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  1. Hallo Joachim, ruf morgen am besten beim Support an oder mach ein Ticket auf. Geht wahrscheinlich am schnellsten.
  2. Dann machst du beim Abspeichern etwas falsch: Du must unter Flight/Save As.. das hier auswählen: Und du musst darauf achten, dass hier der richtige Pfad angegeben ist: Also sowas wie ...My Documents\Aerosoft\Airbus\Flighplans. Dieser Pfad hat sich vor Jahren mal geändert. Bei mir sieht ein Flugplan mit FSC 9.6 für den Airbus dann z.B. so aus: [CoRte] ArptDep=LOWI ArptArr=LFMN RwyDep=LOWI08 RwyArr=04L RwyArrFINAL=ILS04L SID=RTT3J STAR=BORD6C APPR_Trans=NERAS Airway1=Y107 Airway1FROM=RTT Airway1TO=ASVUT Airway2=Q984 Airway2FROM=ASVUT Airway2TO=VOG Airway3=Q712 Airway3FROM=VOG Airway3TO=ENOBA
  3. Um hier mal etwas klarzustellen: Du sollst nicht deinen PC unter dem Administrator Account starten, sondern nur die entsprechenden Programme mit Administratorrechten installieren und mit Administratorrechten starten! Wenn du Programme unter Windows unter dem Administrator Account (Ist nicht das selbe wie ein Benutzerkonto mit Administratorrechten!!!) installierst, führt das zu nochmehr Chaos, weil dann bestimmte Funktion u.U. nicht mit einem normalen Benutzerkonto (auch wenn es Administratorrechte hat) funktionieren.
  4. How about bit slowing down? Peter got your file yesterday and as he got a full time job in real life during the day, please do not expect 7x24 hour support
  5. Welches Datum hat der AIRAC deines Airbus? Vermulich den Auslieferungs stand während der FSC einen aktuellen AIRAC hat. Und dann passen die nicht zusammen. Bzw. was hast du upgedatet? Airbus und/oder FSC?
  6. Could indeed be. You should ask FSDT about this.
  7. Ja und? Kein Aerosoft Produkt und wird auch nicht von Aerosoft vertrieben und daher können auch keine Fragen zu dem Produkt beantwortet werden.
  8. They are still not allowed to call it A320 as this is also a protected brand But now enough discussion about this special kind of "license".
  9. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  10. Glad you solved it. And yes, NEVER set Autogen to 0!
  11. A picture (posted in jpeg only!) would help us a lot. Could it be that you got another scenery ist still present, eg. freeware? I suggest to uninstall it again, check for any remaining folders/files an install again as Adminsitrator (right click on the setupfile and choose "Run as..").
  12. When talking about those "licenses" you should keep one thing in mind: as Frank already said, it got soemthing to do with protecting a brand. When you sell a product (of whatever kind, even a game ) and do so in combination with another brand, the other company carefully looks at what you are doing with their brand. And to be on the safe side you need to enter a contract allowing you to use their brand, like using names (Airbus, A318, A319, A320, A321, all are protected), logos and/or something like "Officially licensed by...". Such a license does not necessarily include access to any kind of technical details and/or documentation, simply because some companies are not willing to "publish" those things this way. I'm nearly sure that PMDG got such a kind of license and Boeing handles this different then other companies. I do not know whether other publishers of such addons are licensed or not. But as I'm doing business with another part of the Airbus Group, I know for sure that Airbus Group is carefully looking at what others are doing with Airbus brands.
  13. This generic error is always related to the local system and got nothing to with the software. Unfortunately there is not a single solution as it can be caused by various reasons, like insufficient access rights, broken system registry, missing files, system being not up-to-date etc. Google for this error and you'll find various solutions to solve the problem.
  14. And to add: 1. How does your exported flightplan look like (before importing it)? 2. What is the regarding setting in the Airbus Configurator?
  15. One of my favourites in Scandinavia (beside Longyearbyen )