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  1. My shin definitely agrees after tripping while going up those stairs before
  2. I'm pumped for this. This plane looks amazing! My logbook is gonna have a lot of DAL A330 flights.
  3. Well, judging from that pic, Mathijs certainly has good taste with video games. +1 on BF1
  4. I love this. I nearly spit my coffee out laughing.
  5. It's been a while since I've dabbled in flying the CRJ series, but VNAV is more "advisory" than anything, correct? Sort of how it is in the E135/45 series? Put in your restrictions and adjust your speed and VS to make your altitudes.
  6. I agree with what others have said as to watching the AP fly over the ocean for eight hours. Yes, it's enjoyable but I prefer shorter hops which the CRJ is frequently used on. It's much more fun to have some interaction such as flying departures and arrivals than sitting there checking on the PC every now and then during hours of cruise. (While not real-world procedure, I can't bring myself to sit there and stare at a virtual cockpit for hours flying over the pond.)
  7. The nipple rubbing comment a page or two back was quite well received hahahahaha
  8. I really need to check back more often here. This is the single best post in the history of everything.
  9. It looks absolutely amazing. I can't wait to fly these birds! Thanks again so much! Those sure made my day!
  10. You've made my day! Can't wait to see them when you're back!
  11. Just for fun, would it be possible to snap one or two screenies sometime with a Delta livery? Seriously, this looks incredible. Truly a stellar job. When this baby gets released I have a feeling my logbook at my VA is going to skyrocket.
  12. I thought profanity wasn't allowed here! Just kidding Can't wait to zip around with some DAL paint on these