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  1. Neal McCulough

    Wow!!! How wonderful it must be to be among the perpetual kids living in "Neverland!!" Though my calendar says it's 3 March 2018, in the "Around The World In Eighty Days Rally" Phillippe says it is 19 October 2017 and Neal says it's 20 September 2017!! I don't want to grow up!! I don't want to go to school!! I still am wondering if this 80 day fun rally, which should have ended well before Christmas last year, will even end this year at the rate we're currently being subjected to?? Is there no one in charge!!?? What ever happened to the idea that the world works best when there are understandable rules and those understandable rules are enforced?? Why is this "event" still going on three months after the posted end of this event? Rupert
  2. I will say I'm really enjoying the latest entry in the Around The World In Eighty Days Rally. Having said that, since this is according to this diary "Day 14" and was posted 55 days after Mr Fogg would have lost the bet, I have to wonder is there no one at Aerosoft who abides by any rules!!?? All of us including Phillippe Urban entered knowing we should finish within the 80 day limit, Yet there is no official response as to whether any limit or any rule applies!!?? If Aerosoft is so loose with rules and promises I can't see why anyone would deal with them or buy their products! Though I'm pretty sure this won't be posted, I believe it is true!! Rupert
  3. Philouplaine, I love your diary!! You put so many things in there I'd never heard of!! I really enjoy every posting you make!! But as I told Neal, and I'm probably the only one to say it because I'm certainly not a serious competitor, and those who are might worry about losing votes. IMHO those many people pilots who finished the event on time should be recognized as they flew by the rules. Having said that: PLEASE CONTINUE YOUR TRIP!! IT IS VERY ENJOYABLE. Rupert
  4. Actually Neal, I have no problem at all with anyone continuing their flight! I am enjoying reading your adventures just as I did during the scheduled 80 days. After all, It wasn't exactly a race! Having said that, unless my memory fails me, we understood that people or someone would vote and recognize entrants based upon the age classification of their aircraft. So at least by the end of January 2018, I expected people with wonderful trips like Lambert in Bi-Planes and Kalizzi would be recognized for their efforts. I enjoy the flights regardless of when they are completed! But I think we shouldn't hold off the recognition portion of the rally till sometime in 2019! No offense intended!! I really have enjoyed this event!! Rupert
  5. I agree! This is one of the better diaries I've read. Having said that as today is the 128th day into the 80 day rally and this "entrant" is now at Day 12, I wonder will this ever end!!?? I'm not great in math, but according to my calculator which says this entrant is averaging .09375 days per RW day so at this rate I see no way this 80 day rally can end in 2018! Isn't it time someone decided that 128 days into a 80 day even and still only having flown only 12 days is a little excessive!!!!???? I'm all for spirit, and all of that. But after 128 days and an entrant is only on day 12 of a 80 day rally isn't it about time to decide this rally is over!! I mean after 128 days traveling only 12 days many or most of us could have hand painted the scenery!! Rupert
  6. OOPS! MY BAD!! IT IS CALLED THE "OFFICIAL LOGBOOK" AND IS STILL THERE. Having said that, since the last entry was in December and that was made by me, the Official Logbook obviously isn't nearly as important as I had thought it would be. Rupert
  7. I feel like I've spent way too much time in a Tardus!! I could swear, actually I will swear, that under the heading "The rules and official messages" there was a topic called, if I remember correctly, "Official Diary." And we were instructed to, and many/probably most of us did enter the hours, miles, locations, vehicle used, etc. of each leg. I thought that the Official Diary would be an integral part of this event. NOW IT IS TOTALLY GONE FROM SIGHT! If it wasn't ever to be seen again, why waste the data space and our time filling it in? And I wonder how can people consider the event without that documentation still being available? After all it was listed under "The rules and official messages." Now I just looked at a posting from six hours ago about a flight called Day 9 and dated 11 October as in three + months ago!! I certainly didn't and still don't quibble too much about extending the 80 days a few days or till after the new year's events. But if the most current, as in six hours ago, entry of a still apparent legitimate entrant is day 9, 11 October. And worse yet, that entrant is still in Asia, I fear a few or maybe several of us may die before this entrant's event is over. I think the event is a great idea! I truly enjoyed not only being in it but especially reading others' diaries including the "Official Diary." But I can assure you many could have provided much more detail and more pain-staking shots if they/we had known this event would go on for months after the announced 80 days.
  8. Enjoyable trip Thorsten! Like you, I used to hate it when work got in the way of pleasure! Being retired for a while, I'm noticing i don't seem to spend as much time at pleasure as when I worked. Now instead of going to work, I go to to the doctor(s)! Truth be known, going to work was better. Come on in! I'm buying!! Rupert
  9. The flights to others' home airport is certainly an interesting concept. Having said that, I don't have any idea how many participants we had. That might be more of a challenge than the 80 Day one itself. I'd be more than happy to hear others' points of view! If we try to recreate past events, I agree we should utilize aircraft from whatever era we are staging or earlier. As to Rt-66, I remember when traveling cross country from California to Kentucky in my 1966 Pontiac Catalina 2+2, freeways in the middle part of the country were still mostly non-existent. And I did drive on more than a few miles of Rt-66, which was if not still complete, was at least still hugely complete. Rupert
  10. Ok, Let's go with Piper Cubs and other small craft from that era! Having said that, I'm pretty fond of Route 66. If you're not familiar, call up the song "Get Your Kicks On Route 66." If you've watched any of the "Cars" movies, they're based upon places along Route 66. I'm old enough that a whole lot of Route 66 was still in use when I first started driving long distances. Today much of RT.66 is replaced, paved over, etc. by Interstate Highways. But based upon casual checks on the internet, I'd think we could pretty well track the actual route. I may do some online research to verify that. Rupert P.S. During that era my hair was at least ten inches (10") too short to even consider driving a Love Bug. And when I drove one years later to transport SCCA equipment from place to place I could swear I could have, at that time, out run it on a decent 10 speed bicycle! And I'm sure the air I was breathing would have been much cleaner as well.
  11. Kalizzi!! Obviously weird minds have similar weird thoughts!! I lived some of that life when I chose to leave the Marine Corps when I could no longer pass a flight physical and had no desire to be a desk warier!! I raced motorcycles on flat tracks 1/8 to 2 miles. I rode or drove motocross, endurance racing, sports car racing, Baja racing, etc! I was always trying to feel that adrenaline high I felt when people were shooting at me, and even better missing me, in Vietnam! While I was flying various missions including night Med-Evacs. People exactly like me who missed their combat adrenaline highs after WWII are who originally started the Sports Car Club of America, American Motorcycle Racing, Baja, etc. Perhaps we could do this event limiting aircraft to low powered single engine aircraft from the Pre-Korean war era. My first thought of course would be to limit it to the Triumph, BSA, Indian, Norton, Harley, Royal Enfield, Matchless, etc.bikes of that era. Or maybe MG TCS, TDS, TR 3s, Austin Healey 100s, etc. But I'm not aware of any sims that simulate those experiences! Perhaps a Love-Bug Beetle is out there but that really isn't what we used. Rupert
  12. Nice Flight! Very enjoyable!! Which brings up the next question. What are we as a group going to attempt next!!?? I know Mathijs and his folks are probably weary of flights they sponsored. But we who like to fly should be able to find an enjoyable goal and post it in this club area without burdening Aerosoft. I know there are limits on how much data Aerosoft can or should support. I'm perfectly happy to cancel out all my data from this trip to allow space for the next one! Ideas Please!! Rupert
  13. This is the headline I just got from Bloomberg Online News! Intel Confronts Potential ‘PR Nightmare’ With Reported Chip Flaw By Ian King and Jing Cao January 3, 2018, 7:37 AM ESTUpdated on January 3, 2018, 11:38 AM EST ‘This is a black eye for Intel,’ benefit for AMD, analyst says The Register reported chips could be vulnerable to hackers Apparently every Intel chip from day one has this flaw!! Go to Bloomberg and read about it. Rupert
  14. To Mr Kok (urgent)

    Good luck with that!! Poirot and I have shared more than one bottle of vintage port. Other than the proper grooming of his mustache, there isn't a whole lot which interests Hericule! Unless of course you just killed someone or were killed by someone else! Rupert
  15. Hiding virtual cockpit

    I agree, See my comment from 31 December. I feel there are a lot of us out there who don't buy planes because they are "simply not designed to be used without the VC." Rupert