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  1. You're right, it is. So much so that I'm hurrying to finish my repaint for Sunkist Airlines in their yellow, present-day livery. It's a specialized freighter carrying only pulp, seeds and ascorbic acid.
  2. P3Dv4.1, Win10-64, TrackIR5, CRJ700 v1.0.3.0 Flew a short flight and descended on schedule into the arrival airport. Let Dave compute the landing speeds and sent them to the CRJ700. Landing reference speed was 134Kts and sure enough when I slowed down there was a blue line across the speedtape at 134Kts. Once the CRJ captured the LOC and GS the blue reference line abruptly moved down to 98-99 Kts. Checked with Dave and "he" still showed 134Kts as the reference speed.
  3. Hi all, P3Dv4.1, Win10-64 TrackIR5, CRJ700 v1.0.3.0 Assume I'm flying straight and level @ 190Kts. Course is 000 (north) and the HDG bug is synced to 000. AP is engaged in HDG mode. Navigation source is set to VOR1/LOC1. I want to turn to 090 so I move the HDG bug to 090 and the CRJ goes into a shallow right turn which can only be described as "I'll get to heading 090 eventually, I'm in no hurry." If, however, I keep the heading bug within approximately 20 degrees of the turn, slowly keeping it ahead of the turn, the CRJ will smartly bank to approximately 15+ degrees and get the turn done quickly. If I move the HDG bug too far ahead of the turn the CRJ settles back into a shallow bank <5 degrees. Repeatable every time.
  4. Like you all I got was "not found." I would go back to the source and ask Navigraph about it. VCCG does exist in Aivlasoft's EFB, although there's no arrivals or departures listed.
  5. Well, it's listed as Military and is only 3600ft long, so maybe one or both of those things disqualifies VCCG. Contact Navigraph about it missing. Might help. How many "volunteers" want to make this 3600ft take-off with you?
  6. Custom event id

    Yes, FSUIPC lets you do that. But why? Your flight simulator already lets you do that on the "Controls" tab in "Options." It's only when you want the same button/switch to do different things on different aircraft that FSUIPC might come in handy.
  7. "Flying Tips"

    That might be coming from Dave (the EFB tablet in the cockpit). You can disable the tips on one of the Options pages in Dave.
  8. Because the CRJ700/900 isn't working correctly yet, and I've too much time on my hands, I decided to plug the F1 GTN750 in as a popup window. I'm both surprised and amazed at how well the CRJ flies now. No over-banking, under-banking on turns or the plane wandering off on its own for no reason. Only two flights but the plane is stable and flies the route. Tracks the LOC and GS accurately. Haven't tried RNAV yet. HDG mode doesn't forget what it's doing when I adjust the heading bug to a new course. FD is no longer hesitant or indecisive about issuing the right command to the AP. Never touched the FMS. Let Dave enter the pax and fuel totals, TO trim, and calculate the v-speeds. Real tease of what could be.
  9. Therein lies the problem. In my opinion if the current crop of testers isn't experiencing these problems, I doubt they can tell you that it's fixed. This thread alone offers a number of candidates who might be willing to become part of the solution rather than just complain about it.
  10. Unable to download new version

    In Firefox. Log into your Aerosoft account and find the download page. Right-click on Europe or World button and copy the link. Open a new tab in Firefox. Paste link into address bar and hit <ENTER> Download
  11. CRJ700 Flightplan KCHA HCH VXV HOSEM KTRI. Approach BO RWY05. 180 miles #1 Setup the flightplan, clear discontinuities, pref init, v speeds, all that. Takeoff Rwy02 and you're almost right on the active leg. NAV, Speed, AP all on. CRJ700 follows the flightplan until it passes HOSEM and should turn slightly left toward BO. Plane flies right thru its turn even though the FD is commanding a left turn. #2 Same flightplan, same jet, same everything except I did not include the approach (BO - RWY05) before takeoff. Just after passing VXV I entered the approach into the FMS. Soon as I hit "exec" the plane jerked wildly and settled into a shallow right turn. Could not recover using Direct To or HDG. Ended the flight.
  12. V1.0.2 of the CRJ700/900, Win10, P3Dv4.1 Not sure what the problem is, but the Livery Manager won't let me install any CRJ900 liveries. No problem with the CRJ700 liveries that I've tried. EC_MEN and D-ACNN both give me an error "Sorry, can't install this file." (or something similar.) Both liveries were downloaded from the Aerosoft download section for CRJs and the D-ACNN was installed previously. Once again, no problem with the CRJ700 liveries I've tried. My P3D path is recognized and correct. EDIT: CRJ900 House Colors install properly. Others still don't.
  13. Cheap shot! PMDG forums don't seem to be fairing much better. I thought the purpose of these forums was to work WITH the developer, not against him.
  14. Visual Studio 2015 vs 2017?

    Google search "c++ 2015 vs c++ 2017" and 10 minutes of easy reading explain why the Microsoft Visual Studio team did this. I'm not a programmer and yet I understand what they're saying about the 2017 version. Another thing is Win10 is not listed as a supported operating system for Visual Studio 2015. I've read numerous posts in this Aerosoft forum stressing the importance of having the latest C++ 2015 Runtime. Here it is, even though it's under a different name. For my own personal experience I uninstalled the 2015 c++ runtimes and installed the 2017 version. Again downloaded the CRJ700/900 from a different Aerosoft server. Uninstalled, deleted any leftover directories/folders, reinstalled the CRJ700/900. Installer did not object to the absence of the 2015 c++ runtimes and continued without error. Started P3Dv4 and loaded the CRJ. Still no objections or errors. Used Dave to set "ready for taxi," entered a simple 3 waypoint flightplan into the FMS1, took off, intercepted the flightpath and turned on the autopilot. Crossing the 2nd waypoint NAV disconnected and would not reconnect. Heading would not work, turning away from the heading bug. I've seen this happen before when the 2015 C++ runtimes were installed. Gave up, went to bed. Time to start blaming the CRJ for these (and other) problems, not my system. I've done everything recommended by the Aerosoft team and these problems persist. Frustrating.
  15. Hiding the Yoke

    Hi Dave, Reinstalled the CRJ v1.0.1 after uninstalling it and removing any remaining traces as per your directions. New install seems to have solved the problem of hiding the yoke except when the "Aerosoft CRJ Tutorial" is loaded from the scenario screen. Then reinstalled the C++ 2015 redistributibles (X86 and X64) and have the same results as above. Also tried running P3Dv4 with and without any additional programs (like AS2016, TrackIR) or utilities (like FSCommander). Also removed FSUIPC v5.13. Same results, yoke will not hide when loading the "Aerosoft CRJ Tutorial".