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  1. CaptainLHKLM

    EDDF no static aircraft?

    Hi all, I installed EDDF, deleted the old EDDF (put it in a different folder), static aircraft downloaded and installed, and static aircraft checked in the options. I only see the aircraft from different angles, and otherwise not. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. CaptainLHKLM

    Prepar3D or FSX?

    What is performance like in P3D V4? Is it better than P3D V3?
  3. CaptainLHKLM

    XP11 FPS

    Hi all! So I'm wondering if anyone has ideas for better fps? Basically i can look back at weather by xEnviro and get 18fps. Then if I turn off and back on xEnivro I can get much higher fps. ANyone know why? Also, at EHAM at night I'll get under 30 fps when near the terminal area, but this is not the case in KSFO for example. I have done quite some messing around with lua scripts, scripts to alter shadows, etc. Does anyone know a settings which greatly turns down FPS? I have already turned off reflective water, FFT water. Thanks!
  4. CaptainLHKLM

    CPU Usage

    Yeah, and although my CPU is a bit old, I do have a GTX970 which should do pretty well. I have added some flywithlua scripts which seem to work nicely, but still it's weird how much they plunge sometimes. The ground can give you 50 fps, and the sky 50 fps but the horizon maybe only 30 or less.
  5. CaptainLHKLM

    CPU Usage

    The pictures show the problem, it's as if the ground textures are super heavy? I don't know, but anyway, happy new year!
  6. CaptainLHKLM

    CPU Usage

    Yeah, although that isn't possible I think something in my X-Plane could be broken as before, I could get say 50-60fps on Christmas Island (I use it because it loads fast), but now after doing too much tweaks in nVidia configurtion, etc, I can only get just over 30, max 35 while in the cockpit which is kinda bothering me now. When I look at the sky sometimes its all fine, but when the horizon comes into view the fps just drop. Yet I don't really know what it is, I updated my drivers, maybe something to do with that.
  7. CaptainLHKLM

    CPU Usage

    Right, well thank you! I do see that the CPU usage does get higher, but still tweaking XP11 is not easy.
  8. Hi all! I was looking at my task manager and saw that at that time (on the ground at EHAM, XP11) the cpu was used around 29-30%. Is this normal, or do most people get, say 80%+ out of their CPU? Does anyone know how to get the rest of the performance capability? Thanks!
  9. CaptainLHKLM

    A little help please!

    I really don't know which one is good for X-Plane, so scratch my message above - does anyone have a good specific model? Thanks all!
  10. CaptainLHKLM

    A little help please!

    Hi all! So would you recommend something like the H80i V2, or something with two fans? For me anything that works well is good, yet which one is better? Thanks!
  11. CaptainLHKLM

    A little help please!

    Just another point, I don't need water cooling, or do I?
  12. CaptainLHKLM

    A little help please!

    Thanks a lot for your reply! Recently I brought the PC to a store where they cleaned the cooling system (new thermal paste too), but still the high temperatures persisted. Do you have a recommendation for a good cooling system, not the most expensive though? Thanks a lot!
  13. Hi all! So basically my PC gets *super* hot, and I mean the CPU can reach 100 degrees C which is extreme, and according to Speccy the rest of the parts also are in the yellow for temperature. Anyway, I have a budget for around, lets say, 300 euros, potentially a bit more (also gotta buy clothes and stuff) for a new CPU (and cooling system). So what do you recommend? I moved to X-Plane a while back from FSX/P3D, so maybe that changes things a little? Thanks a lot, and happy holidays!
  14. Hi all, As the title suggests, I'm wondering if there are plans for a new EHAM, perhaps using some XP11 technology and just in general and update with better textures and even interior modelling? Of course, I don't know the details of scenery making, but it would be very cool! Thanks!
  15. I also turned up reflections to '1' using the Advanced Settings Tool and it looks OK now. Thanks!