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  1. Hi all! With X-Plane 11 out I might just leave the 32-bit environments behind. Thanks you for your support though!
  2. Hi all, Thanks for replying once again guys! Perhaps I will try a reinstall during the weekend, with addons to a minimum, and then see if there are any changes. Thanks!
  3. Hi all! Here is my Hardware Monitor data,FSX_Performance.docx Also, I think I might be "on to something" with regards to ASN. Without it, my FPS seem to increase than with it. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Hi Dave and others, I might try to disable them and then come back with some performance data. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the long reply! I can average over much over 30 fps at a default location with default aircraft however, as we all would like, my system just is not really hitting the 30 fps with mouse cursor in Amsterdam with payware aircraft. I also use DX10 by the way. As for cooling, what is the easiest way to check this? P3D probably ran a lot better, just now it is that I do not use it (as you are not allowed to get entertainment from it according to the EULA?). For graphics settings I did tweak them in NVidia inspector. It is not that the mouse loading circle pops up, I may have been unclear, it is just the normal triangular shape (unless FSX is acutally loading sometimes). I have attached the FSX settings below; the PMDG 777 seems to be even worse. It also seems to be the VC mainly, as I was receiving 15-20 fps inside, but 50-ish on the outside. Maybe P3D was better. Thanks though! FSX_SE_Settings.docx 2017-2-28_19-22-54-865.BMP 2017-2-28_19-23-4-79.BMP
  6. Hi all, Do you think my FSX:SE is under performing then at mainly less than 30 fps with the mouse using the NGX, Flytampa EHAM, ORBX Global, Vector and Europe, ENVTEX, REX soft clouds, REX 4 TD and ASN (the ones I can recall relatively quickly). Thanks!
  7. Hi, Also, I use FSX windowed. Thanks!
  8. Hi, No I do not have 3 monitors, just one square one. Also, I should have stated my mouse drop is more prominent in e.g. Fly Tampa Amsterdam. Now I am in AGGH and it does look like the fps drop is there, but they stay over 30 fps. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for replying all! How would I be able to see if a program is constantly accessing the hard drive? Thanks again for the help!
  10. My specs (I think): i7 4770 GTX 970 4G SSD 16 GB RAM
  11. Hi Mathijs (If I can call you by your first name), However it can work on e.g. desktop, but not in flight sim itself. Any thoughts? Thansks!
  12. Hi all, Well, I suppose the title really explains the question, does anyone know a fix for the fps dropping in FSX? Thanks!
  13. Oh woops, sorry guys! Somebody can take my turn, I do not mind. Thanks!