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  1. Are you referring to both P3D versions? Its reported V4 gives you a few more FPS in the same situation. Great to see a multi core use in place.
  2. Great to see so much excitement from you and other devs about V4 and the new features that can be taken advantage of. Appreciate AS commitment to make things compatible as well even though it takes time. Thanks for all the dedication and time. Look forward to using them in V4
  3. How sweet is that! Already working in V4. So apparently there is some new SDK dev tools and features that can be incorporated for aircraft in V4. Does this throw off the projected timeline now? For example, im seeing really nice 3D rain and snow in V4 but has no affect on the windshield. Maybe this has to be enabled in aircraft to take advantage of it?
  4. 100% agree. Wastes time and resources. Ive only gone back there to get a wing view thats it. The only thing I would rather like to have , is pushing back your own aircraft with a 3d view from within the pushback tractor. (xplane kinda has this) Perhaps in future, this would be a multiplayer function where a ramp crew would push someones aircraft back. (yup I miss my ramp days)
  5. Well thats cause for celebration this weekend. Thats a big load off the shoulders. Now go and enjoy that bottle of wine.
  6. It appears its a no go as theres been no comment from 2 weeks ago. Guess we have to switch to Navigraph to get it updated.
  7. Thats nearly all white livery right there on the old AC except the toothpaste tail. Looks great. The new black we will get used to it. I just keep hearing from the spotters forums that its not very Canadian. Lots of activity here. A good sign. New manuals, new liveries, and new beta rev for Frank to hopefully keep in tact. I smell release very soon
  8. Gotta be the first sim aircraft to have the new AC livery . Congrats. Maybe it will grow on me, or maybe looks better in real life, but still believe the "Proud Wings" livery was the best for Canadian aircraft, then AC tanked it altogether when they bought us out. (Canadian Airlines) Nonetheless, patience is really being exercised here. Anxious to fly it. Everything looks really great!
  9. Fantastic as do all the others. But your work is not finished with AC. They just introduced a new livery. lol So now you can fly with toothpaste livery or this new penguin look
  10. Sorry to bring back this old topic. Even though the thread advises "This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one." I decided against it to keep the history. Dont want to be nagging, but would like to know what is happening if anything with simbrief updating. I really dont understand why this is not supported when other countless addons are. If you run through the different threads of late, simbrief is mentioned quite a bit. I used to use PFPX but found updating to accurate aircraft profiles quite cumbersome. Simbrief is my goto flight planner yet the only way to update its AIRAC for some reason is thru Navigraph. As mentioned earlier, I have the full combo subscription of charts and navdata pro as im sure many others do, yet we are stuck in this predicament of non synced AIRAC data from the flight planner and current FMS data. Please push this thru to make it happen, otherwise a statement that says we will not pursue and support simbrief would be appreciated. Then I will have to make a switch when able. Ive sent a similar plea to simbrief for cooperation and support from Aerosoft. Seems like they are at odds for whatever reason.
  11. All these questions of release date are like the little kid in the back seat asking 'Are we there yet?' over and over and over again, that you somehow come up with ways to divert the question other than just no we're not there yet., but soon, all the while holding restraint from a more stern answer. But it seems the corner has been turned with everyone working so hard to get this finished, that the answer to the kid is, 'Yes its just up ahead, see the destination in the distance?'. A sort of Tour de France, and we are all at the finish line stretch of the final stage, cheering on the cyclists to break the line, thoroughly exhausted but determined to finish.
  12. Interesting. Did he give reasons for that experience? The commonality between those 2 aircraft are obviously rear engines. I noticed in the AOM you posted that rear engine aircraft will give opposite effect that wing mounted engines. Such that dropping engine N1 would actually nose up the aircraft rather than traditional nose down with just about everything else.
  13. This aircraft is short people friendly. Of which I am not. If I recall my flight on it, it was about 6'2 (1.9m) and im 6'8 (2.05m) which makes standing straight impossible, and sitting, well the kids will be comfortable. Mind you theres not many aircraft which is comfortable with my height. Was even worse being in the cargo holds for these type of aircraft when I worked on the ramp at CYVR lol.
  14. Interesting. Will read through the manuals. Looks to be somewhat of a hybrid Boeing Airbus logic with some twists like the Q400 and the MD11. So I take it, version 1.00 of the manuals does not mean the CRJ is RTM. Or is it? Nevertheless must be very very close. Even using my name on the EFB I see. Glad to chip in . Insta buy when it comes out. Glad to support.
  15. Wow looking great. Progress seems to be nearing closer to waypoint ARRVL. Maybe we can get a cleared DTO IAF. All the best for the long weekend folks