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  1. I can add an example. Flight Plan: KBOS LBSTA6 LBSTA V139 BURDY J121 SEY PARCH2 KJFK PFPX mdr file: KBOS KJFK/KPHL DIRECT LBSTA 42.800000 -70.613528 V139 BURDY 41.955317 -70.952069 J121 SEY 41.167436 -71.576086 Simbrief mdr file: KBOS KJFK/KPHL DIRECT LBSTA 42.799999 -70.613525 V139 EXALT 42.719055 -70.613510 J121 SEY 41.167366 -71.576324 PARCH2 (FAP) 40.677753 -73.723053 Note that the PFPX mdr file omits the last piece of the flight plan
  2. Hello, I am the CIO of United Virtual (virtualua.org) and I am interested in the online VA schedule feature. Is there a process or documentation required to work with you to implement this feature? Thank You, Keith Lovell