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  1. Tomcat stick!

    Just so it looks like a Tomcat stick and not a Russianist version that is "close enough" is my main concern. The items for me that are important are the weapon selector, DLC thumb wheel and Chaff switch. Extra switches are okay, but I really hope they do those ones fairly faithfully. If I am not mistaken, don't they use the paddle switches at VKB as analogue brakes? I don't get that. Well, I am excited to see what they come up with since Heatblur is collaborating.
  2. F-14 Simpit

    Right on. I too am looking into creating something for them and the engine gauges. I have one genuine engine gauge from the ac, but not sure I can tell what runs the small motors from all the other stuff. It's all packed away right now. I will try and post some photos when everything is ready to be worked on this summer. I am guessing some kind of small stepper motors rotating a tape of some kind, but will get into it further later on. Will have to learn how to program those buggers to operate correctly, that should be a chore for me Best of luck with your pit.
  3. Up to Date Manuals

    Yeah, that's where I thought they would be, didn't download for me for some reason, just the old ones and a German version of the handbook separately. Odd. I will try another reinstall on a new drive I have coming in soon, see if that helps.
  4. F-14 Simpit

    Nice work. I didn't notice the AoA and Wing sweep gauges before, have any closeups of those as well? They do not look like video display like the engine gauges, are they functional? If so, can you give us a description of what you did with them when you get a chance? Thanks. Again, sweet workmanship fellow Tomcatter.
  5. F-14 Simpit

    What are you using to run the multiple monitors on? Looks like you are using push-pull switches for the fuel cutoffs? Have any close ups showing how you connected the face pieces? Do you have the fire extinguisher buttons under them or do they not come out far enough? Best of luck with the rest of your build, can't wait to be able to get mine started.
  6. Up to Date Manuals

    I just selected the Aerosoft Shop button at the top of the Forums page. That's all. I am a little confused about what you are asking, but below is the link, and at the bottom of the page is the link to download the Manuals. http://www.aerosoft.com/en/fsxp3d/flight-simulator-x-steam/aircraft/1776/f-14-extended?c=307
  7. Up to Date Manuals

    I know, just answering his question for my answer. The ones on the creators' online shop downloads the 2014 version, the one on these forums are corrupted or something, the program loaded the German version of the handbook when I re-downloaded it last time.
  8. Up to Date Manuals

    I tried the Pinned The manuals thread in this forum.
  9. Up to Date Manuals

    I tried to open them as well, they do not open in Adobe Acrobat. Someone might want to check the links out. Thanks.
  10. v2.02 Reloaded

    Okay, thank you Sir,
  11. v2.02 Reloaded

    Hi Mr. Kok, So, even though it says what is shown below ,underlined and in bold, it is in fact version 2.02 (I literally double checked as I am writing this reply)? Also, when I look at my orders page, the only thing it shows is 2 copies of the Las Vegas scenario I bought a while back. I was not charged twice was I since I only wanted and ordered 1 copy? Neither does it show the F-14 which I purchased from you guys in the box with disc. Sorry, just still confused Current DVD Version 2.0
  12. MACH LEV

    Not for me. Whether the parking brake is on or not my plane starts rolling and the throttles stick no matter what I do and brakes do not stop or slow the jet at all. Turn off the test, my TQ does not have any effect anymore with the in game throttles. I have always wondered if it is because I do not have the real latest download of the game since the owners will not answer our questions about the download that is on the new content page of theirs because my version numbers after installation do not jibe with the stated proper ones or whether the problem lies in the FSUIPC program.
  13. v2.02 Reloaded

    I am losing faith in the Customer Service of this company which I had previously help in high regard. I honestly do not see what could possibly take so long in checking to ensure customers who have paid their hard earned money can not receive an affirmative answer to whether they will ever get a chance to have the current update to make your product improved. I understand that some, maybe most, of the external shops have the correct software, but at least for myself, who purchased a disc copy from your company can not get a straight forward answer whether the files downloaded on this companies website are mislabeled on incorrect. Come on guys, we are not asking all that much, but a simple answer which has gone unanswered for far too long. I lose faith everyday with regards to customer service, ethics, and plain old reliability. I do not mean to sound jaded or disgruntled, but no one is that busy they could not have had someone, - an intern or "Joe" the janitor - check this out and provide an answer in a reasonable time. I would be especially happy if someone loaded the needed, correct files to disc and snail mailed them to me since I thought buying the disc a much better backup and safe feature of your project. Now, I just feel foolish.
  14. F-14 2.02

    Hi, I too have been trying to clarify this issue. Whenever I go to the Aerosoft update page it says V2.0 yet everyone from Aerosoft keeps saying it is V2.02 that they put up there. Unfortunately it is not or is mismarked, because I can not download v2.02 and they promised in other threads months ago to check it out and then never got back to any of our requests for more information. Very frustrating from a customer service side of things. I sent you an email in hopes of hearing from you several days ago and nothing. Very frustrating guys. Salute, Hobo
  15. v2.02 Reloaded

    Any word on this issue yet?
  16. v2.02 Reloaded

    I posted in another thread as well, but when I go there it says download "Current DVD Version 2.0" install in the Aerosoft shop. Is this the v2.02 installer or not? I am having trouble telling. Thanks.
  17. Confused about V2.02

    I am confused too. I looked up the upgrade on Aerosoft Update Database today and it says Current DVD Version 2.0 (see attachment 1).I looked at the install file properties for the upgrade I installed back shortly after the news of the upgrade and it says version 2.01. I really wish there was an easier, less confusing and less ambiguous method of getting the right files to everyone not based on where it was bought but where it was made. What do I need to do to get the latest version? Also, when I tried to look up previous purchases, I found only 2 entries for your Aerosoft USCitiesX Las Vegas purchase, with two different dates and what I guess are different order numbers (see attachment 2). I wasn't charged twice for the same purchase was I? It also doesn't show my purchase of the F-14 from 06/2014. Is there a reason? Does it have anything to do with ordering the box edition vs download or something? Just curious. On an side note- I also saw on http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/update-neuigkeiten/ page an update for Aerosoft USCitiesX Las Vegas, but could not find anything listed on Aerosoft Update Database (see attachment 3). Is this out or pending? If out, how do I get it? Thanks.
  18. Hi folks, I am hoping to find out as much info on the AC dimensions for the crew compartments and instrument panels and individual panels etc. to build a home Sim Pit to a realistic degree. If anyone has access to any of this info or are able to point me to appropriate manuals/documents or personal experience or access to an aircraft to take measurements I would really enjoy talking to you. It might be possible to help make some meager reimbursement to you for your time since I am on a fixed budget. Also, anyone who knows where it might be possible to learn how to develop cad drawings and possibly using a smaller milling machine and or 3D printer would be informative. Thanks if anyone can help. Best regards, Hobo
  19. Hi, During C/D start up, anytime the checklist wants to do AB/Throttle checks it sends the jet off across the tarmac and neither having the parking brake set nor my standing on the brakes can keep it from moving or stop it until the engines wind down. Is this how it is supposed to work? If so, how do I get around it because I end up in the weeds each time. It happens whether I adjust throttles manually or just check the box and let the system do it. Thanks. Hobo I am using FSX Gold/Acceleration on win7 with paid version of FSUIPC
  20. Yeah, I am not sure what's wrong. Using the check list I guess I expect them to run up and down on its own, but mine just revs up all the way and stays there while I shoot off across the tarmac/runway... Will figure out something. Thanks for all the input.
  21. F-14 X versus F-14 X Extended

    He should still be able to download where he bought it, I did. I do wish they would have sent us a replacement disc though, we bought it for a reason.
  22. Okay, thank you sir, will give it a try.