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  1. Timothee

    Problems with A/C at idle

    This thread might be interesting for you:
  2. Timothee

    IAE Models Won't Slow Down!

    Hey Thats the problem which already has been discussed in here: Especially the A320 IAE has this problem sometimes, never happened with the A321 to me and it doesn't happen on every flight. You may avoid it by switching to selected mode for speed AND altitude. Only then the engines will slow down to idle. Maybe this behaviour will be changed in SP4 but until then it isn't fun to fly the A320 IAE
  3. Timothee

    Not following flight path after turnaround

    Just in case anyone is interested in the origin of this problem. Before starting another flight it is important to pull the HDG knob on the FCU (selected mode). This will reset the FD. Otherwise if the HDG knob is left in managed mode, the FD gets stuck in the last course, resulting in the issue I already described. I'm fairly sure this behaviour has changed with version 1.31 and wasn't like that in version 1.30.
  4. Timothee

    Not following flight path after turnaround

    Hey Dave Thanks for your answer. I agree and see your solution as a workaround. Since I don't use many demanding addons, I fly, whenever I have time, 4 to 5 consecutive flights. Until version 1.30 this was possible without any problem, since version 1.31 I'm experiencing the reported issue.
  5. Timothee

    Not following flight path after turnaround

    Ok, it's been three weeks now and nobody answered. I still don't know if it's a general problem or only one with my installation. I can even upload a few screenshots to demonstrate whats happening. As you see the FD does move not until I select DIR TO to my next waypoint. This was in an A321 CFM btw. Would be nice if at least someone could confirm or negate a bug.
  6. Hey I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this issue. I've installed version 1.31 two days ago. Since then I experience some problems with the Airbus following the flight path. This has only been noticed after a turnaround, it never happened on the first flight (always starting from cold & dark). After takeoff the FD does not follow the flight path anymore. It doesn't matter if the autopilot is on or if I'm flying manually. The only way to fix this is a DIR TO to a waypoint. I don't have a screenshot for it right now but since it happened for me three out of three times it should be easy to reproduce. Some details about my system: Plane: A320-214 Platform: FSX OS: Windows 7