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    So, I had to hurry up: 23rd leg: EICK to EIDW (Dublin) Taxiing at EICK: 24th leg: Dublin to Liverpool 25th leg: Liverpool to London: Push-back: On final EGLC 27: Taxiing to parking position: And finally arrived after 21.610 nm: It was a pleasure to join this world tour. Thank you for the organization of this event.
  2. Busflieger

    22nd leg: Gander to Queenstown. Back to Europe! Push-back for a long flight: What a fog! I needed one go-around, even with ILS:
  3. Busflieger

    21st leg: New York to Gander: refueling stop Leaving New York City: Passing Halifax at FL370: On Final CYQX:
  4. Busflieger

    20th leg: Chicago to New York City Descending: On final KLGA (LaGuardia Airport):
  5. Busflieger

    19th leg: Omaha to Chicago Final 09C KORD: Busy airport:
  6. Busflieger

    18th leg: Medicine Bow to Omaha: Taxiing with new tires over fresh grass. Full thrust: Approach over Omaha: Landed on 32R: End of an exciting leg:
  7. Busflieger

    17th leg: Leaving Salt Lake City behind: Medicine Bow`s runway seems not to be appropriate for my aircraft (or other way around): Tyre blow-out but landed: Where do I now get some new tyres?
  8. Busflieger

    16th leg: San Franzisco to Salt Lake City: Taxiing to Rwy 19R: Descending:
  9. Busflieger

    15th leg from Boeing Airfield (maintenance stop) to San Franzisco. Boeing Airfield: Two vintage aircrafts of the Boeing museum in the background and a BMW X5 with Munich number plate in the foreground. Seems that its driver is on a world tour, too. Golden gate bridge ahead: City of San Franzisco to the left:
  10. Busflieger

    Annother refueling stop: Wind up to 37kts on final PACD, Cold Bay, Alaska: And leaving for KBFI (Boeing Airfield) for a maintenance stop: Passing Seattle on final: I am not the only one asking for a check:
  11. Busflieger

    On the way from Tokyo to San Fransisco I made the first refueling stopp at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Bad weather at Tokyo Haneda in the morning: In the background: City of Tokyo: First time over Russian soil: Unique Russian a/c at UHPP:
  12. Busflieger

    Legs 10 & 11: Leg 10: Kai Tac to Shanghai: Take off rwy 13: Leaving Kowloon behind: Leg 11: Shanghai to Tokyo Leaving Shanghai: Passing Mt. Fuji on descend: On STAR RJTT (Haneda): Sailing boats on short final:
  13. Busflieger

    9th leg: Singapore - Hong Kong (former airport Kai Tac VHHX!) Push back WSSS: Leaving Singapore: Checkerboard approach to Rwy 13 starts: Airport in sight: Checkerboard in sight (left hand side), turning 130: Taxiing to the gate:
  14. Busflieger

    8th leg: Calcutta - Singapore Leaving India and again fog: Passing Bangkok on FL370: Descending: On final through a fwe clouds: WSSS Rwy 20C:
  15. Busflieger

    7th leg: Bombay/Mumbai to Calcutta: One week ago I arrived in Bombay in the fog and now I left it in the fog: And in Calcutta: fog again! What a busy airport: 4 Passenger busses in a row on the apron: