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  1. TheKordulka

    AXE company route editor

    Minus means that You have after TOMBI fly below FL230. However Your Solution is workin. Thank You so much for Your Help.
  2. Hello guys. I have a question how to fix problem with AXE company route editor. I can't save route EGKK-LCLK in AXE CRE. when I fill all data in AXE then I can't save it. The field with route waypoints is always blank after save route. This happened only with this route untill this time. The routhe comes from Vroute. regards Jarek
  3. Why don't you simulate ailerons up in Airbus family during landing time? I don't thin that You miss that fact. I attached screens to show You What I mean. regards Kordulka
  4. Hello

    I have a question about your repaint  Air Canada Rouge - Airbus A321-211 CFM (C-FJOU). Why I can’t install this repaint via Aerosoft’s Livery manager?


    Reg Jarek

  5. Hello sir. I find a bug in your repaints. Look for the screenshot  pls . Back interiors of fuselage. Fix it pls. regards

    Bez tytułu.png

    1. John Glanville

      John Glanville

      I replied in the open forum as other may be having the same " problem " , the solution can be found here :


    2. TheKordulka


      Thank You John. BTW your repaint are really great.