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    Btw, we have now entered out Airbus projects into our administrative systems, here is the info. Aerosoft A320/A321, Edition 2018 Aerosoft A318/A319, Edition 2018 Aerosoft A318/A319 & A320/A321, Edition 2018 (bundle) Aerosoft A330, Edition 2018 These products will sell for 40 euro (plus EU VAT when applicable). Price for the bundle still need to be set. These products will install in FSX:SP2, FSX;STEAM, P3D V3 and P3D V4. No online activation, as many installs as you want in what ever sim you want. Updates from the current Airbusses will be 16 Euro (plus EU VAT when applicable). A note on that, as you know we never charge customers for files they already paid for, so if an update contains 50% new files, you only pay for those new files and get a 50% discount. In the case of the A320 series the new product actually contains more than 60% new files, yet we decided to charge much less. This is done because we value the customers who have been using these products for such a long time. Still need to figure out the update price for the bundle but expect it to be in line with the others. All these products will release this year, (CRJ first) where the A330 follows on the A320 series. we expect these all to be released shortly after each other. Please keep in mind that these are NOT new installers to install the old product in the new sims to make them 'compatible'. They are all very much updated to the latest ideas and technologies.
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    Yes of course! It wouldn't make much sense for AS to loose 1732 existing liveries, would it?
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    You're missing out. The initial rollout was rough, to put it mildly, but they have busted their butts and given us a really nice product. Not perfect, but I love their 717.
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    I highly doubt it. If you would have asked for advice back then you would have been given the answer that laptops are no good for flightsimming. You chose to ignore that advice (or failed to ask for it) and buy that laptop anyway. As expected, it didn't do any good because it wasn't up to the job of flightsimming. It was never designed to be. You can't blame a laptop for not doing what it was not designed to do, you simply had false expectations that didn't come true. That laptop is designed for office work and a bit of internet and maybe watch a movie, that's what it's capable of and if you did that with it I'm sure there would never have been a problem with that laptop. Just let it be a hard lesson, always ask for advice before you buy something. I encourage you to buy a good desktop system for flightsimming, but I'm afraid you'll have to do it with the money you got because there's not likely to be a refund for that laptop.
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    I believe it's time to close this thread. Some of us see the taxi light working, although a bit weak and some don't. Most likely, the difference is individual computer and monitor settings (I forgot to add that mine is calibrated with a hardware device). Nevertheless, it does work.
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    Answer to mopperle : I hope, you are joking. Your pictures are totally dark. I see only any green, white and red points. Or esle, my computer (or my sight) has a big problem...
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