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  1. Bermuda425

    Short Final into Tegel

    Super duper capture!!
  2. One of the most engaging approach videos!
  3. Bermuda425

    A Little Dry Colorado

    Spectacular shots! Is this blue sky scenery?
  4. Bermuda425

    George did Good!

    This looks gorgeous! You probably made the tower crazy during your taxiing along the airport all this while!
  5. Gangbusters footage from this IAP!
  6. Cool! You cranked up the traffic setting there!
  7. Bermuda425

    More Hills fewer Mountains

    Every day, your shots are getting cooler!
  8. Geesh! Thanks for sharing the news mate!
  9. Magnificent approach footage mate!
  10. Top-of-the-line set of shots! This must have been real world weather!
  11. Holy mackerel! What a doggone grand set of shots!
  12. Neat shots all! Out for some IFR in the RG myself!
  13. Your shots are the ultimate!
  14. Top-of-the-line selection of shots!