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  1. P3D V3.4.22 Ground Roll Braking: no spoilers

    It was the first thing I've did, the Saitek x52pro has the same configuration used for FSX, but you made me wonder if I did it right... Following the run-up checklist I've noticed that throttles didn't return to idle, so I've increased the throttle axis sensitivity until "[ ]throttles - idle" become checked and spoilers finally deployed, I've had to set a value of 111 (deadzone 1). Thank you so much! Time to buzz some towers... Best regards. Enrico
  2. P3D V3.4.22 Ground Roll Braking: no spoilers

    Still can't find out why they aren't working, could it be an incompatibility between Visual C++ 2013 used by P3D v3 and the C++ 2008 required by the F-14X?
  3. P3D V3.4.22 Ground Roll Braking: no spoilers

    Forget the OT, I was using the wrong affinity mask...
  4. I've moved to P3D, everything works great except for the of spoilers with ground roll braking switch active (both anti skid+spoilers, spoilers). With WoW and thrust idle (0%) I click on the anti skid switch, immediatly the spoilers are deployed, then retracted when throttle input is applied, after this cycle the spoilers won't deploy anymore. Simconnect was reinstalled, no changes... What should I try for debug this behaviour? Little O.T.: external texture loading is slower than in FSX, it takes almost six seconds. Best regards. Enrico
  5. How to repaint F-14X?

    Yes, it works! I've used DXTBmp and PSP9 for resize "common" and "texture.VF-114.1977" textures at 1024x1024 max. External view loaded istantaneously, before it took 2~3 seconds to load the 16MB textures, the overall quality was enough for screenshots. VC textures were a mess as the labels were unreadable, so I kept the original ones. The VAS decreased 200MB circa, enought for long flights... I hope!
  6. How to repaint F-14X?

    Thanks for the link, I will try in that way! If the method above doesn't work: I did a search with "fsx resize textures dds dxtbmp alpha" and found some instructions on how to resize using Photoshop and Nvidia DDS Plugin... Things are getting "complicated"! Cheers.
  7. How to repaint F-14X?

    Can you share me the links? With the F-14X I have a high VAS usage (400MB free when aproaching the CV), so I would try to reduce textures size and see what happens. Thanks.
  8. GUNS! GUNS! GUNS! --oh, wait...!

    Check the properties of your PDF, the latest version was modified the 2016-02-29.
  9. GUNS! GUNS! GUNS! --oh, wait...!

    Documentation Vol.6 "Weapons" page 14: Cheers. Bj
  10. Issues while flying

    1°For bring up the ILS needles you have to select AWL/PCD in the STEER CMD, then NAV1 = Carrier TACAN, NAV2 = Carrier ILS. The F-14 does not have STBY NAV (Aircraft.cfg => Nav.1 = 1, 0, 1 // Radio Type = availiable, standby frequency, has glide slope). For field landings NAV1 = ILS. 2°Strange... If you lower the hook the NWS light stays on? 3°During flight flap handle must in retracted position, if during maneuver AoA is excessive or speed is too low the flap/slat will extend. (F14AAD-1 "CADC" Maneuver Flap and Slat Mode) 3°Press backspace, than you shoul be enable to zoom with the "+" "-" keys, or use "spacebar"+"mouse wheel", than see FSX/P3D settings-controls-buttons-view for the POV movement key combination.
  11. Real World Tomcat stories

    Interesting reading... Those skilled pilots have all my respect! That was exactly the (bad) situation I've tried to simulate several times... But keeping the cat on the slope with the "stick rudder" and the short-travel throttle of the x52pro is really complicated!
  12. The Tomcat Screenshot thread

    Another sunset... Maybe with more realistic colors? (REX sometimes goes crazy) Happy Holidays!!!
  13. Saved Flights not showing up

    Did you tried a search of "Flight Simulator X Files" folders or F-14*.FSSAVE on your HD's?
  14. Standby Attitude Indicator - bank pointer

    Peter, the bank pointer in the second pic is telling me to roll right and than pull up for recover, or better, it's telling me nothing because is not pointing to the sky. Thanks miroslavmurin for the nice video.
  15. Standby Attitude Indicator - bank pointer

    Cit. "For attitude indicators with a single bank pointer and bank scale at the top, the bank pointer can be considered a sky pointer, it always points up and should be in the upper half of the case. Rolling towards the bank pointer to place it in the upper half of the case will correct an inverted altitude." Standby instruments are there for a reason and sometimes I like to use them... FSX failures doesn't work with all addons, so in this case I have to turn off HUD, VDI, HSD and then set some failures for simulate an emergency recovery after being hit, now look at these pictures and tell me my attitude (better do this exercise at night and in the clouds): But fast, the ground is rock solid! (don't worry, nobody's gonna die, it's only a simulation ) I know, it's only a minor bug, but when you try non-standard situations it can make the difference.