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  1. Would love that, but will never happen. PMDG would never sell their product under its condition being that its so old albeit extremely good simulation. They already having enough trouble compiling the NGX for 64bit saying that its very old as well. Well MD11 is that much older. My favorite aircraft but no matter how we look at it, the aircraft is dead unfortunately .
  2. Agreed . Best to prioritize whats important to you regarding DL. I personally love it, so Ive sacrificed other settings a bit to keep the performance up. Running a 1070 and its near or at 100% alot of the time. Dont usually see it go below 20fps unless in major urban areas with lots of traffic. The CRJ lighting demo looks fantastic albeit a little too bright in some instances like a helicopter search light, but to use this kinda lighting in simming is wonderful despite its seemingly hard teething problems.
  3. Think maybe we need to suggest to take away Franks devices when going on holiday and customs detains him for a few days extra so he can stop breaking the aircraft.
  4. Better give the PAX a refund for now. Mathijs said it was pretty close too. But as long as this is under Hans name ..."WPFKATD keeps breaking my airplane!", theres no chance.
  5. As Mathijs pointed out, the big curveball (if you know baseball terms) was prepar3d V4. Maybe it was even a nasty slider because V4s beta to the devs made some uncertainty and a sort of redevelopment to fully use its features. As much as we like V4 now, I get the feeling this was the reason things are pushed back alot else there may have been releases by now. Pure speculation and all in my humble opinion.
  6. Look forward to LSZH update too. Also hoping you have another big sale for these newer airports. I have some to get now, since theres no real possibility to OOM. Missed the mega airport sale recently.
  7. LOL Thats a new one
  8. For the amount of complaining and lack of understanding that goes on in a big complex project, the team here sure do have alot of patience even though they must grind their teeth in frustration at some of these comments of demands. Mathijs is one of the most transparent and forthcoming project managers that ive come across out of the many dev forums out there which during the vast majority of projects are met with absolute silence like its a presidential secret, and you will be prosecuted if you find out the progress. Sure we are all anxious to see release, highly anticipating the day, especially when there is so little to fly with V4 right now, but exercising the patience to understand a project of this magnitude and how the slightest bug can make it go wrong and cause big delays is the hardest thing to do yet the most important. They will need long vacations once this is finally out the door and the dust has settled. I still standby the long final analogy from above posts. Just seems they have one heck of a headwind and a lousy ground speed. The downwind mustve been a 30nm leg before turning base.
  9. I think we lost radio comms on the long final with a hefty headwind making their ground speed 96kts. Emergency vehicles standing by.
  10. LOL yea, but pretty sure we dont have any reserve fuel left. Must land.
  11. Why not? When Mathijs says "pretty darned close to release", sounds like clearance for your figurative final approach phase. Seats upright and table trays stowed long time ago. We were just in a holding pattern and just made the exit for the IAF. You see its always from a cats perspective. Just wait in hiding with insane patience and then pounce when its visible.
  12. After a couple go arounds for failed landing gear deployment, they persisted and managed to get the gear down manually. ASCRJ900 now just passed the IAF. Big big crowd of onlookers and spotters wait in heavy anticipation for landing.
  13. Have a look through this thread. 3 well known developers are discussing it all. I have quite a bit installed but I dont see a whole lot being installed in documents folder. The size is quite minimal and points to the locations I specified. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/512207-please-can-someone-explain-how-scenery-add-on-priorities-layers-work/#comment-3642464
  14. Suggestion: Perhaps coming up with a forum script that reposts your update and answers to the most common questions automatically if its even possible. Maybe on each page its needed. Seems like most read an update selectively or too fast. Every few posts is someone reposting the link to the official answer/update anyway.
  15. I think it is this method that is supposed to be upheld. Not sure where the sentiment is to install it all in documents folder. Its merely a pointer via the xml. Umberto from FSDT explains it in detail on some threads.