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  1. mopperle

    Cant´t start the Aerosoft Updater

    Well then it was finally killed by the AV Software. did you check the ASUPdater folder whether the file is still present?
  2. mopperle

    My first CTD with the Airbus Professional :(

    Please check the Windows Eventviewer (Ereignisanzeige) for an entry at the time of the crash und post the content:
  3. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  4. mopperle

    Expanding Aerosoft Airbus windows in p3d v3

    While the Airbus does not have 2D panels, you can open multiple windows with the different views (P3D menu -> Views). But this is also described in the manual, Vol. 1 when I remember correct.
  5. mopperle

    Bergamo Professional Jetways

    Also I strongly suggest to install Addons using the new add-on.xml methode outside your PrD folder: - uninstall Bergamo (as desrcibed above) - in your case create a folder like e:\P3D-Addon - reinstall Bergamo ba pointing the installer to the folder you just created - if you install other Aerosft Addons in the future, the installer will automatically recognize this addon folder and offer it as install location.
  6. Please post a screenshot to show what you mean. repaints you have installed in the past need to be installed again after a fresh install of the Airbus.
  7. It should work, but is not tested. The system requirements on Aerosoft product pages reflect the recommended system requirements for P3Dv4 as by Lockheed Martin. The minimum system requirements simply do not make sense as they refer tro a vanilla P3D installation without addons.
  8. mopperle

    Cockpit-/Außenansichten zoomen

    Weil wir Tester das mittlerweile blind bedienen können.
  9. mopperle

    Publish change logs for AS sceneries?

    As said, sometimes the ASUpdater is faster and you can check the readme in the addon folder which tells you this:
  10. mopperle

    Publish change logs for AS sceneries?

    TBH no idea what they did. In the zip file I downloaded from Aerosoft is only one SODE folder. Exactly as described in the readme.
  11. mopperle

    Publish change logs for AS sceneries?

    Chris, yes, I understand, but that is something Aerosoft has no influence. I suggest to do the following: subscribe/follow the liink I posted. Then you get notified when there is a new release. Also run the ASUpdater regularly. Sometimes the updates are faster on the server then the announcemnt can be made. We thought about a functionality in the Updater to notify you of pending update. But this would require a service running on your machine constanly polling the update server and we decided that this is not a good idea.
  12. mopperle

    Bergamo Professional

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  13. mopperle

    EDDK V1.0.3.0 update fails

    TBH, this doesnt make sense at all. So if you do things manually, no wonder that you will get into trouble one day.
  14. mopperle

    EDDK V1.0.3.0 update fails

    Try to run the ASUpdater.exe as Adminsitrator. And btw. It is not recommended to install addons using the add-on.xml methode inside the P3D folder.
  15. mopperle

    EDDK V1.0.3.0 update fails

    As it worked fine here, looks like your AV Software killed it. Check the quarantine folder.