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  1. Cargostorm

    Short Final into Tegel

    Looks amazing. What addons do you use? Is this with ORBX EU Germany North?
  2. Cargostorm

    Updating your busses

    Respect! In view of the many thousands hours of work and the huge invest for development, the pricing is extremely fair for such a complex aircraft. Especially for those customers that own one of the previous busses, it should be a no-brainer.
  3. You must have missed that the crew pushed DIRECT TO / With ABEAM PTS in the MCDU. It is definitely as Frank said. AB appears before the waypoint if you push DIR TO and select with "Abeam Points" in the MCDU. Also described in the FMS manual, a copy of which can be found here: Cheers, Chris
  4. Cargostorm

    ORBX FTX Germany South + Stuttgart Professional

    Hi Oliver, just to make sure I understand: I have downloaded the v1.10 installer yesterday. So this means that it does not have the same content (missing building; missing options in the config GUI) as the installer that is available in the shop today? Why not renaming the new installer to v.1.11 if it has a different content? In the shop I cannot differentiate between the two installers, especially if a customer is not becoming aware of this thread. Is my understanding correct that everyone that has installed the scenery using yesterday's installer, needs to de-install the scenery, re-download the new installer and make a re-install to make sure he has all buildings and the ORBX LC option in the config GUI? Thanks for clarification. Regards, Chris
  5. Hi,


    gute Arbeit, und das seit so vielen Jahren WIP...


    Wo kann man den Flughafen herunterladen? Würde ihn gerne testen, da EDSB meine Home Base ist.


    Viele Grüße


  6. Cargostorm

    Trondheim - FPS Issue on Dynamic Light P3D4.1

    I see, our posts overlapped since we posted at the same time.... Have you tried to delete your shaders cache to see whether it helps with dynamic lighting? You find it at Local Disk (C:) ► Users ► You ► AppData ► Local ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D V4► Shaders You can delete it. It needs some time to rebuild if you start the sim.
  7. Cargostorm

    Trondheim - FPS Issue on Dynamic Light P3D4.1

    It won't help much! Any SSAA mode in P3D4 will still affect FPS with dynamic lighting on and performance will suffer. A known issue in P3D4. You need to set the slider to 8x or 4x MSAA. Do not use SSAA at night, especially because the 1060 is not the strongest video card. I have a 1080 TI GTX, and have a night setting for night flights using 8x MSAA and one for day flights using 2 x SSAA. Maybe if the new Volta comes out this year, users can use SSAA modes wit lots of dynamic lights.
  8. Cargostorm

    Anchorage stops P3D

    This is why I am reluctant installing sceneries using the addon.xml method. Why the basic idea behind is really good (having scenery, effects, sounds etc. outside of the main sim), the current limitation is a no go. I just hope that LM brings out a fix, otherwise we run in trouble if more and more developers use the addon.xml method for their sceneries. The number of 34 addon.xml is reached quickly.
  9. Cargostorm

    Switzerland Proffesional X Stutters

    you could try the following: Inside the CHPROX\CHPROX_scen\scenery folder try removing all the BGL files with "PointLights" and "RestPointLights". Put them somewhere else just to have them as backup. As far as I know they make the 3d night lighting but are not compatible with P3D. Maybe the lights are the cause of your stutters. It is just a guess, but worth a try. Cheers, Chris
  10. Cargostorm

    Barcelona, Professional vs Evolution

    Hi Cabribcn, if not it would now be a good chance to switch to P3D V4. The P3D platform is so much better than FSX Cheers, Chris
  11. Cargostorm

    Airbus reagiert verzögert auf Joystickbefehle

    ... deshalb ist der Airbus übrigens bei Sturm "schwieriger" zu fliegen als andere Muster...
  12. Cargostorm

    1.6 SimStarter

    You should not touch the files as Simstarter should handle everything correctly for you. I would contact support. Thanks for heads up that v1.6 is now downloadable in the customer account.
  13. Great to hear that it worked! Happy flying! Chris
  14. This is a known problem, and I also had it recently when I switched from Navigraph to NavDataPro: with my T7 PMDG aircraft there were no SID and STARS at EDDF using AIRAC 1710. I solved the issue by deleting the arpt_rwy.dat file in the Prepar3d V4\PMDG\NavData folder. Once you load your PMDG aircraft (T7), the file will be recreated and then you should see our SID and STAR in your FMC. Make sure you make a backup of the file, just in case. The reason why it works in FSX is of course because the PMDG aircraft uses its own arpt_rwy.dat file sitting in the FSX\PMDG\NavData folder.
  15. Cargostorm

    Preview Bergamo LIME (Released)

    This attitude deserves an upvote! As cargoflyer, I am interested in an updated airport scenery. How great is the flight recorded by PilotsEYE.TV Leipzig-Bergamo-Hong Kong with Cpt. Joe Moser and SFO Alexander Klatt in a 777F from Aerologics.