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  1. Viperlead

    WebInterface Missing?

    ok.. after several attempts, i discovered that the situation is inverted. i can now use the 320/321 web interface, but the 318/319 web mcdu is frozen, with all buttons working thou.
  2. Viperlead

    WebInterface Missing?

    now I cant use the web mcdu in either plane. all buttons are working fine through my ipad, but the mcdu screen in my ipad is frozen. yesterday the 318-319 was working but not today after update.
  3. Viperlead

    American A321 livery

    copy the aircraft entries for each aircraft.cfg before updating. then place them back again in the new aircraft.cfg after update. is a pain, but easier.
  4. Viperlead

    A320-321 update ??

    run the updater. Is already there
  5. Viperlead

    Brake fan looks

    Ever wondered how a brake fan assambly looks like??? Damn little loud things
  6. Viperlead

    WebInterface Missing?

    sorry for duplicated posts
  7. Viperlead

    WebInterface Missing?

    yeap.... exactly the same to me. +1
  8. Viperlead

    American A321 livery

    did you search for it in the 320/321 livery library? is right there in some page dont remember which i downloaded it and is up and running perfectly fine.
  9. Hello! Im trying the C&D state for the A320 and it is not possible to remove the SET IRS TO NAV message from the scratch pad until I actually set them to nav. But the message should be removed when clicking CLR at the MCDU even if the ADIRS are still off. Regards!!!
  10. I did a short video of my first landing on the A320, with the livery i fly in real life. I must say Im impressed with the flare logic... felt like my landing i did this morning! Looking forward for more Buses from you guys! regards
  11. Viperlead

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    and even more for such a huge expectation for the A330.
  12. Viperlead

    Takeoff flaps?

    Hi !! I've been thinking while doing my own landings in real life.. the sensation I get in every single landing is different .. it even matters how used the tire is, if it has some flat spots etc. Think of it like this.. The harder you land, the faster the tire spins up and catches up with ground speed. smoke is very heavy but instantly. Soft landing will make the tire take more time to reach terminal ground speed, this means more time squealing along the runway, this would in turn produce less smoke, but more time producing it. If the tire is new, it is more curved, and less rubber touches the runway when soft landing happens, hence the newer the tire, the softer the landing can be felt. As the tire gets worn out, it flattens, and when coming in contact with runway, more rubber touches the asphalt, and you feel like a soft pull backwards. Hope I made it simple
  13. Viperlead

    Cargo door sound

    Hey Mathijs: I can tell you that the door is not audible from the flight deck. You just hear a very soft clank when the door begins to close. If we want to actually see something about the door beng in transit either opening or closing, we check the HYD SD page to check the yellow system pressurized. From the passenger cabin you hear the yellow HYD pump kickin in to do the job. but thats pretty much it. All this is in an A320, dont know about it in other models. Regards, Alfredo
  14. Viperlead

    High climb rate and stall

    This happened to me while i was close to a waypoint which asked for crossing above 6000, i was 3 miles away and at 2500 manually climbing. I engaged the AP and it raced to the sky looking to comply with the restriction. Power was already on THR CLB and airplane was in clean config. After takeoff checklist was done. it reached 25 degs pitch up speed dropped like a brick and eventually alpha floor was reached. But it complied with the restriction