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  1. this is great to see and hear about. Must indeed help alot. However if they are so eager to help with the above issue, why havnt they addressed a very fundamental and long standing bug.... The ground friction? They should be focusing on that, and Ive read a number of devs have asked for that to be fixed. No way we should need so much throttle just to move forward. And thats for just about any aircraft.
  2. Seems clear that Airbus believes the Bombardier CS100/300 is a suitable replacement for its A318s so maybe the CS100 will be next aircraft on the list to develop although its probably too new to get real data. A318 will still work for this project since its the guinea pig on testing and searching for bugs, and therefore could be related to the bigger busses seeing that they share very similar systems.
  3. 2D panels are the necessary evil. Highly unrealistic to have, but sometimes you just want to see readings better in conjunction with another dial or button somewhere else. EG 2D popup for hydraulics or air while looking at the overhead. You can see both rather well in a real cockpit but our sim world has this limitation. So im sure it will be greatly appreciated that its implemented
  4. C&D always seems to come up from time to time. I worked on the ramp many years, and very rarely did I see an aircraft C&D. Guess you might have to introduce a maintenance crew expansion pack so they can go ahead and simulate their full C&D simulation.
  5. Its not just a fancy effect. Rain on the windshield is fundamental. Its part of the weather. What aircraft out in the real world has a dry windshield when its raining? It plays a part in flying skills challenge. Just look at the YT videos of pilots flying in clear wx vs rainy/stormy. Their visibility goes way down even with wipers since they only clear a portion of the rain. IMO rain shouldve been a priority a long time ago. Just didnt have the tech and was a real killer on performance unfortunately. Correct me if I'm wrong but I dont recall seeing rain on windshields in level D sims they can just hear it so this is quite the breakthrough for us as simmers.
  6. Fuel print out and possibly metar, plus an Equi Point Time page. Thats pretty sweet. Both of which are not implemented on the FSL bus that I know of, yet it costs roughly 3x more. Now thats value.
  7. I think the AS virtual FO was a helper to many especially to those less familiar, but to be honest I didnt use it that much because Id rather do myself. Now that im flying on vatsim, the help would be appreciated. Although the issue I had with AS FO was that it was severely scripted. If something wasnt done in exact order it just wouldnt continue or get screwed up. Then youd be continuing the flight on your own anyway. Cant remember exactly how it goes. Been a while now since v4 was introduced and my memory is a sieve.
  8. Thats certainly the trend among aircraft manufacturers where the principles of the systems are the same. If you fly Boeing, the systems will be relativly the same, with slight differences in automation, or perhaps the placement of a certain button/dial. Airbus the same logic with hydraulic line color, MCP , fuel systems etc. The panel categories are still in the same place even. The only big differences I see as Dtatt mentioned is size relative to size of aircraft and the primary I would think would be the different handling characteristics and power ratings. Type ratings must rely heavily on that, as systems wise its just general principles that carry on thru. Big disclaimer is im not a RL pilot, just my observation thru 30 years simming, reading FCOMs, and working with different aircraft at the airport on the ramp. As a simmer though, it should be quite easy to transition. Just read thru the QW 787 preview manual, and skimmed thru it, because generally its all the same concepts as the 777 and to a lesser extent the 73X albeit with differences in complete automation between the 2. Should be fun months and years ahead of flying these great aircraft! Cheers
  9. LSZH Pro inaccurate parking

    Awesome! Thanks Just had a look at it in ADE and Im wondering for example how stand E36 and E50 work. They are marked as 16' and no airline codes. They are shared gates I take it but how would they be assigned with AI? Also no ACA codes unless I missed it. I can add them in I take it?
  10. LSZH P3D V4 ... Delayed or Halted Project?

    LOL I am calm. Does it seem like im angry? I would just like to "carry on" and fly in and out of LSZH like in V3. Didnt know asking about status of a project is a crime. Afterall there is a whole discussion threads on unreleased projects like the Bus updates.
  11. Since the threads which ask about Mega LSZH keep getting closed, I have to open another thread. I know better then to ask for a release date, but wondering whats happening with the project since its been on the V4 list for quite a while and had a projected release time frame, but now its switched to TBD for the past month. Is it on hold? Big issues? Cant find any information from Pad Labs which I believe is the developer.
  12. Well thats a unique nifty feature I havnt seen yet in the sim world. Even better dont have to waste actual paper. Its all virtual.
  13. That overhead shot truly looks amazing. Such clarity!
  14. It was a problem. I havnt seen S turn problems in quite a while now. (2+ years?) All the major aircraft have no issue tracking the nav even with crosswinds, head or tail winds in AS16 or ASN. The course is compensated accordingly. That includes the AS buses. The CRJ just needs some fine tuning in order to allow this compensation. High accuracy of the nav waypoints shouldnt be a difficult thing. Probably a very elusive but simple bug that is messing it up.
  15. Heres my observation for 1005c regarding the FMS tracking.... Its quite a bit better, but not entirely accurate like NAV tracking should be.. What im seeing, is that it has lag in anticipating turns and therefore gets off course then it starts to chase the FMS needle. Eventually it does get back on course but takes a while. If your flying with ATC, they may not be too happy if your off by a mile. Sounds picky but could end up in TFC conflict. Its getting there though. Just needs fine tuning. Hope that helps A little adendum. Seems the better accuracy was shortlived and tempermental. Its way off course now after doing fairly well other than the above anomalies of chasing FMS needle.