_A321 It does not comment it found the Add-on Path for the CRJ It works ok, (well it says the update went ok) from any of the sources I find it on my system.
  15. por928


    I notice the Updater is located in my program list CRJ>Run Updater, my Start Area, and Documents>Aerosoft>ASUpdater. And in this location, I can see the Log files showing the updates...A318-A319 and A320-A321 to and my CRJ to When I look at the add programs, it still refers to the original load versions...e.g..Airbuses =1.0 and the CRJ= How can I check what version is actually loaded? Does it matter where I run the ASUpdater from? I thought at one stage, the Updated was located in my A320 program list.. I notice there is also a Documents>Aerosoft>ASUpdaterUpdater.exe....which relies upon the Updater.exe.