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  1. The Tomcat Screenshot thread

    You mean like this? Did AA101 and this one in 2015... but now that I look at it again, I realise I never released them... will do so in the next few days. I also have some Sluggers from Saratoga's DESERT STORM deployment...
  2. The Tomcat Screenshot thread

    ...then this one...
  3. The Tomcat Screenshot thread

    Up next: some high-vis Black Knights, as displayed 1990 in DESERT SHIELD... Here's the CAG bird...
  4. The Tomcat Screenshot thread

    St Patrick's is coming up...
  5. The Tomcat Screenshot thread

    A very historic Tomcat is awaiting in the repaint download section...
  6. Lion's Den Paintshop VF-1 pack

    Version 1.0.0


    This VF-1 Wolfpack contains 2 liveries: NE103, BuNo 162601 "EL COYOTE" in high-visability color scheme, displaying marking of the only aerial victory assigned to a Tomcat in DESERT STORM in 1991 NE107 in low-visability tactical paint scheme as displayed on Wolfpack's final cruise in 1992. Additional crew, pilot and avatar textures are also included. Enjoy.
  7. The Tomcat Screenshot thread

    Happy to say that with the final addition of REVLON to my VF-213 textures, the package is finally complete, ready and waiting in the download section. Enjoy.
  8. Lion's Den Paintshop VF-213 pack

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a package of 5 textures for VF-213 Fighting Black Lions from 1994 to 1997. Included in this package are following textures: NH100 BuNo 159864, 1996 NH101 BuNo 159873, 1996 NH103 BuNo 160390, 1994 REVLON NH114 BuNo 161272, 1997 NH213 BuNo 159626, 1995 Squadron Bird Also included are some additional options for crew, pilot and avatar textures.
  9. night lighting mod

    Actually I have inquired about this in the Tomcat community, and an ex-aviator said that they changed the instrument lights to green around 1995.
  10. The Tomcat Screenshot thread

    I'm preparing a Black Lions package... will post the liveries in the repaints section as soon as it's done... in about a week from now.
  11. The Tomcat Screenshot thread

    I have a tease for you...
  12. night lighting mod

    Sooooo.... Can anyone figure out a way to configure both red AND green lights, so that there are both options available via switch in the cockpit?
  13. RT @thenation: 6 Reasons Why Bernie Sanders Is a Better Candidate Than Hillary Clinton