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  1. Daayuumm! Very nice. Great pictures. Keep up the great work.
  2. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Wowzer!!! Amazing.
  3. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Once again a master class in scenery. Jo, how do you make scenery that look so good it makes you want to slap your...self. Looks great. Cant wait.
  4. You rock Stefan. Keep up the great work.
  5. No slats on Reverse when landing

    Wilco, i tried another flight and the spoilers popped up on landing. Thanks for the update, the plane flies great.
  6. No slats on Reverse when landing

    Yes the spoilers, my apologies. On the previous build they came up when the reverses were triggered but on this they don't. JPG got it. Sorry.
  7. Good day, I have the latest build and did a test flight from ENGM to ENVA. Upon landing, i pressed F2 for reverse and saw the REV sign on the gauge but looking outside the slats weren't up. I flew with the REVS armed the whole flight, felt the de-cel on the ground but no slats. 2017-9-1_9-26-11-587.bmp 2017-9-1_9-26-17-992.bmp 2017-9-1_9-26-40-65.bmp
  8. Mega Airport Oslo V2 and SODE

    The fix solved it, swapping the jetway files. Tusen takk Jo.
  9. Mega Airport Oslo V2 and SODE

    I'll try it out and report.
  10. Mega Airport Oslo V2 and SODE

    I downloaded 1.11 from simmarket.com as soon as the notification came out.
  11. Good day, at the gates for the HEAVY aircraft at Oslo the 747V3 and 777 for V4 it says the doors are too high and won't attach. I went to the SODE forum and they pointed me to aerosoft.
  12. I'll happily glue all these screenshots together and fly it as is. Great work, it still amazes me how work like this is done. Real talent here at AS. Thank you.
  13. Brussels International preview

    Easy there Nile, Rome wasn't built in a day (neither was AS Rome) but AS has always come through. Sometimes the best work takes time but ripping them apart on a public forum aint gonna get your EBBR here any sooner. My 02. Kroner
  14. Mega Airport Munich

    Yep i did and working on fixing the problem. I've been planning a complete scrub and overhaul of P3D so this topic can be closed. Thanks for your help guys.