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  1. EETN Upgrade

    Thanks for the information.
  2. EETN Upgrade

    Any idea when Aerosoft will have the upgrade to Tallinn v2 available? Thanks.
  3. Aerosoft Virtual Airline Program (AVAP)

    Mathijs, any update on the new products available? Thanks
  4. New shop site

    Having trouble re-downloading any of my products, clicked on download for the Germany server but nothing happened have tried multiple times for multiple products. I am using latest chrome browser. Edit: I have found the problem, chrome says web page is trying to load unsafe scripts, on the right of the address bar there was a shield icon I clicked that and selected load scripts anyway. Now downloads are working. It does show an icon on the left of the address bar saying not secure though.
  5. IDS EGCC Jetways

    I did try searching but found no topics and on the product page there is no mention of the jetways. Does EGCC by IDS have moving Jetways? If so are they sode or ctrl+J. Thanks for the help. Steve
  6. Bergen taxiway lighting issue.

    Would like to know also if there is going to be an update my VA (FLYUK) just opened a base here.
  7. Nassau/MYNN Jetway Problem

    Yes the GSX problem is an easy fix, but jetway still unable to connect to the 777. Really should not have to mess with either of these problems in the first place as the developer should of made the gates fir the proper aircraft.
  8. Nassau/MYNN Jetway Problem

    That's not the only problem with the jetways BA dock their 777 at B22 but GSX says the space is too small and the jetway there won't connect at all. Any chance for a fix for these problems?
  9. No lights on ground from lamp posts.

    Thank you so much for your help, looks much better now. Steve.
  10. No lights on ground from lamp posts.

    If you have a look at the picture you can see light from the aircraft and vehicles but not from the airport lamps. Have I got to choose a certain setting in the rendering options? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. In the initial preview thread for EDDF someone asked if there would be an X-Plane version being released, they did not get an answer so I thought I would ask here if there is a chance. Will EDDF v2 get an X-Plane release? Thanks.
  12. P3d V3 compatibility

    That's really great to hear. Thanks for putting in the effort.
  13. P3d V3 compatibility

    I don't think anyone expects you to check all the scenery but what about the releases in say the previous 6-12 months or the scenery that is already P3D2.5 compatible would hate to not be a able to use Heathrow.
  14. P3d V3 compatibility

    Thanks for the information.
  15. Lisbon v2 Animated Jetway Option

    I would like this also if at all possible.