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  1. Approaching Innsbruck

    Well thats the free markets for you. Everyone has the right to use their talents to develop what they wish. Ultimately the consumer votes with their wallets who did it best and with their interests in mind. Best of luck to Gianni with his project regardless of what Justsim and Orbx recently announced.
  2. A320 Weather Radar and P3D v3.1

    I am actually having the same issue. But in the middle of a thunderstorm my WX shows up solid green or shows circular color bands that dont remotely correlate with the actual weather outside of the window or in ASN. Any fix for this?
  3. And with that... I would like to welcome everyone to page 200 of the CRJ thread! Enjoy your stay!
  4. Hey Mathijs, Sorry if this has been asked before, I searched and couldnt find it. But is there a plan to eventually have shared cockpit in this aircraft now that the framework is laid for with the Airbus?