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  1. Hello, I wanted to know how you can change the logo with the plane, the logo of the airline I'm flying with, I'll be happy to help thank you very much
  2. Nir143

    Ben Gurion

    I realized very sucks, and I wish Speaking: / We really missing aviation enthusiasts, What is there some old aprons may be possible to renovate With the new tower we needed it most
  3. Nir143

    Ben Gurion

    Sucks to hear: / So we lack a normal country airport to P3D If you want to try to get food images Thanks: P
  4. Nir143

    Ben Gurion

    These images from Google Earth, but I can get the author was Ben Gurion some pictures might help you if you will
  5. Nir143

    Ben Gurion

    Hello Here are some pictures, if you like I can try to arrange a few Can continue to talk to the details, and I'll find something here of my friends in the city
  6. Nir143

    Ben Gurion

    Were you I'd love to know if there is progress for Ben Gurion Thank you
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    Hey, I know that a few months now offer the new apron to Israel, You never know how it's going at the moment? If Bthilicim etc.