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  1. This is a bit worrying because if the a/c is faithful and realistic aerodynamically then the affects of CG will be part of the aerodynamic performance equations and if that is the case then it should not involve any additional work to include the effects of any number of people or cargo where they are in the aircraft.
  2. I thought the reference was to PMDG not FSL, My mistake, one should be careful about making assumptions. However, I have not had good experiences with FSL.
  3. You might just as well fly a WILCO then for the amount of realism you require!
  4. Most simmers fly for a deep interest in all things aviation, they fly for enjoyment and escapism - they escape to the challenges that their normal lives do not cater for. Very few, if any, fly for the boredom that is the modern commercial transport. The ' another product' alluded to in this comment is highly sought after because it offers a wide selection of random failures. People buy its products because it offers additional realism. Whether some statistician considers an event might happen once in every 200,000 hours does not mean that it does not happen. Aircraft manufactures cater for ALL possible eventualities as was attested, happily with a safe outcome, when a QANTAS A380 outbound from Singapore had a catastrophic engine failure; if Airbus had not catered for half of the aircraft's hydraulics failing, or for the leading edge slats and trailing flaps on one wing becoming inoperative or for a total engine failure all at the same time then the outcome of that incident would not have been quite so happy. The point is that people want realism as much as they want to escape and to that end most will buy, and pay the high prices for, realism. I would much prefer to see realism in the aircraft itself than to have pasty crumbs and newspapers scattered about the flight deck. Natural wear and tear is part of the aeroplane but evidence that flight crew have been bored, as most of us are already aware, or of what they may have eaten during the flight is not. On another note, very briefly; I tried to up flag a comment today but was advised that I can only do so once per day(?)! As I read more than one post per day that is hardly fare or practical not only to me but to the people posting comments or to the wider forum users. Hopefully that can be changed. Mike
  5. I was on the flight deck of a Singapore Airlines B777 recently just before departure and I do not recognise what has been described here with that visit, it was clean and tidy. Ready for work.
  6. Are you talking about wear and tear or are you talking about garbage? Mathijs's comment referred to garbage..."Mars bar wrappers and plastic bags full of trash"
  7. I'm afraid that I have to disagree; we as customers are effectively buying a new a/c and I am sure that when a new a/c is bought or leased by an airline that it is as close to being pristine as its age will allow. It would certainly be clean and tidy. Also, if I were an airline jockey I would not be very happy, decidedly unhappy in fact, if when I present myself to the 'office' I found it to be in a mess. Mike
  8. A bit of negative g should clear it quickly enough. Mike
  9. Thanks Mathis, disappointed about the VOR tracking and radial intercept but in the interests of realism I guess I cannot complain. Sorry, I missed the earlier post on step climbs, I'll have to backtrack a bit. Mike
  10. Will it have VOR tracking and radial intercept? You have STEP ALERTS does that mean that it will not Automatically execute Steps? Mike
  11. Will the coffee come complete with ripples? :-)
  12. For what it is worth; I always switch the logo lights on and off with my landing lights at 10000'. I also always have the logo light on when on the ground.... Just like a real transport pilot I guess. :-)
  13. What happened to the premise that one is innocent until proven guilty? I personally resent people assuming that I am guilty, particulary when I don't know them and they don't know me. The addage "It takes one to know one" comes to mind. Mike
  14. It should be there because it is a default view and it helps some people, particularly new simmers, to find things. Also a 2D panel is generally less demanding on resourse so it enables those that do not have a super computer to enjoy flying aircraft other than the very basic MS defaults. If you don't like 2D panels don't use them yourself but don't hold others with different veiwpoints or requirements in narrow minded contempt. Mike
  15. We do not use them because they are not there! As far as changes go I do not like the views in the A318/319 and the A320/321. I do NOT like the fact that the F9-F11 views have been relegated to a menu list on a right mouse click. It may be OK for some users who do not fly much other than Aerossoft but for me, and I would imagine a lot of other users, it is a royal pain in the proverbial! I would like Aerosoft to give us back F9-F11! Mike