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  1. Sure I'll try that, and I also saw that I flew without HDR so I'll see if that makes a difference. Thanks again!
  2. Hi guys, and thanks for replying! I'm using X-Plane 11 with xEnviro. I changed some settings using the Advanced Settings Tool on the forums. In there I turned off reflections and FF water to really really save some fps. Perhaps reflections should be on and FF water, but really as long as the ocean looks like and ocean, I don't mind if my plane reflects. Thanks! p.s: if any of you know a genuinely good .lua script for the water I would be happy!
  3. If this post could be moved that would be appreciated! I put it in the wrong place
  4. Hi all! Well the title explains it, is this normal?
  5. Thanks for the reply! Although I had decided to buy xEnviro and am doing a flight already. Thanks!
  6. Hi all! So as the question states, is X-Enviro worth it? Thanks!
  7. Hi all! So I was wondering what to get, if any at all. X-enviro seems expensive but looks nice, and SkyMaxxPro I don't really know. What I'm looking for is sort of a replacement for the default clouds and a product which fixes the night lights shining through the clouds. I know ActiveSky is developing for X-Plane so I'm wondering, what is your opinion? Are there any weather engines I missed out which work? Thanks all, and have a nice weekend!
  8. Did you mean plane beautiful? Ok, Ok, that was horrible
  9. Hi all! With X-Plane 11 out I might just leave the 32-bit environments behind. Thanks you for your support though!
  10. Hi all, Thanks for replying once again guys! Perhaps I will try a reinstall during the weekend, with addons to a minimum, and then see if there are any changes. Thanks!
  11. Hi all! Here is my Hardware Monitor data,FSX_Performance.docx Also, I think I might be "on to something" with regards to ASN. Without it, my FPS seem to increase than with it. Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. Hi Dave and others, I might try to disable them and then come back with some performance data. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the long reply! I can average over much over 30 fps at a default location with default aircraft however, as we all would like, my system just is not really hitting the 30 fps with mouse cursor in Amsterdam with payware aircraft. I also use DX10 by the way. As for cooling, what is the easiest way to check this? P3D probably ran a lot better, just now it is that I do not use it (as you are not allowed to get entertainment from it according to the EULA?). For graphics settings I did tweak them in NVidia inspector. It is not that the mouse loading circle pops up, I may have been unclear, it is just the normal triangular shape (unless FSX is acutally loading sometimes). I have attached the FSX settings below; the PMDG 777 seems to be even worse. It also seems to be the VC mainly, as I was receiving 15-20 fps inside, but 50-ish on the outside. Maybe P3D was better. Thanks though! FSX_SE_Settings.docx 2017-2-28_19-22-54-865.BMP 2017-2-28_19-23-4-79.BMP