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  1. Could be. I used FSCommander to make the route, SID and STAR. Thought something wasn't quite right because of those severe turns. FWIW, CRJ700 followed the route correctly until it passed the last waypoint and should have turned toward the beginning of the STAR. Like in your case, it didn't. Kept going straight.
  2. My reply was aimed at the OP. And also to show that the Tutorial is wrong.
  3. I don't doubt it. God would have a tuff time making those turns. From D136A, 110 degree turn to the left for 1 NM to RTT, 140 degree turn to the right for 57 NM to OBEDI. I'm not even going to try that. Instead, after I pass D064G I'll fly direct to RTT.
  4. From the Tutorial, page 2-1-80: 4. THRUST LEVERS ................................................................................ SHUT OFF Lower Pedestals Set the thrust levers to the shut off detent – use the right mouse button to unlock the lock switches and then shut off the engines by moving the throttle lever to the shut off position. It works, except you have to use the LEFT mouse button to unlock the lock switches, then left mouse button to lower the throttle(s) to shut-off position while the lock switches are still unlocked (ie: up.) You've got less than 3 seconds so be quick.
  5. JerryJet

    FlightSim Store ?

    Why Michael? They're both lazy and inept. How much energy does it take to plug a new version of a program, airport or airplane into their server? It's not like they have to make copies and distribute them into each user account. One copy with a link to the download is all that's required. Yet they can't seem to find time to do that. It's coming up on 2 years and they still haven't gotten around to updating RAAS to the newest version. I just hope I'm smart enough to recognize if they resurface under a new name.
  6. JerryJet

    FlightSim Store ?

    Doesn't surprise me at all. Can't understand how they've lasted this long since losing the Orbx monopoly. Unfortunately I've bought a few things from them, one of which is FSCommander. I just got done submitting a ticket before reading this thread, and your reply in particular. Which reminds me I purchased the Airbus bundle from another defunct merchant. Think I'll play the lottery today. To my credit I bought the CRJ directly from Aerosoft.
  7. JerryJet

    LDG Elevation can't be changed (v1.0.6.0)

    Same here. 1st flight had the correct elevation. 2nd flight, the tutorial, had KMRY's elevation at -257. That's minus 257. P3Dv4.2, Win10-64, default weather, nothing else.
  8. JerryJet

    Installing Updates Question

    If it's a full version, then uninstall, reboot, install new version. If it's the hotfix, simply follow directions in the post containing the link for your flight simulator.
  9. You're right, it is. So much so that I'm hurrying to finish my repaint for Sunkist Airlines in their yellow, present-day livery. It's a specialized freighter carrying only pulp, seeds and ascorbic acid.
  10. P3Dv4.1, Win10-64, TrackIR5, CRJ700 v1.0.3.0 Flew a short flight and descended on schedule into the arrival airport. Let Dave compute the landing speeds and sent them to the CRJ700. Landing reference speed was 134Kts and sure enough when I slowed down there was a blue line across the speedtape at 134Kts. Once the CRJ captured the LOC and GS the blue reference line abruptly moved down to 98-99 Kts. Checked with Dave and "he" still showed 134Kts as the reference speed.
  11. Hi all, P3Dv4.1, Win10-64 TrackIR5, CRJ700 v1.0.3.0 Assume I'm flying straight and level @ 190Kts. Course is 000 (north) and the HDG bug is synced to 000. AP is engaged in HDG mode. Navigation source is set to VOR1/LOC1. I want to turn to 090 so I move the HDG bug to 090 and the CRJ goes into a shallow right turn which can only be described as "I'll get to heading 090 eventually, I'm in no hurry." If, however, I keep the heading bug within approximately 20 degrees of the turn, slowly keeping it ahead of the turn, the CRJ will smartly bank to approximately 15+ degrees and get the turn done quickly. If I move the HDG bug too far ahead of the turn the CRJ settles back into a shallow bank <5 degrees. Repeatable every time.
  12. Like you all I got was "not found." I would go back to the source and ask Navigraph about it. VCCG does exist in Aivlasoft's EFB, although there's no arrivals or departures listed.
  13. Well, it's listed as Military and is only 3600ft long, so maybe one or both of those things disqualifies VCCG. Contact Navigraph about it missing. Might help. How many "volunteers" want to make this 3600ft take-off with you?
  14. JerryJet

    Custom event id

    Yes, FSUIPC lets you do that. But why? Your flight simulator already lets you do that on the "Controls" tab in "Options." It's only when you want the same button/switch to do different things on different aircraft that FSUIPC might come in handy.
  15. JerryJet

    "Flying Tips"

    That might be coming from Dave (the EFB tablet in the cockpit). You can disable the tips on one of the Options pages in Dave.