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  1. CRJ Türen

    Um shift+e +2/3/4 hin zu bekommen, bedarf es was ubung Druck auf die shift-taste und halt sie eingedrukt, dan druk auf die e-taste. Lass beide los Und dan druck auf 2 oder 3 oder 4. Zoger nicht zu lang zwichen das loslassen von shift+e und eindrukken von die 2/3/4 taste Oder mach nicht zu schnell Hoffe das es klapt Gruss
  2. CRJ Türen

    Ich glaube nicht. Shift+e +2/3/4 sind standard einstellungen von fsx um flugzeugturen zu offnen Shift +e auf jeden fall Die sicht wird standard gewechelst mit S.
  3. CRJ Türen

    Ich glaube das aerosoft schon daran arbeitet Fur mich Shift+e +2/3/4 ohne Dave klapt
  4. Doors not opening after update v1.0.3.0

    I recently only started flying with this bird I noticed it right away but thought there was also a learning curve for opening the doors/hatches Until I read these posts Same issue here as already described Shift+e +2/3/4 works for me. When using Dave for opening/closing doors/hatches, they only open/close halfway and then return to their initial position I am on FSX Gold, CRJ700900 DL V1.0.3.0 I have included a screenshot as to the extend the main door opens. The door then closes again Hope it will be fixed in the next update Johan
  5. Aerosoft's Mega Airport Paris-CDG

    And again great service Time to move on
  6. Hi, I fired her up today for the first time and loaded the tutorial flight This flight places you at KLAX Los Angelas Int I am also hearing the ident code for LAX VOR (113.60) There are 2 ways to mute this. 1-Tune another frequency , but this is probably not what you want 2-Have a look at the lower pedestal. With the lower left knob under the 1-nav-2 inscription , you can manipulate the hearing of identification of your VOR station. Pressing it down (Left-clicking) makes you hear the morse code. Pulling it up mutes the sound. The arrow on the knob suggests that the volume is adjustable. This does not work with me. I do not know weather this feature is implemented. I have included a screenshot. Hope this helps John
  7. Aerosoft's Mega Airport Paris-CDG

    Thanks Sir, appreciate the input. I know now that on my side my user system is up and running oke This means for BOXed owners there is no update. Owners of the download version can obtain the updated version through their account.
  8. Aerosoft's Mega Airport Paris-CDG

    Otto, It is certainly the easiest way This would also mean I cannot enable the option 'Aircraft stress causes damage' and can fly beyond the aircraft's limits I have too keep this in mind when flying the F14. It should give me an advantage This having said ... Shean Fletcher dealed at the time (year 2009) with this problem, a solution was found (update created) and was included in the update section (according to different posts). The layout of aerosoft's webpage has changed over the years, so has their update/shop sections. Maintaining the support database is certainly a lot of work and never done. Always work in progress Just wondering: -This product ( still be bought nowadays and is on Version 1, as mine is -Future customers will have to deal with this too. -Is Mega Airport Paris CDG' in the support database or not? (Support service pointed me to ) Again, it does not show up in the dropdownlist (Produkt hinzufugen) Basicly I need a clear statement from aerosoft Johan... 1-Mega Airport is in the support database, not seeing it in the dropdownlist means that there is something wrong (my side, databases, queries,servers, protocolls, ect..) 2-We are dropping support for this product 3-We forgot to add (No, you actually do not have to admit this ) , just say that you will add the update in the near future 4-... I do hope no one is offended Let me end with a word of thanks. Hardware has evolved a lot during the years. I do remember MS flightsim 5 with scenery addons on 5,25'' floppy disk drives...The hardware has a lot more horsepower. And the amount of detail every product can bring is amazing and rising. This makes me believe that every product needs more work to be finished and maintained at a certain standard. So THANK YOU developers, THANK YOU aerosoft, THANK YOU beta teams for testing. At the end of the day you deliver... Otto , I appreciate your input and will turn off crash detection when flying to LFPG for now Thanks again, Cheers Johan
  9. Hello to everybody Maybe first a small introduction from my side -:) I' ve been away from the flightsim scene for a while and recently picked up this hobby again. Coming from FS9 and now fully enjoying FSX (Except the OOM/VAS issues) I am expierencing objekt collisions on this airport. This issues is already covered and resolved on this forum ( ( a long time ago. Yes I know (I am also an oldtimer) ... -:) I need the file in order to get rid of these invisible objektcollisions.Tried to download this file but I receive a file that has 0 bytes. Any chance to fix this? In the dropdownlist of aerosoft's support database there is no entry for Mega Airport Paris-CDG, so I cannot add my serial key in order to download the update. Any help, suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated Johan