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  1. SirTipf

    CRJ Update 1.0.5 incoming

    Changelog sounds great
  2. It doesn't matter if something is developed in FSX or P3D as long as it is a model it will receive dymanic lighting. Otherwise you couldn't light any buildings at any older scenery with your plane.
  3. Same problem, the lighting seems to be blocked as it only slightly lights the rear of the plane. Also their is still the old static lighting which would completly ruin the new, if it would work
  4. SirTipf

    MAP Frankfurt v2 / SODE Update

    I am certain that this update will never happen. They don't have any competitor so they don't care about user requests.
  5. SirTipf

    A question on SODE

    Reinstall Rome, if it says there are no triggeralbe objects within 12km. Probably there is nothing in the SODE Simobject folder and xml folder
  6. SirTipf

    OSLO Gardemoen

    Jetways don't work without AES, but the developer could use SODE as there will be an option for non apron driven jetways in the next update.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Just little tweaked GSX config for the new Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 enjoy
  8. -rep is so easy to get here: just give a bit negative feedback ༼ つ  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ