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    So how good a pilot are you?

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I would say unable, because to calculate the required track miles I multiply my FL for 3/10 and add a mile for each 10 knots above 250kt. So 150 * 3 / 10 = 45 which is much higher than 24 without considering the speed. Anyway I think that the ATC should reason the same way and sounds strange that he asked if 24 is enough given a calculated track miles of 45.
  2. trollifail

    Flight Plan Template Guide 2.0

    In the OFP route section, because in most real OFPs route is displayed in this way
  3. trollifail

    Flight Plan Template Guide 2.0

    Hi, is there the possibility to add a feature to show the route with only FL steps? EG: LOGDI Y663 EKDIR/F370 DCT LOMED instead of LOGDI Y663 EKDIR/N0427F370 DCT LOMED Thanks