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  1. jaguado

    LEVC update

  2. jaguado

    LEVC update

    Hi, any word on the update for Valencia X? I was told there was an update coming soon, but that was months ago. Airport still fails to show on approach even with a default P3D v4 installation. No mesh involved.
  3. Hi, There was already a thread opened a while ago but very quickly dismissed about an issue of Valencia not loading at all on approach. I can load a flight there just fine, and SODE issues apppart, with works like a charm. But if I slew a cople hundred miles away, and slew back in, it doesn't load. If I fly from anywhere, it doesn't load either. It looks exactly the same as on the other thread. Two black areas where the buildings should be. I just found I had the same issue with an i7 7700K, 16GB of DDR4 ram and an Nvidia GTX1080. No freeware sceneries installed. Just FTX global base, and Vector installed on that area. I don't have the same issue anywhere else. Even in London, yeah, my FPS can be not that great on approach in london (20/25 with my settings) but in most places it's 30 fps locked on 30. Now, my question is... Valencia X doesn't show Prepar3d V4 compatible, only up to 3.x. Does that mean that an update is in the works? Thanx in advance.
  4. jaguado

    Yoke issue

    Yes, I just bought the thing 3 days ago or so. However I later found a post that says to start the flight on a default plane. That works and solves the clickspot problem.
  5. Hi, sorry to ask this here. I requested on the Santiago de Compostela thread for LEAL Alicante-Elche to be made, but I was told that someone else was making it.  I then asked who, but I was never told. Do you know who is developing Alicante? Thanx

  6. jaguado

    Santiago de Compostela Preview

    So, who's making the new Alicante? I can't find it anywhere...
  7. jaguado

    SODE issues

    Valencia isn't useless, just gate 4. Tried gate 1 and it worked perfectly. Having said that, I AM having sode Issues. Jetways dissappear at all airports. I have to click on "reload all" on the SODE menu to get them to appear again.
  8. jaguado

    SODE issues

    I had issues at LEVC. Aircraft was perfectly parked on Gate 4, but SODE said aircraft door was too far away. Aircraft is PMDG 737 NGX.