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  1. Regional Pencil II.....

    Frontline selection of shots!
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    Gorgeous series of images!
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    Magnificent footage of those regionals!
  4. Beautiful 8

    Dandy series you posted here!
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  7. My oh my! What a conga line!
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    Gangbusters set of shots!
  10. Golly gee, well what do you know! A marvelous fligh log, thanks for sharing!
  11. More France, More Pilatus

    Très magnifique sélection!!
  12. Glorios night footage, what a heavy!
  13. A Little Spanish CRJ

    Top-of-the-line selection of shots!
  14. Heck of a set of shots mate!
  15. Love those shots with the illuminated terminals in the backround - good job mate!