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  1. You're talking about things like this: I know these information are not present at every airport, but this can change quiet fast if there are some use cases
  2. Of course I understand this wont be in the A330, but maybe you should consider the OpenStreetMap-data for such a tool. Unfortunatly you will get a more or less actual version, which will maybe not match the used scenery.
  3. Just one last comment: Maybe just adding this tweak to the default is already enough Of course, everyone also can do it by themself.
  4. On A320 on right MCDU, there is a tiny issue. If you once switch to the Pushback-menu by mistake, it's impossible to get out of this menu without starting the pushback. Would be nice, if this will be fixed in A330 and future A320. (Or didn't I find the way back to main menu?)
  5. I think the expected behavior should be similar to the Majestic Q400. You click on the screen of the MCDU/PFD/... and this screen then gets displayed as an separate window. I know it#s far away from 100% realism, but it's helping a lot if you are flying on a smaller screen (eg. Laptop), as it's pretty hard to see though cockpit window and at the same time watch your speed, altitude,...