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  1. NJ_Flyer

    The Perfect Addon

    Burned Jet A1 would be better!
  2. NJ_Flyer

    Bell 205 Huey

    Not sure how I managed to miss this post for so long. I cannot believe the detail on this model, fantastic! Quite weird I found this post the same day I noticed 2 Hueys operating out of my local airfield (water bombers I think).. they make an awesome sound!
  3. NJ_Flyer

    Super Cub

    The new Sportcubs by Cubcrafters are awesome! We have 2 '07 builds as well as the old and beautiful PA18. Fly very similar.. probably the most pleasurable planes I have flown so far! Would love to see a Cub update.
  4. NJ_Flyer


    Never heard of or seen this aircraft before. Who makes it? Looks very similar to the Cessna Caravan.
  5. NJ_Flyer

    The Aerosoft Picture Quiz. Winners Announced.

    Well done guys!
  6. NJ_Flyer

    FS9 Supercub

    G'Day Dan Forgive me if this sounds stupid. But are you applying any power when you try to turn? Tailwheels are not the easiest things to turn on a good day. With a little power and Differential braking, they will turn on a dime (the Real Supercub will). With a little engine power, you are creating a stronger slip stream over the Rudder which in turn, gives the rudder more authority on the ground. Just be careful not to give it to much or you will be doing 360's in it.
  7. NJ_Flyer

    New Supercub

    We ordered 2 of the new Cubcrafter built Cubs.. due for delivery in Sept/Oct... cant wait! I have many hours flying the Supercub.. by far the most fun plane I have flown! Everyone who flies a supercub automatically falls in love with them! Didnt know Aerosoft was making a new one?
  8. Based on what I heave learnt. I would say the flames where caused by a compressor stall. The crew would have noticed a sudden loss of power to the offending engine and probably a high EGT. The compressor discs could rip them selves apart. This can cause serious damage to the engine (obviously) so the first thing that the crew do is shut down the engine. Some times you get lucky, a few weeks ago here, a 737-800 injested a pelican. The crew shut the engine down at made an air return. Fortunatly the only damage was to the N1 Blades, so it was flying again within a few hours (after engine power assurance runs). The unfortunate thing is that the birds dont get a second chance.
  9. NJ_Flyer

    steering to the right

    G'Day If you are flying a piston engined aircraft, this is a normal thing. Due to the slip stream and the torque of the engine, it is putting more weight on one of the main wheels creating more friction which in turn acts like a brake and makes the aircraft turn a little. Standard Operating procedure in these aircraft is to apply rudder during the roll to compensate.
  10. NJ_Flyer

    Piper Super Cub

    Ok maybe we do think alike. We are basicly saying the same thing. You dont have to go and hide. If you go anywhere... go and have a fly!
  11. NJ_Flyer

    Piper Super Cub

    Just for the record I did not state that I was better that you. Obviously you and I have very differnt opinions on fun flying. Thats not a problem to me. We both enjoy flying at the end of the day. The problem some pilots face when navigating is that they become complacent with the GPS system and dont bother with maps. Then one day when the GPS fails (for what ever reason) they may have great difficulty in dead reakoning navigation.
  12. NJ_Flyer

    Piper Super Cub

    Sorry it Bugs you Ian, wasnt meant that way. You do bring up a good point in saying not everyone enjoys the navigating side of things.
  13. NJ_Flyer

    Piper Super Cub

    Flying using a GPS takes all the fun out of flying GA planes. I for one, during my training refused to use a GPS. Good old maps, a watch and the flight computer disk is all you need. Not only that, your VFR, so you must be able to pinpoint your location every 30mins (here anyway). If you lost power to the GPS, what would you do?
  14. NJ_Flyer

    What a great film!

    Awesome Video!
  15. Ive Ordered my copy here in Australia... but unfortuantly we dont get it for about another wk or so. Im paying $126 AUD including shipping.... but I also get a Defrag Program and a subscription to Computer Pilot Mag.