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  1. Justingm

    Engine sounds

    So I uninstalled then reinstalled and restarted my pc. Seems to working fine now.
  2. Justingm

    Engine sounds

    I will give it a try when I get home this afternoon.
  3. Justingm

    Engine sounds

    Other sounds were working fine in it. Button clicks, bus transfers, ambient sound, flaps and etc. Just no engine sounds. I will try again later. I just loaded it up really quick before I had to go to work.
  4. Justingm

    Engine sounds

    Not sure if I did something wrong but I loaded the bus. Started the APU and Engines and I have 0 engine sounds. Apply TOGA and nothing. No start up sound or anything. Not sure what I need to do?
  5. I installed the latest version and noticed I was still having the same issue. However in my control panel I'm showing P3D as Version 4.1. I noticed in my event viewer it showed my P3D as 4.0. So i reinstalled the client, content, and scenery installers for version 4.1 and now the latest version of CRJ is working again!
  6. #1 I ran P3D as admin. #2 Check locations, reran installer as Admin #3 again everything is where its suppose to be, reran installer as admin Still having same issue, All my payware is working fine, TFDI, and all PMDG aircraft working just fine. My virus software is turned off, I have administrator rights to the P3D file. I'm lost at what to do. I still had a copy of Version 1.1 and it installed that version and it worked just fine. It seems this issue is becoming common among other users.
  7. Unfortunately I'm glad to see I'm not the only person having this problem with P3Dv4.1.
  8. I've checked each path, all documents are there. The top 3 solutions all end in a reinstall as administrator.
  9. Ive tried reinstalling as an administrator, the airplane would load up as if cold and dark, yoke is in normal postion, but will not move, engines are running and etc. But nothing else works, can click on battery, nothing.
  10. I'm still having issues with the CRJ recent update, the gauges and etc are not working, after searching the forums it seems the issue is from having version 4.0 installed. However I have version 4.1 installed. So I'm not sure what to do? Ive tried, reinstalling with anti virus off, in admin mode, etc.