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  1. Ok.... test complete and by no means the final word... but hope this helps I agree with miroslavmurin ACLS works pretty good... but... it only worked good for me with the Kitty Hawk (for this test 12KT winds and carrier at Full Ahead). I shot 5 ACLS to the Kitty Hawk and it trapped 3 out of 5 with various cable grabs (1,2,2) Using the Nimitz or Enterprise I got good indications in cockpit but always missed the wires... I flew 6 ACLS approaches and no trap... I then tried using VRS AI Carrier (both Kitty Hawk and Nimitz) TACAN and ILS Freqs matched.... tried different variations including Kitty Hawk with 109.00 for both... and flew over the wires. Never saw "10 Seconds" illuminate (ship or Shore ILS). I didn't mess with VLSO and I used some and I had two successful ACLS traps with DLC and one without... always had Flaps Full, Speed Brake OUT... Bottom line... if I use the Kitty Hawk with ACLS I get expected results.... Anyone have any different luck with other boats? Fun... but a lot of work.... I rather Mode II it with Auto Throttle to 1.0 to .7 NM and then hand fly it to deck (for Night and IMC) I recommend a checklist and a note book... at first I was losing my mind... aircraft was flying like crap and all over the place... thought I had a joystick issue... it turned out to be a flight plan that I loaded... it had the waypoints I wanted for my GPS but I had the weather set to impossible IMC with lots of shear and turbulence... an aircraft checklist isn't all you need... a little attention to the sim Configuration Management (CM) goes a long way.... What is wrong with us.... this isn't a typical pastime!
  2. Ok... getting ready to conduct some ACLS tests today... before I fly I watched a couple of videos and went through the manuals again... here are some things I noted: 1. Volume 4 has the Kitty Hawk TACAN at 112.10... and Volume 5 has it at 109.0 (what I've been using). 2. I have watched the ACLS videos I could find and I saw the following: A. I never see DLC on... (nor does the VOL 4 call for it) B. I saw one successful ACLS trap with no Flaps (surprised it worked) C. The videos had winds (so I will have winds in for my tests today... and only use the Kitty Hawk). D. I will keep VLSO software off.. I suspect now that maybe Deck Burble Effect might be causing the F-14 floating and missed approaches that I have been experiencing (?) E. I never saw the 10 Second light come "on" on any video that I watched (I don't recall seeing it in the 2 successful ACLS approaches that I have done in the past)... NATOPS says this: "During ACL, indicates ships motion is added to glide path information and D/L commands. For other modes indicates 10 seconds or less before any action indicates for an arrival at a specific point in the approach path." F. Video used F-1B (I will be using the A+ Block 110). 3. I also reviewed the procedure in the F-14B NATOPS (see attached image)... and it calls for DLC. I will report back after the flights and see if this helps us figure what is causing some the ACLS issues some of us have been experiencing... MTF
  3. Ya... seems it either works pretty good... or not so good... from other posts I've read.... on my system the approachs look good... but I don't see the seconds to touchdown light up... I never payed it too much attention because I'm always in a time crunch... so I qual and get to the honey do list....
  4. Hmmm... is the Carrier moving or stationary? I have never tried it to a static ship.... maybe I will test it myself this weekend... moving, not moving, and with winds/no wind.... shouldn't matter but at this point I'm curious... like I said... I have tried several ACLS and only had it trap twice... and it wasn't pretty...
  5. Didn't know about that app... very nice Thanks
  6. Does Abacus even leaverage AI Carriers or use the default FSX carrier ? I stopped using their carrier with FS2004.... The flight deck 6 premise reminds me of an old DOS F-14 sim by Dynamix (?)... in that sim you flew the T-34c T2 TA4J then off to the F-14 RAG (now FRS?)... then off to the fleet... hmmm did it have fighter weapons school mode? Ahhh this and Fleet Defender make me so greatfull for this awesome Aerosoft product... can't wait until the DCS leather neck Tomcat is released... Abacus products always seem geared to the younger/novice crowd... and seem to play off their design tool/design PDF how to series ... I.e you pretty much teach yourself how create your own bird using their books and design software... then if good enough they will sell the bird (at least it seems that way) Not trying to put down Abacus... it has its niche... like I said I used it for years with FS2004 and was very happy with it back in the day... Are there missions with awards and or certificates? That would be kind of cool... I guess.. but the aircraft just don't do it for me anymore... kind of reminds of the mad cat combat pilot concept that never went over (except those birds/cockpits looked great supposedly A2A collaborated with them... but I heard the flight models were bad... anyone have those birds (T6B, T-38C, T-45C, F-18c) besides the aircraft carrier how are the aircraft and missions?
  7. How often do you fly... I'm lucky if I get on my SIM once a week for an hour... barely keep qualifications
  8. Nice!
  9. Your not trying to fly the case 1 approach are you.... i fail an engine way way out and fly the approach from greater than 5NM... I can't imagine how bad it would suck to lose an engine in the break... the single engine approach is a challenge and I start sucking up my seat cushion as I get closer to the deck.. I've gotten waved off and made traps... but never got an OK pass single engine.. ive done both day and night... either engine... have you tried the French Virtual Navy Etendard? I'm not a fan of the time period/French cockpit... but that is a sweet bird to fly around a boat... that bird is well done... cockpit is well done.. I just wish it had a HSI and better gauge layout but it seems authentic to the bird and period.
  10. I have only had a couple of ACLS automated traps that actually made it to the deck and caught a wire ... I just get sick of setting up for the approach, just to miss/bolster... so now if I use ACLS I use it to a point... I just let it fly till about 1.0 NM or just before ball call then I take it... I prefer to use auto throttle at night (at least until late in the approach)... then I overide the autothrottle (by moving my throttles) I make sure I set my physical throttles to 86% (depending on weight)... before engaging autothrottles.... That way I don't have gross differentiation between physical analog position and last auto throttle position. I get better grades at night... the day approaches are tougher because I don't have Track IR.... using POV for me just doesn't cut it... so usually end up LIG fun stuff... I wonder if DCS boat ops will be as good... or if xplane will get a carrier MOD by Austin or 3rd party?
  11. KSAN is 110.90 in FSX.... unless they updated the "DAFIF"... I fly the KSAN ILS in the F14 all the time... I believe that I use AWL... I also believe that when you enter the TACAN the corresponding NAV 1 freq shows up.... you get the ILS freqs either by going to view-> maps or with GPS... I had similar issue in X-Plane because it does update. I don't like how Dino's T-45c carrier doesn't give ILS to ship on ADI or HSI... just on HUD.... but does for runway ILS...
  12. Ok.... got it I normally start at KSAN... this time I got faraway from the Kitty Hawk ... and spawned a Nimitz... couldn't get one with the Nimitz... tried Kitty Hawk that I spawned and made a nice ACLS APPCH catching a 3 wire... VLSO waved me off...was slightly high and slow for moment... gave me a C3... Good thing ACLS appchs aren't graded...
  13. Hmmm... if others are having no issue... makes me wonder if it's a FSX setting or other add on that might the contributing factor? Like I said, I never had a ACLS trap... but it sure did look like it would... I will play around this weekend (if I get time).
  14. I have never got it to work either... I have more luck flying case III using the ACLS GUI (I move it up near canopy frame)... then to reduce work load use auto throttle until 3/4 mile then disengage... its a lot easier to hand fly after that... I wish the ACLS worked, I have tried different carriers and many different approaches... there were a couple of times I thought it would land... but no.... I also had VLSO on and they waved me off on every ACLS approach.
  15. Anyone using the Flight 1 GTN 750 with the tomcat? looks like a great app... It looks like it can be added as a 2D POP UP Panel (with software config utility?). If so curious if there are any performance hits (FPS)? It looks like a nice mod... esp when I go into RIIO mode... just want to inquire before dropping $50.00
  16. I’m finally starting to get the hang of flying this bird around the boat. I’m still pretty consistently getting 1 wires. I’m using VLSO… I don’t use the default FSX carrier (I don’t like the model)… I use the Javier Fernandez carriers (AI carriers 2), CVN 63 that came with the package and the Team SDB CVN-65. For the SDB CVN-65 (I use 110.5 for the default “normal” meatball setup with 3.5deg approach angle… but I like the advanced option… I think the landing area lighting is better, but the FREQs are different (116/116.50) so… when I switch to the advanced by changing FREQs… I get the landing area light change and the 4.0 deg meatball, but loose the F-14 AWLS cues on the VDI/HSI and HUD cues/TACAN DME info in the cockpit. I get my best deck landing results with the Aerosoft F-14 on the R98 Clémenceau - Royale French Navy. I think the FLOLS on this boat is a good compromise between using the pop-up FOLOS gauge (like the one packaged on the SLUDGE F-18… that was too difficult for me… being so close???) and the default ones we are used to. For those unfamiliar with the Clemenceau FLOLS the FLOLS system is larger at first and then resizes as you get in closer on approach. I read the GOGUE on the VLSO Blog Spot regarding the wire zone differences between the various carrier models… I thought by using the CVN-63 that came with the Tomcat, that I would be getting better results on approaches. Starting to think I’m pretty bad at deck landings, but I get better grades with the, FSXBA F-18C, VRS F-18E, T-45C, F-14D, A-4, T-2, F/A-201 (easiest bird to get onboard in my opinion) , and ANTS T-28C. Come to think of it, I have never had an Aerosoft F-14 ACLS approach go to a full trap... I never see the 10 SEC light even though the CMD CONTROL is on the entire time… it often touches down on the back end of the deck just past the wires (I’ve tried the FULL ACLS with Fernandez’s Fernandez’s CVNs, Kittyhawk CV-63, and CVN-65 Enterprise ). I follow the full recommended procedure per the documentation and I have seen it trap on YOUTUBE videos, so I know it can do it. I have tried all carries with the Auto throttle and I normally have the speedbrakes out and use the DLC… although I only have the DLC configured to max/off… under the most recent mod… can it be programmed to be used incrementally? I thought I read that it could (cowlflaps). VOL-7 of the documentation has an excellent breakdown of how to pull off traps (the best I’ve ever seen)… are there any other tips or advice on techniques to get better grades using VLSO? Or should I not use VLSO? I have seen other posts where folks have vetted some frustration regarding getting this awesome bird aboard well. I have read that it was safe but tough to get aboard in real life. Again… any tips or tricks/ links to good videos would be greatly appreciated.
  17. All... thanks for the input... I'll put it to good use... exactly what I was looking for. So... I work on simulators for a living... my team was in Huntsville AL today, and one of the companies we met with, lead was a former F-14A pilot (he's the CO of a F-18E SQD in the reserves now). So I hijacked lunch and grilled him on all things F-14A that I had questions about based from the F-14X product... after about 20 mins... he assumed I flown F-14Ds and was comparing. I laughed and thought... WOW AEROSOFT really nailed this bird. The stories I heard today were priceless... I'm grateful for the glimpse into the world of the TOMCAT... I knew this bird was special but after the conversions I had today... there is no doubt! check out this link on the F-14 design evolution (I suspect most in this forum probably saw it already... but for those who haven't its worth the time if you want to hear about the bird from one of its creators).
  18. So if I understand correctly... you changed the radio configuration in the version of the Aerosoft F-14 ( I say that because there are a few different model/panel files for that bird) so that NAV 2 would read the 116.xx frequency... to see the 3.5 deg FLOLS with the different deck lighting? So NAV1 was set to 110.5 for all cockpit/HUD displays to work and NAV 2 taking care of the FLOLS/lighting ? And it didn't work because you lost all cockpit/HUD data?
  19. I think I follow what your experiencing... I'm not spawning using TACPAK...but I see similar issues... I just posted a similar post.
  20. I'm noticing that after I engage a target sometimes the Last RADAR mode wont clear... e.g. the STT line stays fixed on the displays (TID.DDD)... is this a MEM/Software, or operator issue? Anyone seeing this? Pushing other RADAR modes... e.g. TWS Auto, PDS, RWS... all do nothing.... RADAR seems frozen
  21. Just starting to FAM with this bird… I have seen Video online for ACLS APCHs where the HSI appears to be in TACAN mode and not the ILS mode… i.e. it appears that on a ACLS APCH you have DME and LOC on the HSI and the VDI has the ILS needles… kind of what I expect to see on a traditional ILS… ** I haven’t tried this myself yet… just watching YouTube videos… I wanted to try to figure out normal ILS let downs to an airport before trying my hand around the boat. But when you shoot an approach to a land base and enter the ILS FRQ and select the HSI mode for ILS there is nothing there except a compass rose and no LOC/DME… thank GOD I can hit “H” to get a B-Model Sparrow HUD… that at least has the DME for the ILS… Is this true to the F-14??? Seems kind of strange… do I have the switchology messed up? Its hard to believe that you would lose all that data… and that it wouldn’t be displayed on the HSI. So an "A" model flying an ILS would lose DME and important data on the HSI during an approach ?
  22. I have the Tomcat installed and beside the "B" model control issue (which I have to turn Pitch and Roll SAS off to fly "B" models)... The missions arent showing up when I go to load them... should they have auto installed or somethig I have to do from the AEROSOFT folder in FSX?
  23. Anyone else seeing the F-1A block 110 or B models Roll issues after take off? On the ground it seems to working fine (that is there is a visible difference in the spoilers with ROLL SAS on/off) and then after takeoff roll is locked up and as the bird picks up speed it usually enters an left or right hard roll as the wings retract... once the roll SAS is turned off you at least have roll control authority... "A" model doesn’t have this issue. Seems that throttle movement does effect roll at some point after TO/WOW... I saw this topic discussed in another thread that indicated it was answered… while the ROLL SAS off allows for ROLL control… it doesn’t seem that it ROLLs as intended i.e. the ROLL isn’t dampened… it says in the DOCs that in ACM the ROLL SAS is often turned off. For IMC/Carrier ops its kind of nice to have the ROLL tamed a bit… Not a big deal but a little annoying… Am I off on this… is this a legitimate issue? Is it addressed somewhere else that I haven’t seen?
  24. Hmm... not sure what is up... is yours version 1.10? I saw some traffic about simconnect but my "A" model works just fine... I played with it some more and I can see that throttle movement causes a SPOILER to activate on one side as the throttle is moved up the spoiler pops up on say the right wing and moving it back around MIL and the spoiler retracts... keep retarding the throttle and hark the spoiler pops up on the left wing. Anyway... I'm having a blast with this software... tinkering with/figuring out stuff is part of the fun
  25. Did and no change... F-14A works great with now issues (which means all SIM CONNECT is working) just having issues with the A Block 110 and "B"s until I disable ROLL SAS