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  1. Yes, then they ask me for a screenshot of the companyroutes.xml that I provided ASAP, I suppose they will release a patch soon
  2. And an answer has been provided yesterday
  3. Hi fellows, DONE, the ticket has been sent
  4. Hi DevTeam; I think that I found a bug in V1.28.8 When exportin FPL to prosim737 the companyroutes.xml (belong to Prosim) becomes corrupted as PFPX adds an extra "</companyroutes>" at the end of the file doubling the close xml field, so at the end of the file I have "</companyroutes>" twice after saving an PFPX flightplan. Cheers
  5. Same problem here, message but data is sent to topcat Question: is there an update software for aerosoft products or "pfpx" and "topcat" update theirselves automatically ????