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  1. It means this project has had some problems along the way! Hoping it is as great as it looks!
  2. Nope everything is removed. This still happens from a clean start unfortunately.
  3. Hello, When ever I am stopped on the ground in the Katana, I have serious trouble moving. I add full power and most of the time the airplane will not move an inch (like my parking brake is on, although it is not) however sometimes I can get it to move very slowly (about 4 kts). I have tried repairing everything and even running it on simple mode to make sure it isn't damaged. I have also reinstalled the aircraft twice now. I can slew into the air and it will fly, and I can even land and slow down up to right before it stops, then and add full power again and it will speed back up as normal. If I bring it to a full stop though it gets stuck again. Any help is appreciated, Thank you.