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    Hi, This months we've been working on the Terminal to finish it as you can see in the screenshots is 100% done, so the next step is to texturize all the 3D objects around the airport to get ready for the beta. As expected the frame rate are excellent and the details are really good as we wanted. Cheers.
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    Sure thing! I'll post some more when I've finished up the details around the terminal area.
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    Well, it took you less then 15 minutes to give me a very polite but straight answer. I love that! I really like those bundle packs, but fully understand the admin/technical problems it exposes when upgrading single products... Thanks! I'll contact you on support@aerosoft.com and see if you "can do anything" Blue skies, mr Kok!
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    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
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    Please accept the answers already given to this discussion. There is no need to open a Dublin topic again and again. No new information will come from that at the moment.
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    As you say, anything between two weeks and two months (oh you did not say that?).... In the end it all depends on what we feel HAS to be in 1.00, We'll warn people who buy early that we still have 4 people working on the code. But good news is that we now have a long overdue updater in the works that will be used for the busses. Work in progress! For us this is a bit more complex than for other companies as we got to implement 200+ addons and not a handful like for example my buddies at PMDG. But next week all beta testers will be moved from updates via SVN to this system so we can test it in depth.
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    Hi everyone, as we promised here some screenshots of the main terminal. Hope you like it!
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    If Air Traffic Control finds out that altitude readout displayed on Controller's Traffic display is incorrect, the pilot will be instructed to "Stop Squawk Charlie" - to stop transmitting altitude information. Wrong altitude information could trigger false TCAS alerts for pilots and STCA (Short Term Conflict Alert) for Controllers. When altitude reporting is OFF, radar identification is maintained (squawk "CODE" is still transmitted) and radar separation can be applied. I suppose there could be other uses, but just this one comes to my mind.
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    Jo, you know you are mad, do you? Those pictures are just as awesome as it gets;) This is gonna be the best airport ever. I hope, you´ll do more German airports in the future as I cannot do without this quality. That is just mind blowing. I do not even know how to express that correctly anymore!!!
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    https://www.airfoillabs.com/king-air-350 Seit langer Zeit verfolge ich dieses Projekt und habe vor kurzem nach dem Status gefragt: Die Antwort: Dear ...., We are working 24/7 on B350, will publish soon development news. Best regards, ... Dieser Flieger hat die besten Aussichten, bei mir im Hangar einen Platz zu finden
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    Schau mal hier: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/144228-xp1120-beta-global-scenery-error/&do=findComment&comment=1379285
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    Maastricht-Aachen airport is a busy regional airport on the Dutch-Belgian-German border. Due to this location it’s popular with cargo companies and low cost carriers like Germanwings and Ryanair. It is close to many major cities and the industrial hearts of Belgium and Germany. It’s also the airport that EUROCONTROL choose as its home base because of this central location. Besides the cargo and passenger flights Maastricht-Aachen has two flying schools and a lot of general aviation traffic. The version that Andras Kozma made for Aerosoft is a small marvel of state-of-the-art scenery design. Even though nearly all buildings and structures are modelled in great detail and textured with photographic textures the frame rate remains remarkably high and smooth. Unlike many other airports it also got a very lively feel to it with many animations. It’s a perfect location for your regional flights around Western Europe and for online flying. This new version was created for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D V4.2 and uses all the distinct features of that simulator. https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/prepar3d/sceneries/2288/maastricht-aachen Features: Aerial image coverage with 15cm/pixel resolution Photographic textures on all buildings Very good frame rate Immediate surrounding included Full use of P3D V4 dynamic lights Many animations (including motion capture human figures) Traffic on most major roads Compatible with NL2000 (see manual about that)
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    Hallo, eine super Arbeit. Herzlichen Glückwunsch. Hans-Dieter Bothe
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    Hi Christian, Hut ab das ganze sieht ja echt super aus!
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    As there is no "hard-snow winter" season defined for the London region, only when it is actuall snowing a littlebit white areas are seen, there is no "snow" layer defined in Heathrow. Normally it is only raining and froggy there
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    I am sorry. it's unfortunate but we won't be offering an update for that. The main reason is that Maastricht was just a part of the product you bought and contract simply do not allow us to update part of a bundled product with a new stand alone version. Do contact us on support@aerosoft.com and we'll see if we can do anything. We fully understand this is not ideal and we apologize. In the future we'll try to avoid these kinds of things.
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    Hallo, versuche mal dies (sollte auch hier helfen, vimacore ist ja auch eine third Party dll): Q: I am getting the "Flight Simulator has detected a problem with a third-party software program (add-on): Name FSLSounds.dll (or FSLOptions.dll or FSLSpotlights.dll): Do you want to run this software (not recommended)? Then, even if I click Yes, Flight Simulator crashes. A: This is because something caused an error in a previous load of Flight Simulator and Windows decided to intervene and permanently mark that DLL as unsafe. You need to run "regedit", find the registry setting for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers and in there, edit the entry for fsx.exe to REMOVE any mentions of Data = $IgnoreFreeLibrary<FSLSounds.dll> (or the other FSL dlls accordingly). Then, restart FSX - you'll get the error message once again, but click Yes, and the application will work correctly this time. Also, make sure your FSX is running as Administrator
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    With all due respect but you will have no time for beta testing at the moment. I am myself in an TR now so I know what I am talking about If you want to prepare yourself for the A321 I would advise you to buy the product that may or may not have malware supplied with it. It is perfectly suited for RW TR orientation.
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    @tongaluga @scorpio2001de Ich denke nicht, dass es sinnvoll ist sich genau auf die Tags zu stürzen, die ich aktuell verwende. X-Europe lebt, d.h. die verwendeten Tags werden sich ändern, manche werden vielleicht nicht mehr benutzt, andere vielleicht zusätzlich abgefragt und dann werden sich manche vielleicht ärgern wie "Hätte ich das damals gewusst, dann hätte ich das gleich mit eingegeben.". Und möglich, dass ich zusätzlich andere Datenquellen für die Erzeugung benutze. Wir sollten nicht versuchen OSM passend für X-Plane oder X-.Europe zu machen, denn wir sind nur ein kleiner Teil von denen, die diese Daten nutzen. Wenn ihr also zusätzliche Informationen (Tags) in OSM eingebt, werden sicher davon auch andere profitieren und es ist nicht für die Katz. Ich will trotzdem versuchen die Fragen von Jürgen zu beantworten: Denn scheinbar hat wohl ein nur als Gebäude gemapptes Objekt, bei dem die Eigenschaft Building nur den Vermerk "yes" enthält, keine große Chance abgebildet zu werden - auch wenn es mit 10 Etagen angegeben wird. Nein, da ist nicht richtig, besonders die hohen Gebäude werden auch besonders berücksichtigt und bekommen eine höhere LOD und Priorität. Oder wie verhält es sich mit den Objektbezeichnungen Dombau, Kirche, Kirchengebäude, Andachtsstätte, Kapellenbau? Kennt X-Europe alle oder nur einzelne und wie unterscheidet es? Ich unterscheide chapel, church und cathedral sowie die Grundfläche des Objekts. Wie unterscheidet es deren Größen? Macht es bei bestimmten Gebäuden überhaupt Sinn, Höhen und Etagen anzugeben und wie bezieht X-Europe die Grundflächen mit ein? JA!! Was würde in X-Europe passieren, wenn ich eine kleine Grundfläche als Dombau und eine große als Kapelle mappe? Ähm, das ist unsinnig, eine Kapelle ist per se kleiner als eine Kathedrale Interessiert es X-Europe, ob ein Leuchtturm 5 m oder 30 m hoch ist oder einen bestimmten Durchmesser hat? Momentan nutze ich zwei Objekte (20m und 40m), also ist die Antwort 1. Höhe ja und 2. Durchmesser nein Oder wie geht X-Europe mit Grünflächen, bewirtschaftetem Wald, Laubwald, Nadelwald, Mischwald, Buschwerk usw. um? Die werden so erzeugt wie angegeben, also Nadelwald, Mischwald, Laubwald etc. Würde X-Europe einen einzelnen großen Baum inmitten einer großen städtischen Grünfläche abbilden, wenn er dort gemappt wäre? JA Kann man davon ausgehen, dass alles was aus OSM in demo.f4map.com eine Abbildung erzeugt, auch in X-Europe abgebildet wird? Oh, ne Fangfrage... was meinst du mit alles? Gebäude, Wälder, Bäume etc. ja - Papierkörbe, Bushaltestellen, Parkbänke etc. nein
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    I am an owner of the latest version of the A-320 from Aerosoft and my first time on the forum and I have to say getting through all of these posts was quite a read. Excited to see the new product and can't wait to fly it, I'm glad you're taking your time to get as many things ironed out as possible before the release. I was watching a twitch of the A318 one of your beta testers flew and I had to laugh because I heard the "Approaching 36R" announcement and that get's me just about every time. We only have 1 of those in our fleet at the moment and it surprises me every time as I don't fly that one every day. On the sounds, I noticed that the PTU sound is heard in the flight deck. Is it possible to turn that down as well as some of the other sounds individually? I think it's great to have that option for everyone to experience it so I hope it's still there, but it's not heard up front so turning that off would be a nice feature. Also, when i'm in the back as a passenger you can see the first time airbus fliers because they get wide eyed when they hear it. I like to mess with people by tightening up my seat belt :-) Also someone posted something about the center line light noises being removed and wanting to know if they will be back in a later version. Not only is that something you can hear up front you actually feel them. Quite annoying actually and you will see most people taxiing just slightly to the right or left of the center line to avoid them. If you want a challenge you can try and keep them between the nose wheels however I doubt this would be something you could simulate. So if they are in the sound pack being able to turn them off by taxiing just moving a little to left or right of center line would be a nice touch. The one's on the runway are really loud and you feel them even more. I've been doing a lot of multi crew training with some of my friends and that is an AMAZING feature, you guys scored with this one keep it in there!!! Lastly I have to say that the 318 model looked stunning and i'm excited to put this beauty in the virtual hangar. Thanks for sticking with this product,!!
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    When are we going to hear about the changes to the FMGC coding, the flight model changes, the autopilot and fly by wire changes so that the new A320 family will be at least in the ball park of reality.Enough coffee cups and door bells and cameras.Where is the beef?I really want to hear what has been done to make it more accurate from a flying viewpoint not a coffee serving standpoint...
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    Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 1803 for best results. Changelog Update: AltCap, RAD and Directs Update: minor fixes in RAD and Directs to ensure correct routing Update: added directs to/from EPSC for better connectivity with ATS routes Update: adapted RAD and Directs to offer more route options via Maastricht UIR (FL245+) at weekends/nights Update: implemented Free Route Airspace for Rhine Radar UIR East (FL315+) and North (FL285+) (East Germany) Regards David
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    Some more shot of WIP this time the radar area and a part of the maintenance / miltary area
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    More shots: Orio center and Parkings.
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    We have talked with Aerosoft and this is the intention we don't know exactly how much discount will be done we will see later or Aerosoft will tell you exactly how much. Consider we are a different developer and is a full new product but we are also simmer like you and we understand that this would be really appreciated.
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    Version 1.1


    Repaint for Aerosoft's A319 in fasjet colours, a lowcost carrier from Tanzania.
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    Version 1.0.0


    easyJet A320 G-EZOX 20 Years Livery AEROSOFT A320 FLTSIM inside readme. Happy Flying.
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    I would be cautious with that as well. Not sure where your training is but I did mine in Toulouse France 5 years ago and you will be more than fine with their procedures trainers and the sim. Just messing with the "Dark Side" aircraft mentioned above I see some things that don't jive with the simulator for abnormal's and some of the normal's as well. I would use caution to avoid some negative training in the beginning. It may have different software loads in the MCDU and other things as well, but I would stay away from it until you know the right way to do it, then you can filter out the crap that isn't like the actual aircraft. Where I benefited from it was for getting ready for a PC or Recurrent flight training for just the basic procedures and getting my flow down for abnormal's, profiles etc... At that stage I know how it's supposed to function. Sounds like you've done this before so you know what works for you and the Airbus is not just another airplane, so just be cautions and ENJOY the journey through the maze of manuals and references, that was a lot of enjoyment and still is ...uggg.
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    I am finding a simple pushback addon like the one built into the airbus, because I do not have the checklist enabled. After searching I found a ground handling gauge, but it involves modifying panel.cfg, which requires reinstallation after every update. That's not what I want. Fscopilot has a nice pushback utility but it generates error messages when installing, and crashes FSX on exit. Again not good to use. Is there any simple but good pushback tool (other than shift + p)?
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    Version 2.0


    About This File Contents of this ZIP-package: Airbus A319 IAE Lan Airlines CC-CPO Repaint by: Emanuel Limache Aerosoft paintkit by: Stefan Hoffmann Installation (Airbus Livery Manager): Start the aerosoft Airbus Livery Manager and drag the ZIP-File into the list. You get a preview of the new livery - and install it with just one click. (You can read all Livery Manager functions by clicking the "?" button!) Acknowledgements: The blanks used as a basis for this repaint are by Aerosoft. Thank you for the wonderful model and the great paintkit. Legal Stuff: This repaint is released as FREEWARE. You may use and modify it in any way you wish, but you may NOT use it in any kind of money-making endeavor, and you may NOT publicly distribute any copies of it, whether modified or not, without my permission.
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    Version 1.0.0


    I´ve been dl the Aspen for hours now and you really need to improve you server speed. This is completely not accaptable to have to wait for hour. You can do better.
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    Ambiguous and imprecise, but thanks. How does 92% relate to 200+ bugs of various categories. I can see no formula to convert this observation into a timeline of acceptable veracity except for Mathjis' whimsical observation two weeks to two months. But maybe it was a carefully judged truth. Oh heck, I should have stayed out of this......
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    no. In which ORBX-folder?