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  1. Hello. Just a question for Oliver. Oliver, what happens to airport's listed in the AES forum that are near the "Back Pages?" Do you ever go back and look at the requests? I'm just wondering if there is a possibility of a few older sceneries being added to current AES(Ryan Whitford KXNA, Max Krauss Gold Coast, ect...) Thanks!
  2. ICAO: SEQU NAME: Mariscal Sucre International TYPE: Payware FS: FSX SE/FSX/P3D DESIGNER: Aerosoft LINK: http://www.aerosoft.com/cgi-local/us/iboshop.cgi?showdsearchquito:010010!0,7322259050,D13741 AES 2.42
  3. ICAO: KMSY Name: Louis Armstrong New Orleans Intl. TYPE: Payware FS: FSX/P3D DESIGNER: FSIMSTUDIOS LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/fsimstudios-louis-armstrong-new-orleans-international-airport-fsx-p3d.phtml AES 2.42
  4. ICAO: OMAA Name: Abu Dhabi International Type: Payware FS: FSX, FS2004, P3D Designer: SIMBREEZE Link: http://secure.simmarket.com/simbreeze-abu-dhabi-omaa_fsx-p3d-fs2004.phtml AES 2.41
  5. ICAO: RKSS NAME: Gimpo TYPE: Freeware FS: FSX Designer: Miyu/ Seongsu Kim Link: https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/8465/fsx-korea-airport-scenery/ Note- Gimpo is among the other airports located in the file
  6. ICAO: KATL Name: Atlanta International Airport 2016 Type: Payware FS: FSX(P3D and FS9 coming soon) Designer: Imaginesim Link: http://www.imaginesim.com/katl01.htm AES 2.40a
  7. Zurich performance

    Now with Zurich V2, would there be a performance increse/decrease? Same settings as above.
  8. Piano and Flight Simulation

    I'd love to see that! I'm an organist but same pretty much the same thing as the piano. Oh FYI all my organ buddies are addicted to flightsim! I don't know why
  9. ICAO: KSFO Name: Flightbeam KSFO HD Type: Payware FS: FSX, P3D Developer: Flightbeam/Mir Link: http://www.flightbeam.net/ksfohd.html/ AES 2.41
  10. ICAO: CYTZ Name: Toronto City Center/Billy Bishop Intl Type: Payware FS: FSX Designer: Final Approach Simulations Link: http://www.fspilotshop.com/final-approach-simulations-cytz-toronto-airport-for-fsx-p-4873.html
  11. Zurich performance

    Hello everyone. How would mega airport Zurich perform on my system(fps). I run an Intel i5@2.90 ghz; GT 740. Fsx at moderate settings; using payware aircraft, AES/GSX, and 80% UT2. Thanks! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. ICAO: KRSW Name: Southwest Florida Intl Type: Payware FS: FSX Designer: LatinVFR Link: http://secure.simmarket.com/latinvfr-south-west-florida-fort-myers-intl-fsx-p3d.phtml AES 2.39
  13. ICAO: NZWN Name: Wellington International Airport Type: Freeware FS: FS9/FSX Designer: Robin Corn, Godzone Virtual Flight Link: http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=181556 No AES, Groundlayout (Taxilines) and Gateposition (AFCAD) far away from real airport, so that a operation is not fitting (pusback ... ), sorry.
  14. ICAO: KDAB NAME: Daytona Beach International Airport TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: Aerosoft LINK: http://www.aerosoft.com/cgi-local/us/iboshop.cgi?showdsearchdaytona:010010!0,7092230770,D13192 Surprised no one suggested this yet AES 2.39
  15. ICAO: KGNV Name: Gainesville Regional Airport Type: Freeware FS: FSX Designer: Art Poole Support: apoole209@yahoo.com Link: http://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/7513/fsx-gainesville-airport-scenery/