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  1. thanks stefan for your update realy nice work
  2. Stefan Hoffmann welcome back again we need update from you and good luck
  3. first thanks stepahn for pic and nice job and bravo aerosoft for great work with crj 700/900 nice fps yes some bugs but is great addons big thanks one question mathijs if you can answer you can give us picture about 330 programme and exetrior etc and thanks again
  4. nice work stefan best membre aerosot team stefan and mathijis
  5. wowow kok look so realy and détail bravo good job
  6. hallo the holydays finish hahaha now we are stefan and small update we miss you man good day all
  7. thanks stefan for small update nice work
  8. good morning all hallo MK this my favorite day in the week we hope see new screen shot with VC and full power with fmc on and pfd and ND thanks
  9. hallo mathijs realy very nice work with aerosoft team i know is ask many time .but i want know percentage 80 % or 90 % we can expect this bird this year thanks again
  10. thanks Stefan Hoffmann yu are the best yu and aerosoft stuff
  11. hello where the update friday i wait every week to see A330
  12. AES 2.42b is available now

    THANKS @tom A320
  13. AES 2.42b is available now

    HELLO ANy news for AES for P3D we cant use jetway with GSX EDDF V2
  14. nice job aerosoft team and i love this VC big thanks from casablanca