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  1. Manuel18

    tcas stays on standby

    thank you so much...yeah did the trick
  2. Manuel18

    tcas stays on standby

    first of all congrats to Aerosoft great product it is great to once again fly this baby....had only a chance to take two flights so far ...i had to issues...first tcas stays on standby(shows on the uper ecam -even though the button has been switched to TA/RA. second i open the window and couldn't get it closed ...kept clicking on the knob to no avail...
  3. Manuel18

    Airbus Pro Experience

    had a few problems setting up the tiller and pedals....mostly of my own doing i am assuming....but now that i got it in the air she is all thought and much more what a great job you guys did, total worth the wait cant wait for the improvements that are coming ...and the frames wow just amazing
  4. Wow Christmas in July....forget holidays getting the bus is much more important is not going to like me very much for the next few weeks.
  5. I have followed this thread checking it everyday...loving all the wonderful updates and cursing at every delay (LOL to my computer ofcourse ) but as the the big day approaches i just keep getting more and more excited... it has been too long not flying this fantastic BIRD. A HUGE thanks to Aerosoft for at least being very open through all the process wish other developers followed the same model. will be buying this bird as soon as as it gets release for us previous packaged owners manuel
  6. Manuel18

    'External' shops

    quick question and my apologizes if it has been asked before, if you purchased the bundle from an external shop can we get and how do we get the discount if we purchase the new bird through aerosoft shop? thank you
  7. Manuel18

    PFPX profile for the A300

    Any one has any idea how to get the pfpx profile for Simcheck A300??
  8. Manuel18

    Livery request

    Any possibility of anyone doing a fictional A318 in the colors of TAP (air Portugal) thank you