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  1. Hi all, a new video!
  2. ionfresko

    Bamboo Island Thailand

    Thanks WalSch!
  3. ionfresko

    Bamboo Island Thailand

    Hi all, a new video!
  4. ionfresko

    At Dusk in Auckland

    Hi all, a new video!
  5. Thanks Mario! I think I managed to take it down the first time, but not gracefully...even in the video, after a couple of attempts, I'm still too high, not getting down quick enough. I believe there is a difference in lift between version 1 and 2: in the XP10 version, stall was always close when going slow, and it was difficult too control - now in the XP11 version, I feel the C300 is both more stable and more able at low speeds, so more simple really. I have no idea, though, which is more realistic.
  6. Hi all, a new video!
  7. ionfresko

    Boeing 707 v2.5 X-Plane 11

    Hi all, a new video!
  8. Hi all, a new video!
  9. ionfresko

    Bush Flying Idaho: ASDG SuperCub X-Plane 11

    Thanks WalSch!