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  1. sleddriver

    Repaint request

    As we have quite a few of the American/US Airways Heritage liveries, there are still two that have yet to be done. I would like to request these: N838AW - N745VJ -
  2. sleddriver

    Repaint request

    Would anyone be willing to do an EVA Air A319? Reg: B-54111
  3. sleddriver

    Repaint request

    Hello, everyone. I don't think that they have any in the pipeline, but either way, I was wondering if someone would be willing to paint both A319 and A320 in the current United airlines livery, but with Sharklets (IAE, of course)? It would be much appreciated. Also, I know that there is one done already, but could could someone do an A321 in current United? The one that's out there has CFM engines, but would be nice to have with IAE engines (and possibly Sharklets as well). Thank you. - Chris Jepsen
  4. sleddriver

    PAFA Fairbanks P3D V2.5 no Buildings

    Disregard. Apparently I had two instances of Fairbanks in my scenery.cfg. Seems to be working correctly now.
  5. Hello. I tried starting up a flight at PAFA and realized that I have no buildings whatsoever at Fairbanks. So, I uninstalled and then re-installed the latest installer from Simmarket. I have FTX Global and Vector, so I tried re-installing with and without the UTX option, but to no avail. Still no buildings. I looked in the scenery folder, and everything looks to be in order. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. sleddriver

    Repaint request

    We now have a "US Airways Heritage" jet, reg. N578UW:
  7. sleddriver

    Repaint request

    While I'm aware of all the different Frontier A319's out there left to be done, I would like to request any of Frontier's A318 aircraft. I know that they no longer fly with them (what a shame ), but would love to be able to put some of them in my fleet. Thanks.
  8. sleddriver

    Repaint request

    Sweet! Can't wait. There are so many US Airways liveries (Heritage, State Flags and Sports Teams), it's going to be a while before we get caught up.
  9. sleddriver

    weather fronts

    That's nothin!! I live in Phoenix, and we hit 113 yesterday and 111 today. And forget about it being a "Dry Heat" as we are well into our monsoon season. And, it's only going to get worse before it gets better. Gotta love the desert!!!!!!!
  10. sleddriver


    Ah, yes! Speed Tape!!!!! Aviation grade Ducttape. I used to be a teamlead on the ramp at KPHX for AWA, and had a guy freak out because he saw the cowling of the #2 engine being held on by speedtape. We called the mechanics in to take a look. He looked at it for a couple of minutes, added another layer of tape and signed off on it. Fortunately, the tape was hidden by the wing, so most of the pax couldn't see it. If they had, I think they would have worn out the "Call Attendant" buttons on that plane. Fun times!!!! Chris
  11. sleddriver

    Need help with a decision

    Hey, Rafal. Thank you so much for your recommendation. I got the Wilco version and have had a blast with it. However, I'm having a bit of a problem with the 190. I configured the plane with AES, but for some reason, it won't stop bouncing after pushback. I've tried the "repair for push" option many times, in fact, I've even deleted the Intelliscene file and have redone the configuration a couple of times. All this, and I still can't get it to work. Does anybody have an AES Intelliscene file for their 190 that works? I sure could use a copy of one. Thanks. Chris
  12. sleddriver

    Need help with a decision

    Hello, all. I need some help from the Flight Sim community. I see that there are two packages for sale that encompass the Embraer E-Jets series of aircraft. One is by VirtualCol, and the other by Wilco. Which one is the better option? I have FS9, and I like having to do more than just press Ctrl-E to get started. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. sleddriver

    Nice X For FS9 - Anyone interested - post a reply!

    I'm totally in. This would be an awesome addition to the FS9 world!!!!!
  14. I was flying around in FS9 a little bit before I visited the website to realize that there was an update for AES 2.3. Everything was OK before I installed the update. However, after installing the update, all of my scenerey textures are blurry. The aircraft textures, ai textures and ground textures all seem unchanged, but not the building scenery. I also have trouble reading the text, both in the ATC window, and the AI traffic text. I've tried playing with the sliders, but to no avail. Also, it affects both night and day textures. Does anyone have a clue on what may have happened? Thanks Chris
  15. Hey, Oliver. I know you've got alot on your plate right now, but I just wanted to ask a quick question about Blagnac. AES is operable at all of the gates, and the parking areas around the gate area, but there is no AES at any of Airbus' parking areas. I didn't know if there was supposed to be or not. Just curious. Keep up the awesome work, my friend.