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  1. msagner

    Austria Pro HD P3D V4

    Hier gibt es eine Lösung:
  2. msagner

    Orbx lights in P3D v4

    Here's your answer:
  3. msagner

    Major issue with EDDF Professional

    I had an issue after installing EDDF Prof - the sim used to load alright with a default plane (Bonanza), then when loading the PMDG NGX I would get a CTD. I disabled EDDF in the scenery config, and everything would be alright, the NGX would load flawlessly. I then disabled another scenery (not related to EDDF) and re-enabled EDDF. After this, the NGX loaded flawlessly as well. This really looks a lot like a P3Dv4 issue that can't handle more than a certain number of scenery config entries.
  4. msagner

    Bronco for P3Dv4 screwing up PMDG installation?

    Thanks to all involved. Keep up the good work!
  5. msagner

    Bronco for P3Dv4 screwing up PMDG installation?

    I have disabled ASC.dll in all the Bronco subfolders. The PMDG planes still don't load, with their VC's dead. Deinstalling the Bronco always brings the PMDG's back to life, reproducably. In case you or the developers are interested - I did some logging with procmon.exe during the sim startup, once with the Bronco installed and the PMDG dead, once with no Bronco installed and the PMDG coming up alive. It's a 600+ MB download (zipped) - so let me know and I will send you a link for dropbox. If it helps - I have a teamviewer client on the machine as well.
  6. msagner

    Bronco for P3Dv4 screwing up PMDG installation?

    If you have a question as to what else I have installed that might have an influence, or if you'd like me to run a test, just ask (GSX/couatl comes to mind).
  7. msagner

    Bronco for P3Dv4 screwing up PMDG installation?

    Thanks. Ryan Maziarz from PMDG tech support is familiar with the problem.
  8. Last night I installed the Aerosoft Bronco X, using the brand-new installer for P3Dv4. After doing some traffic circuits with it I called it a day. Then today I downloaded the new PMDG installers for the 747 and the 777 in P3Dv4, deinstalled the 747 and the 777, and reinstalled them using the new installers.. Both came up with dead cockpits, with a hint to a problem with the PMDG dll file being unavailable (although it was where it was supposed to be, and also the dll.xml entry for it looked ok). I tried deinstall-reinstall cycles several times, but to no avail. I then filed a ticket with PMDG and got a very quick reply from them, tipping me off on the Bronco apparently screwing up something inside P3D. I deinstalled the Bronc', then reinstalled the PMDG planes, and now they're both running sweetly again. I have no idea what might be the cause of this problem, but according to PMDG support they already had several users reporting this. There seems to be something wrong with the Bronc's 64-bit installer. Best regards Michael Sagner
  9. msagner

    Salzburg 2011 Preview

    Sorry for my using German. Thanks Gianni for your honest statement. I'm gonna purchase the Russian LOWS scenery 'cause I love operating into that airport, but as soon as your Circling Salzburg hits the market, I'm gonna grab it, and this is a promise. Keep up the good work, and don't forget about Innsbruck!
  10. msagner

    Salzburg 2011 Preview

    Ein sehr faires Statement! 👍 Aks User, der sehr gern LOWS anfliegt und bisher mit einer etwas angestaubten, lange nicht mehr aktualisierten Payware vorlieb nehmen musste, werde ich mir die neu erschienene Scenery zulegen. ABER: Sobald Circling Salzburg erscheint, werde ich umsteigen. Versprochen. Und die Idee mit Innsbruck für P3Dv3 bitte imAuge behalten!
  11. Absolutely correct on both counts! Your turn! @Matthijs: The city is Cambridge. Makes a difference for the rowers.
  12. OK, thank you. I'll take up the baton. This location is on my annual schedule, each year on the 2nd weekend in July. One hint: In the oldtown of the nearby city there is a small pedestrian bridge called "bridge of sighs" (and don't jump to conclusions) Additional bonus point if you figure out just why I'm going there.
  13. Belpmösli? That has Skywork based, and they connect the vibrant, humming capital with LCY I think.
  14. OK, what I'm going to say won't contribute to the solution of the PMDG/LGTS OOM problem, but I think the way to go for the foreseeable future (until the advent of a Prepar3d-64Bit that is) will be to do it like the folks at Majestic did. They wrote (or purchased) their own simulation kernel for their Dash8-Q400 which they run outside of FSX. They use FSX simply as their display engine, nothing else, and have a very basic flight model that resides inside of FSX. They don't use this flight model but rather move their arcraft in slew mode from outside of FSX. This way, their aircraft simulation can be as complex and memory-consuming as they want it to be, and it doesn't add to FSX VAS. The only parts of their code that uses FSX VAS is what is needed for display of their panel/VC and the looks of the aircraft. Rather clever if you ask me. PMDG should take a closer look at this technique for their future products. Just my 2 ct.