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  1. *Bastian*

    Repaint request

    Oh, cool. Thanks
  2. *Bastian*

    Repaint request

    Is it possible to make this Livery of Sundair?
  3. Is it possible to make this Livery of Sundair for the A320 an for the future A319? I think its a beautiful Livery of a new Airline.
  4. Oh yeah that would be great if they add that!
  5. I mean if the Simulator have a CTD and i start it new, and load my automatic save from FSUIPC. Is the a330 cockpit than like before the CTD with the running Flightplan in the mcdu?
  6. Will the A330 have that Funktion after a CTD, to load the situation back with FSUIPC like the PMDG Aircrafts? I mean with Flightplan and the Cockpit like before the CTD?
  7. Ok, you are right. No sometimes i like to have a clear view, hehe... You make a good job so far, i am sure the final version of you A330 is fantastic. The new Pics are wonderful, thank you.
  8. With this, Blackbox can not keep up !!! But the Window Reflection ist nice at the Blackbox Airbus. Can you do this too?