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  1. Well actually I just studied the picture and the CRJ has not been released yet, dang it. Hans how is the current progress on the CRJ, I really don't know how to tell the passengers the plane has been getting dry-cleaned for 7 years!
  2. There will always be two women in my life: the CRJ & 757. The eargasm from those PW2000s are just too much!
  3. Emi you have a great sense of humor I like that. As for the time machine, we retrofitted one of our CRJ's with a Hawkin's Radiation generator which creates wormholes for the CRJ to fly through. Of course it was all good until Frank stole the blueprints for the generator and now he and his army of beta testers are planning a massive war to destroy the CRJ for good!
  4. Looking forward to the CRJ this August and if not December, I quote these from the previous posts in this thread. I can also see Frank's CRJ dosen't have a band-aid on it so it's all good
  5. Hans yes you can, as the main CRJ programmer just produce a firewall that can block Frank!
  6. Frank's neighbor was complaining about the noise so he had to baffle the CRJ. Mathjis you should seriously consider taking Stefan from the A330 and teaming him up with Hans to help with the CRJ, all this work Hans probably getting stressed out and having a new dev on the team would help, If we can team Stefan & Hans up they can defeat Frank to stop breaking the CRJ. Also as project manager what are your goals for this year?
  7. CRJ must have taken the same pill, again only the chosen one can defeat Frank and save Hans & the CRJ.
  8. Just took TWO blue pills and now the CRJ release is a month away The only person who can answer this would be Mr.Kok, Hans, Frank, Dave, or the inside circle people. Not sure if they took the blue pill or not, I know Frank took the red pill because he keeps hurting the poor CRJ
  9. Guys it's official from the psychedelic effects of the blue pill given to me by Morpheus and watching Frank pull the cable on release day judging by the meme by Aviator1985 the CRJ is month's away from release.......... I think Morpheus also told me a story called the chosen one, a person so powerful he would be able to stop Frank from breaking the CRJ and it would finally be released!
  10. Hans, in your own words to help put all our hearts at ease, how close is the CRJ? Can you see the light?
  11. Explains the past 7 years...
  12. The community and me personally are looking forward to the CRJ this year if not next year. Poor Hans once the CRJ is done what will he do?
  13. This has to be one of the longest forum threads on the net, whomever started this thread is legend.
  14. And this ladies and gentlemen is what you get when you are in a plane with pax that have been holding short for 6 years. I'm looking especially at you Frank & Hans
  15. Hans I would like to see what you really do: like the programs used for modeling and coding the CRJ what is the behind-the-scenes work. I've always wanted to see the magic people use to create software especially for flight simulation. Is it you in your home or in a office in front of 3 big screens? When you are done with the CRJ does Frank sneak into your office, break the CRJ, then have Mathjis yell at you for not fireproofing the CRJ? Either way if it isn't released this summer oh well, at least hopefully we can expect it this year if everything goes well I assume.