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  1. I still could not get this livery to work after following the directions!
  2. drego22

    Windows 7

    The newest version
  3. Does anyone have any problem running the Airbus Pro on windows 7? CDU, and avionics are not working! I cant figure it out, I have been searching through the manual and no results, PLEASE help! Thank you in advance! Andre Chambers
  4. Hello, I am sending this message to ask if you all could make at least one livery for both the A320 and A321. Due to AAL having these aircraft as a majority of their fleet I am surprised that this aircraft wasn't released with at least one livery for all three aircraft. I thank you in advanced! Cheers! Andre' Chambers
  5. drego22

    My Serial number is not working

    Do you have a direct link that I can get in touch with support?
  6. drego22

    My Serial number is not working

    Yes sir, and I am getting the same results
  7. drego22

    My Serial number is not working

    It keeps saying that the serial number or email is in correct, after I copied and pasted the serial number in. please help me fix this problem! I have tried everything that I can think of! Exact words, I am sorry but the serial (or email address) you provided is wrong
  8. drego22

    My Serial number is not working

    Hello, my name is Andre, I am sending this message in hope to resolve an issue I am having trying to download and update my current A318/319 and A320/321 aerosoft FSX aircraft. For some unkown reason, my serial number for Order number 610378 is not working. Please fix this problem ASAP so that I may enjoy my Airbus Aircraft. Please notify me if there is anything that you may have for me in order to get my Airbuses back in the air. Thank you in advanced! Cheers! Andre Chambers
  9. drego22

    US Airways A319 IAE N812AW

    What is wrong with your downloads, I cant seem to download anything