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  1. XP11 DFW Version 1.2

    Glad to hear you got if only PC Aviator would upload 1.02
  2. XP11 DFW Version 1.2

    Did you log into your account? Their web page is indicating that the current version is 1.02 which should be available in your account for download.
  3. Madeira Mesh Mega Topic

    Great, I'll wait for the fix :-)
  4. Madeira Mesh Mega Topic

    I just installed 1.03, followed the directions on page 1, and while the airport looks correct, I have the weird crash issue above both ends of the runway. Just FYI...........using FSX.
  5. IDS Sacramento Textures

    I noticed the same thing after installing the latest version with the update. The scenery is a shimmering mess and the jagged ground textures as shown above. I tried adjusting with my nVidia Inspector settings to smooth things out with no success. I don't remember Version 1.00 being this bad.
  6. Nassau Issues

    Go to your account wherever you purchased it and re-download the scenery. It is not an incremental update or patch. It is a new installer.