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  1. Hi guys! Just wanted to announce that over at ScreenShotWorld a contest is now open with a very interesting theme and a real nice award, a Wacom Bamboo graphic tablet. You can get more infos and details on how to take part over at their site: . Cheers!
  2. Hi there everybody! The ScreenShotWorld site has re opened, as they have done lately a huge re-arrangement and regrouping. The new site looks just superb! For those who don't know about SSW, it's a community of people that are simmers, gamers, digital artists, screenshooters or just plain viewers who enjoy digital arts. The main focus is Aviation Art but the range of themes doesn't stop there. Anyone can join for free and start contributing, from unedited screenshots to complex composite fully edited creations. There's even a section for 3D artwork, Photography and Video. Regular competitions are taking place, tutorials and a file library. The level of their artwork is simply stunning, just take a look at their Frontpage here:
  3. itifonhom

    The Aerosoft Store Overload

    I got access yesterday at around 00.30 forum time (Germany), so it was only for a couple of hours. Maybe you´d like to check the log files of your server or something....
  4. itifonhom

    The Aerosoft Store Overload

    I got the same message too, just wanted to post here and seen you got it first. I suppose we got to wait. I already sent a mail to Aerosoft to let them know, got no answer yet. Hopefully it won´t take too long.
  5. itifonhom

    July's Screenshot Competition.

    Wow, thanks a lot Aerosoft, really appreciate it!
  6. That's really nice! That would have been my first choice too but I already own Airbus X and I agree, she's wonderful! Instead I chose the PMDG J-41, which I think is quite elegant. I haven't had the chance to download it yet since I'm moving to a new home, so I got no Internet access and my rig lies in carton boxes. Thanks for sharing
  7. BTW, how much time do I have to "activate" the download? I am at the middle of moving on to a new house, so internet access isn´t the first thing I will have there and much time of course not. I think I´m going to need at least one to two weeks to settle my rig there, is it ok, will I still be able to get the download? Again, thanks Aerosoft!
  8. That's the very first time that I win a competition with a prize! I am amazed, thank you Aerosoft! There were so many good entries that I thought I had no chance to win. Now I have the hard task of choosing.....
  9. SAR Uploaded with
  10. itifonhom

    3d lights redux

    Will try this out of course but I'd like to go the other way too, can the AirbusX lights be used on another airplane? The beautiful Catalina for example?
  11. itifonhom

    New User

    I just figured that out, throttles operate fine now. It was kind of tricky to get it right though, funny that Aeroft chose a way like this. I also did the update to 1.22 and the aircraft configurations also work properly. I know have to get the grips of her, means I got some PDF reading tomorow...... Thanks Kostas for your kind support!!!
  12. itifonhom

    New User

    Thanks Kosta for the reply, will try all your tips as soon as I'll be at home inan hour or so. Just one question though: at the FSUIPC configuration for the throttles, do I have to leave the assignment at the dropdown below the "Send to FS as normal axis" choice empty or choose an axis for it? Thanks for any feedback in advance. P.S. You seem to know German Windows good and your name seems Greek, if you're a Greek living in Germany, we got lot in common!
  13. itifonhom

    New User

    Hi everybody, just yesterday I bought the German boxed version of AirbusX (1.21) and installed it. Didn't make it to read through all the documentation yet nor through all the Forum here but I already got some minor problems that require some attention. Overall I find this product quite impressive, most of all the night lighting. So, my very first problem is the throttle. I just can't get it to move forward properly. Tried the InFSX.PDF method but that corrected only the reverse. Then got the two throttle luas' but that caused only one throttle to lock at CL and don't move again. The recreates work properly though. For the luas' I left the parameter at 0, don't know if that's ok and tried with and without the FSX controls activated. Second, the aircraft configurations through the MCDU. Whatever I choose, the aircraft just goes to Cold and Dark and that's it. I still use the 1.21 version which gets me to question #3 How should I patch up to 1.22 properly? My rig is: Win XP home SP3, FSX deluxe SP2, registered FSUIPC updated and Saitek Yoke and quadrant. Thanks for any help in advance....