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  1. Viperlead

    One week (okay 8 days) and where are we?

    Are you as thrilled as we all are for the A330?? Sooo looking forward for it. Congrats, and keep them coming!
  2. Viperlead

    ECAM request, start fault

    well, any amber ecam is an abnormal situation. An yet some of them are simulated.
  3. Viperlead

    Duplicated Waypoints F-PLN

    all right! thanks!
  4. Viperlead

    Your best Screenshot

    Early morning short flight to Croatia
  5. Viperlead

    ECAM request, start fault

    I know this is not an abnormal procedures simulation. But it happens that we forget to set the apu bleed to on, and when starting engines, well, there is no bleed air, so it triggers an ECAM ENG 1(2) START FAULT. It would be nice to have it. As a common missed step in cockpit preparation.
  6. In real life, somtimes the fightplan to the alternate goes through waypoints that were already in the primary flightplan. I can not insert the same waypoint in the alternate route. IF EBDEG is in the primary route, im unable to insert EBDEG again in the alternate route. happens with any waypoint.
  7. Viperlead

    Sun screens

    Yellowish indeed
  8. When activating the approach phase, either automatically or manually, the PERF section goes correctly to the APP page, but, the <PREV PHASE at 6LSK remains active. This shouldn't be. Once the App phase is activated, that option is deleted and there is no way to go back to DES page. Unless you reassign a cruise altitude in PROG section.
  9. Viperlead

    CLR Button XPDR panel

    The clear button in the transponder panel is not doing its job of deleting the 4 digit screen for the squawk code. on push and erase the last digit, two consecutive pushes and it clears the entire screen, being ready to put the new code given at clearance delivery.
  10. Viperlead

    Getting a Fuel pumps ECAM on shutdown

    At Shutdown, after engines are turned off The Pilot Monitoring has to turn all six fuel pumps off as per the normal procedures, but today I had an ECAM saying CTR TANK PUMPS OFF with Actions requiring to turn them on again. This is no correct, since it is part of the normal procedures this ecam should not trigger. Also I wasnt able to clear it with th CLR buttons, had to turn the pumps back on, the actions removed themselves, and then i cleared the triggered ecam.
  11. I should be able to remove constraints for SPD/ALT constraints on the right side of the F-PLN pages. I had a restriction of 180/8500 and wanted to get rid of it by selecting CLR and then the correspondent LSK, but instead of deleting the entry, it went into the vertical revision page for that waypoint and the CLR remained at the scratch pad.
  12. Viperlead

    Apu external view sound, awfully loud

    for the first time today i did hear the spool down of the apu. But no the spool up. weird.
  13. Folks, i just discovered when you copy and arrange your secondary flight plan, it correctly shows in the ND, but, it remains displayed even when you change pages in the MCDU. This is changing to PERF or INIT or PROG, (at least I tested those). The Secondary FPLN should disappear from the ND the moment you select any other option in the MCDU. I managed to remove it by selecting the F-PLN page. Can you reproduce this too? Regards!
  14. Viperlead

    Apu external view sound, awfully loud

    Exactly, there is no spool up or down sound. I know it should be loud, the entire real plane from outside is extremely loud. Our company forces us to wear hearing protection when walking around. but the sound almost matches the real one in decibels haha regards
  15. Viperlead

    rays and cdu does not work