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  1. I was just scrolling through that and just saw it myself. I'm sorry then for not checking every page here anymore.
  2. Simply was curious as I've watched a video in which it said that some add-ons like planes might not work as necessary add-ons might not work with the 64-Bit structure.
  3. Now with the announcement last night of Prepar3d v4, are you already going to implement an option to choose it in the installer?
  4. These pics... They are beautiful... Not gonna lie, as I was trying to keep up with the posts since I've last been here I stumbled across the picture of which a user was asking why the camera elevation:s so high. I thought 'oh dang, did I miss pictures?'. As I was checking the page before, I saw the pictures and a tear ran across my face. This is not exaggerated but what actually happened. This plane is really unbelievably beautiful and I shad tears of masculinity. Thanks Aerosoft for making such a great product! Keep it up!
  5. If you haven't searched for it yet or found it, yes. Yes it will be included. In fact, the shared cockpit function which was usable in their A320 family was a test for the A330. And I was able to help them resolve an issue So aerosoft team, keep it up. I always feel like I'll loose consciousness when I see new pictures of that beautiful bird!