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  1. Thats certainly the trend among aircraft manufacturers where the principles of the systems are the same. If you fly Boeing, the systems will be relativly the same, with slight differences in automation, or perhaps the placement of a certain button/dial. Airbus the same logic with hydraulic line color, MCP , fuel systems etc. The panel categories are still in the same place even. The only big differences I see as Dtatt mentioned is size relative to size of aircraft and the primary I would think would be the different handling characteristics and power ratings. Type ratings must rely heavily on that, as systems wise its just general principles that carry on thru. Big disclaimer is im not a RL pilot, just my observation thru 30 years simming, reading FCOMs, and working with different aircraft at the airport on the ramp. As a simmer though, it should be quite easy to transition. Just read thru the QW 787 preview manual, and skimmed thru it, because generally its all the same concepts as the 777 and to a lesser extent the 73X albeit with differences in complete automation between the 2. Should be fun months and years ahead of flying these great aircraft! Cheers
  2. LSZH Pro inaccurate parking

    Awesome! Thanks Just had a look at it in ADE and Im wondering for example how stand E36 and E50 work. They are marked as 16' and no airline codes. They are shared gates I take it but how would they be assigned with AI? Also no ACA codes unless I missed it. I can add them in I take it?
  3. LSZH P3D V4 ... Delayed or Halted Project?

    LOL I am calm. Does it seem like im angry? I would just like to "carry on" and fly in and out of LSZH like in V3. Didnt know asking about status of a project is a crime. Afterall there is a whole discussion threads on unreleased projects like the Bus updates.
  4. Since the threads which ask about Mega LSZH keep getting closed, I have to open another thread. I know better then to ask for a release date, but wondering whats happening with the project since its been on the V4 list for quite a while and had a projected release time frame, but now its switched to TBD for the past month. Is it on hold? Big issues? Cant find any information from Pad Labs which I believe is the developer.
  5. Well thats a unique nifty feature I havnt seen yet in the sim world. Even better dont have to waste actual paper. Its all virtual.
  6. That overhead shot truly looks amazing. Such clarity!
  7. Now that we have V4 with VAS not being an issue with Mega airports, theres alot to consider and add to my library. Look forward to it. Waiting on Zurich. But with so many to get in Europe, would be nice to see a 20% sale perhaps as an introductory price.
  8. It was a problem. I havnt seen S turn problems in quite a while now. (2+ years?) All the major aircraft have no issue tracking the nav even with crosswinds, head or tail winds in AS16 or ASN. The course is compensated accordingly. That includes the AS buses. The CRJ just needs some fine tuning in order to allow this compensation. High accuracy of the nav waypoints shouldnt be a difficult thing. Probably a very elusive but simple bug that is messing it up.
  9. Heres my observation for 1005c regarding the FMS tracking.... Its quite a bit better, but not entirely accurate like NAV tracking should be.. What im seeing, is that it has lag in anticipating turns and therefore gets off course then it starts to chase the FMS needle. Eventually it does get back on course but takes a while. If your flying with ATC, they may not be too happy if your off by a mile. Sounds picky but could end up in TFC conflict. Its getting there though. Just needs fine tuning. Hope that helps A little adendum. Seems the better accuracy was shortlived and tempermental. Its way off course now after doing fairly well other than the above anomalies of chasing FMS needle.
  10. How can you possibly compare 2 pictures when one is clearly stated as WIP?
  11. I downloaded the new installer this morning. It appears the DLL is 1 day different although version details, both say 1005. I'll try this one posted just above.
  12. Im afraid I concur. The nav mode continues to be elusive in being accurate. Below is the screenshot. Im using just installed. (P3DV4) Route was LEPA to LPMA. It seems to be that perhaps the wind component is not being considered by the autopilot as the wind in this case is from the starboard side @31kts. Another flight I did but didnt post was similar. DirTo did not fix it. Couldnt tell you more as it soon got an immediate CTD just over the Balearic Sea while adjusting the range. No minidump. Hans, cheers and virtual beer for you. Cant imagine the headache this causes in trying to solve these bugs under pressure. Lots of excitement on it to fly something new and challenging, and perhaps some are not as reasonable as they should be in demands, but no way can all these things just work out perfectly on a big release. I liken it to those damn medical prescriptions. Fixes one thing, and creates 10 other unwanted side effects.
  13. A340s are generally under powered hear and read. Just scour the internet for all the jokes on them being snails and what not, particularly for climb rates. Some controllers have quite the opinion of them. I remember marshalling them in at YVR, and thinking the engines are like hair dryers stuck on the wings. Just seemed out of proportion relative to the size of the aircraft. But they do have quite the range though. 7900nm on the A346 and probably for its time they were fuel efficient. Today not so much. I get a kick out of all these aesthetics opinions of aircraft. If an aircraft is ugly as sin, but saves 30-40% fuel while going very long range and is comfortable inside, its probably going to sell well. What we think of its looks is irrelevant. The newer aircraft are having these new nose style designs (B78s, A35s, CSeries) must be for some sort of engineering reason other than looks. I like it, but it took awhile to grow. Am I allowed to put in a second hopeful vote for the E-Jets? Theres all kinds of Boeings, Airbus , and a few Bombardier aircraft to fly now that CRJ is here.
  14. Its really great that LM listen to devs, and make every effort to implement it in near future updates. Thanks for the all the work and also to push LM even further. Everyone wins when it all comes together. Hopefully this new update will not have such a hit on dynamic lighting because otherwise its very cool.
  15. Looks really great Stefan. Really clear text. You know Stefan is working hard on the busses now even more rather than in combo with the CRJ because we went from "small Friday update " to just "Friday update".