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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Por favor,entre em contacta se houver um problema I try to upload some of the documents that I still got from Mr Glanville. I didn't own the credit PS: This is the last picture before she went to Chengdu for maintenance and sold to Cyprus,in 2016 Leong
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    Version 1.0.0


    deleted due to some problem texture.cfg
  3. A321 IAE final approach pitch attitude

    Same problem here,when I flare the A321 with IAE2500 it pitch up to +6° and the FPM is about -250 which is just firm. The vls is 142 and I add it to 147.It cause the GS increase and so as the VS.(CAVOK,120px and with 4klbs fuel left).Sometime it can be +10° from touch down and it scares me a lot. However, when I fly the A320 and A319 with IAE engine everything goes fine, approach angle is between +2°-+4° and flare angle always below +4° with very firm landing(-100 around) . PS:What is the critical angle of A321?