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  1. Big Bend National Park - DC-6 turbo-prop retrofitted
  2. Cracking footage mate!
  3. Really serene pair of views!
  4. Bermuda425

    Air Canada A319

    Fantastic shot of the ramp ops!
  5. Bermuda425

    Finnair A319

    Top-notch bunch of shots! What AI traffic are you using here? It looks great.
  6. Thrilling turning view!
  7. Bermuda425

    Rainy Boston

    Breathtaking IFR departure!
  8. Super-duper bunch of shots!
  9. Bermuda425

    Finding Fjords

    Fantastic flying adventure in this fjord landscape!
  10. What a populated scenery in those approahc shots!
  11. Bermuda425

    Short Final into Tegel

    Super duper capture!!
  12. One of the most engaging approach videos!
  13. Bermuda425

    A Little Dry Colorado

    Spectacular shots! Is this blue sky scenery?
  14. Bermuda425

    George did Good!

    This looks gorgeous! You probably made the tower crazy during your taxiing along the airport all this while!