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  1. I'm pumped for this. This plane looks amazing! My logbook is gonna have a lot of DAL A330 flights.
  2. Well, judging from that pic, Mathijs certainly has good taste with video games. +1 on BF1
  3. I love this. I nearly spit my coffee out laughing.
  4. The nipple rubbing comment a page or two back was quite well received hahahahaha
  5. I really need to check back more often here. This is the single best post in the history of everything.
  6. Repaint request

    Looks amazing! Thank you!!!!
  7. Repaint request

    Definitely looks amazing. Thank you so much!
  8. Repaint request

    Both noticed it at the same time lol!
  9. Repaint request

    Looks gorgeous! Are those the IAE engines? Delta uses CFM, I believe. Nevertheless, looks amazing!
  10. Repaint request

    Holgi, you are awesome!!!
  11. Repaint request

    100% agree
  12. Repaint request

    One is already out.... Check my link above to the Russian Avsim site. They have Ural, Aeroflot and others for our Russian friends.
  13. Repaint request

    Aeroflot, Ural, Belavia, and Aurora are here http://www.avsimrus.com/f/fsx-aircraft-liveries-and-textures-78/