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    We should be in regional route heaven soon - the CRJ getting ever so much closer (seemingly), 64 bit goodness around the corner and a bunch of great new airport sceneries in development. Now if we could just get a decent E170...
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    Yes and no. in each aircraft the crew does sort of the same. We're still operating in the same physics, so we're sort of using the smae methods to trick mother nature. The details are where things start to matter though. Do you have 6 fuel pumps or 20? What about Taxicam, EFBs, the all new radio equipment, datalink, the new FMGS (not just in terms of the layout to the pilot), ECAM, etc.? Do not think that just because "we onyl simulate the job of the pilot" there would be no systems code behind it. If you go some pages back and read on the discussion of the fuel tempratures you see what kind of detail goes into the systems. It's not all just faked numbers, lol As far as the A330 is concerned it turned out that even this "small" change in the aircrat type still comes along with a massive amount of work.
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    I hate going off-topic a bit further, but your comment sure is interesting. So this narrows the announced A3XX project down to the A320NEO, if the A380, A350 or the A340 (which you excluded before anyway) are that hard to do at the current point in time. Unless you plan to do the A310 or A400M, of course. Just my impression.
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    Can I ask why aerosoft is putting so much work into a crj that's no where near as popular as a detailed a380 which they most likely won't make?
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    Like RandallC asked, the option to be operating the panel lights separately from the back lighting is a must have option, please implement this feature or it would be by far unrealistic, (my opinion) Thanks.