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  1. mopperle

    MCDU ILS Selection

    And you choose the correct approach?
  2. mopperle

    Valencia X (p3dv4.3) unable to load scenery

    The 1st problem is the completely wrong order in your scenery library: ALL Orbx products need to be below any other 3rd party addons. Therefore you have to set the Library Insertion Point in FTXCentral correctly. I has to be below you last addon in the library. Then uninstall Valencia and make a fresh install as Administrator (right click on the setup exe and choose "Run as Administrator)
  3. Da dieser Thread beantwortet wurde haben wir ihn geschlossen. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben können Sie jederzeit einen Neuen öffnen.
  4. mopperle

    Black Cockpit

    Try the following: - uninstall the Airbus completely - create a folder outside P3D like xyz:\P3D Addon. In this folder you can install all addons supporting the new add-on.xml install methode introduced by LM and so the Airbus - install the Airbus into this new created folder. If this doesnt help, you have a broken P3D installation. In all cases we have seen so far, those problems could be esolved by a fresh installation of P3D.
  5. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  6. Currwntly nowhere as the download section is not available
  7. mopperle

    Valencia X (p3dv4.3) unable to load scenery

    Please post a screenshot of your scenery library, so that we can see where Valencia sits in the library
  8. mopperle

    PMDG Operations Center

    Da frägst du besser bei PMDG direkt nach oder du nutzt Google, gibt jede Menge Treffer zu dem Thema.
  9. mopperle

    Fuel Planner

    You got already an answer in the other topic, so please follow up there:
  10. mopperle

    Heathrow night lighting

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  11. Ähm, auf was beziehst du deinen Post bitte?
  12. mopperle

    Heathrow night lighting

    Last comment from my side: EGLL with DL and HDR turned off:
  13. mopperle

    Heathrow night lighting

    TBH, PTA is exacly the problem of course in combination with other settings like DL and HDR, look at your own screenshots in your first topic and in the other. Also think about why they look so totally different regarding the light poles.
  14. mopperle

    Contact Points

    Es wird gar nichts versucht schön zu reden, aber wenn überhaupt, dann sprechen wir von der GPU, die in der Tat etwas zu tief im Boden ist. Und selbst da scheint es Unterschiede zu geben, abhängig vom Airport, wenn du mal deinen 2. Screenshot mit meinem 1. Screenshot vergleichst. Und die PMDG 747 (mein 2. Screenshot) steht genauso "platt" da wie der Airbus. Aber wie gesagt, ich habe es mal in unseren Bugtool aufgenommen.
  15. mopperle

    Contact Points

    Kommentar eines Entwicklers zu dem Problem: "sim with shitty physics"