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  1. jaguado

    LEVC update

    Hi, any word on the update for Valencia X? I was told there was an update coming soon, but that was months ago. Airport still fails to show on approach even with a default P3D v4 installation. No mesh involved.
  2. Hi, There was already a thread opened a while ago but very quickly dismissed about an issue of Valencia not loading at all on approach. I can load a flight there just fine, and SODE issues apppart, with works like a charm. But if I slew a cople hundred miles away, and slew back in, it doesn't load. If I fly from anywhere, it doesn't load either. It looks exactly the same as on the other thread. Two black areas where the buildings should be. I just found I had the same issue with an i7 7700K, 16GB of DDR4 ram and an Nvidia GTX1080. No freeware sceneries installed. Just FTX global base, and Vector installed on that area. I don't have the same issue anywhere else. Even in London, yeah, my FPS can be not that great on approach in london (20/25 with my settings) but in most places it's 30 fps locked on 30. Now, my question is... Valencia X doesn't show Prepar3d V4 compatible, only up to 3.x. Does that mean that an update is in the works? Thanx in advance.
  3. jaguado

    Yoke issue

    Yes, I just bought the thing 3 days ago or so. However I later found a post that says to start the flight on a default plane. That works and solves the clickspot problem.
  4. Hi, sorry to ask this here. I requested on the Santiago de Compostela thread for LEAL Alicante-Elche to be made, but I was told that someone else was making it.  I then asked who, but I was never told. Do you know who is developing Alicante? Thanx

  5. jaguado

    Santiago de Compostela Preview

    So, who's making the new Alicante? I can't find it anywhere...
  6. jaguado


    It's on the options part of the right MCDU. You can have one, both, or non, and they can expand horrizontally or vertically.
  7. jaguado

    Crash During "DIR TO"

    Ok, I don't iknow if it is the same problem, but I was enroute to one waypoint today, deleted that waypoint so that I could go direct to the next waypoint. This created a fltplan discontinuity, and the green route disappeared from the HSI, airplane started turning left going nowhere, and a minute afterwards before I could do anything, CTD. This happened over England. The waypoint I wanted to get to was CPT, the waypoint I deleted was really close to it but I can;t remember the name. Might try the same thing again sometime when I have the time.
  8. jaguado

    SODE issues

    Valencia isn't useless, just gate 4. Tried gate 1 and it worked perfectly. Having said that, I AM having sode Issues. Jetways dissappear at all airports. I have to click on "reload all" on the SODE menu to get them to appear again.
  9. jaguado

    SODE issues

    I had issues at LEVC. Aircraft was perfectly parked on Gate 4, but SODE said aircraft door was too far away. Aircraft is PMDG 737 NGX.