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  1. ...maybe just a bit less - we don't want to make promises to Aerosoft that we can't keep
  2. Brussels International preview

    Thank goodness for that!
  3. Well I think it was just a light hearted way of saying "hang on..."
  4. Mega Airport Johannesburg preview

    Well I saw that the first page of the topic contained some modelling screenshots, which made me hope that they had at least some material, albeit not enough to make the airport with things mentioned by Mathijs such as sightlines from the tower. So that's where I was going with the question, whether it was feasible to release something for just the home sim market based on what they had before.
  5. Mega Airport Johannesburg preview

    Hi Mathijs, Sorry to hear about the cancellation of the project, but thank you for being open about the reasons, which sound completely understandable. I was just wondering whether this would also be the case if you were to release a "lite" scenery, along the lines of FSDGs Bangalore? I appreciate that it wouldn't work for any professional customers, but I had to mention it in the hope that it might just be enough to get us desktop simmers on a much needed trip to Africa! Best regards, Dan
  6. There is a post about SODE at the top of page 2, it seems that it will be added.
  7. I've always focused on Airbus and Boeing up to now, but this really does look so good that I'll have to start learning the CRJ! Great work!
  8. Newcastle X

    I never thought I'd hear anyone from Newcastle or Sunderland say that! Great screenshots of the airport though, keep up the good work!