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  1. SOLVED! The issue was that I had my Addon Scenery folder installed on another drive. I temporarily moved it to the C drive and ran the scenery complexity tool. It recognized that I had FT KBOS installed and I applied the changes. Everything looks phenomenal now! Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the quick response. Fly Tampa was already installed and it is below USCX Boston. I launched the tool and it doesn't recognize that Fly Tampa BOS is installed. Does it look in a particular place for FT KBOS? I have most of my addon scenery installed on another drive. Maybe I just need to move FT KBOS back to the C drive?
  3. Hello, First off, awesome job on this scenery! Boston is my home town and I was really surprised to find the building that I work in on Huntington Ave was represented! Anyway, a minor issue when used with Fly Tampa KBOS. The default control tower for the airport appears behind Fly Tampa's tower so there are two control towers. Thought I would pass that along - nice work! Thanks
  4. Hello, I am the CIO of United Virtual (virtualua.org) and I am interested in the online VA schedule feature. Is there a process or documentation required to work with you to implement this feature? Thank You, Keith Lovell