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    I'll investigate but in my own recordings that we made of startups there were two in rainy weather, one moderate rain, one serious rain this was not done. Perhaps a company specific thing. We seen a lot of that. The overhead thing you mention is abnormal procedure and thus not simulated by us. It is just not something that pilots do to perform a flight. Keep in mind that we draw a rather rigorous line in the sand about that. We simulate the job of the pilot, not the training of the pilot. Update on the pb thing, quick feedback from two bus pilots was clear, this might be practise in some countries under extreme conditions and both knew of the process, but is is most certainly not standard procedure, neither of the two had ever done it. That means we will not support it.
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    TSS has delivered some of the sound files; most of what you hear in this video is the final sound (I think the ambient cockpit avionics sound is the only placeholder sound here.)
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    Well, the forum got a very good search function, here is a list of compatible addons: https://www.aerosoft.com/en/fsxp3d/news/what-s-prepar3d-v4-compatible Regarding the Airbus follow this topic, and no it is currently not compatible:
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    Hi Enjoying this Plane very much but On initial install Shift+2,3 and 4 produced Panels to view especially a GPS. Shift +3 -I think Shift+1 works OK but all the other panels have disappeared I miss the GPS panel I have now installed the Updated version 102 but still no GPS Anything I could do? xxd09
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    15.12.2017: New York La Guardia KLGA - St. John's CYYT, Distanz 1041 nm, Flugdauer 03:48 h, Start 20:23 z, Landung 00:11 z, Douglas DC6 Hätte gerne mich gerne noch etwas in NY umgesehen, Central Park, Manhattan, und ganz ehrlich, eine Landung auf dem Hudson hätte mich schon gereizt, allerdings nicht mit Bauchlandung, das wäre etwas für mein Goose gewesen. Aber die Zeit drängt, es sind nicht mehr viele Tage bis zum Ziel. So bin ich dann gestartet, um nach St. John's zu fliegen. Historisch gesehen war Gander immer der Zwischenstopp für Transatlantikflüge im Propellerzeitalter. aber die Verbindung St. John's nach Shannon ist noch etwas kürzer. Ich hoffe nur, dass ich eine Fluggenehmigung für den Direktflug bekomme, meine DC6 hat eine maximale Reiseflughöhe von 7620 m = FL250, komme also nicht in den oberen Luftraum, aber was war 1950 denn anders... Notfalls muss ich über Grönland, Island und Schottland zurück.... Kurz nach Portsmouth VOR PSM hatte ich Probleme mit der Navigation und bin etwas auf den Atlantik abgedriftet, konnte die Systeme aber kurz darauf wiederherstellen. Moncton Center war heute Abend besetzt mit einem kommunikativen Controller, und so war der Flug recht kurzweilig, zumal wegen des Nachtflugs nicht viel draußen zu sehen war. Beim Abflug hatte es geschneit, die Runways waren ziemlich seifig. Winterlicher Eindruck... ...der Landeanflug auf St. John's...
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    Another day, another flight ... today fly to a Bedouin-Camp and give the the Chief something useful items... Using a Pilatus Turbo Porter marked as aircraft of the United Nations. It is another uneventful flight in to the Sahara.... or not? Typical checks for this short flight are made and not forget to take enough to drink with. (I have learned this the hard way in Angola.) Climbing in to the cockpit and up we went. United Nations ... wow it looks so important... Let Big Daddy go... We are in Africa. Often enough no tower, no ATC. You need to keep your eyes open and sharp. The wreck of SS "Cotopaxi" Duster... no chance to do anything. The engine got a lot of dust and quit... no not complete. But I have not enough power to keep the aircraft in the air. Standstill. With this engine I can´t go nowhere. Looking under the tarpaulin of the freight i found... an ATV! O.k. tank is full. It is not a good idea in this region waiting for a search, if you know the exact coordinates and where to go. In the time of GPS and cellphone... but hey, this is Africa! I am not familiar driving an ATV... Helicopter... are they on a search mission? So fast? The Bedouins are busy and don´t to want to talk with me. I like Camels, but now I have the Quad. Found the Solar power station from yesterday.... This looks a bit unfriendly .. better to go if they want to shoot me... This is Africa... This thing has seen better day´s. And now? Think it is a good idea to "give the brave horse something to drink". The road is now in better condition.. how long? And after a village the road is ending. I follow the railroad. "Oil is much too important a commodity to be left in the hands of the Arabs." Henry Kissinger And in de hands of the Africans to... ? After the collapse of the USSR a lot of equipment like this Antonov An 26 found it´s way to Africa... Big Daddy is here... with his aircraft... and I without...
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    Assuming as VA you not only have a website but also some kind of client software (to log the flights): Your client software can grab the session id from an LVAR and push it into your website. From there it can be easily shared among your pilots. You could also distribute it via your website into your client software which then sets it via LVAR into the sim. So it should be relatively easy for you to build a nice and comfortable system for your VA and your pilots.
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    Hey aerosoft team, I know you guys are doing your best on FAOR. I saw the asdg page on facebook, and its coming along nicely. we hope to hear something in 2018, best of luck
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    Was soll an der Frage fies sein? Du stellst sie nur einfach zur falschen Zeit: nämlich lange vor dem Release und damit lange bevor eine Entscheidung getroffen wurde. Ergo: Deine Frage kann einfach noch gar nicht beantwortet werden. Das hättest Du Dir aber auch schon selber denken können, nicht wahr? Wo ist bitte schön der Betrug am Kunden? Ich nehme an, Du hattest eine alte Hamburg Version und hast das versprochene Update kostenlos erhalten, richtig? Wie kann etwas Betrug sein, was Dir vorab nicht versprochen aber dennoch geschenkt wurde? Um ehrlich zu sein entbehrt Deine Logik nicht einer gewissen Komik. Da Du hier ohnehin nur provozieren willst (Du bist nicht ganz grundlos im AS Forum unter Moderation) schliesse ich diesen Topic. Ginge es Dir um eine vernünftige Diskussion bzw. Frage/Antwort würdest Du in Deinen sämtlichen Posts einen anderen Grundton anschlagen.
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    Well Tyazhkiy, first of all it is surprising you never found any problems with PMDG and FSL products because we all know and accept they also have 'issue'. It's excellent that you know all about how stable a windows installation is and all about Visual C++. To be honest I have never met anybody who fully understood how this all links together (I could certainly use somebody like you in support!) but when we advise people to re-install windows to solve an issue with the CRJ we only do so as a last resort. After trying all we can think off. And when we do we got a 7 out of 7 result. Everybody who we advised to do it and who took our advice had their issue solved. It is hard to argue with these hard results, is it not? Of course we focus on the 64 bit platform because that is where the most of our customers are, but we sell the product as 32 bit compatible. But most certainly not 'at your own risk; I dare you to find any statement like that. We fully support the product on all platforms. If you have problems, post about them so we can look at them and solve them. if you do not post about them you are not giving us an option to solve the issues. If you look at VATSIM and IVAO you see that every day hundreds of our CRJ's are used online. Clearly by people who have better experiences then you have. Why don't you tell us about your issue, perhaps they are easily solved. But please, do NOT refer to the customers who we supported and who in the vast majority had their issues solved as teenmagers and grandmothers. I am totally willing to accept you are far more knowledgeable then they are, but please stay polite. I will close this line of postings as it does not contain any question we can answer to and because I find it mildly insulting. We are more them willing to respond to any question you have. Do post the details about your missing waypoints (what nav database, what was the flightplan etc etc), in the correct forum. To be honest, we have limited patience with customers who complain but do not ask for assistance, certainly if they claim to be superior to other users. Ps would you please use compressed images?
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    I don't think we ever had the default GPS as gauge, but if you want it I think we could add it. Will check it tomorrow.
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    It just occurred to me why Aerosoft doesn't produce any car traffic simulator. I know there's the bus simulator and there's a highway police simulator. There are a host of car racing sims available from several makes, but there are very few simulators available for just normal traffic simulation. The very few driving school sims I know are way outdated with graphics resembling a C64. There's of cause BeamNG based on excellent graphics which, however, is more geared towards physics than traffic and cities. Given Aerosoft has sceneries for several large cities already available from the bus simulator, it shouldn't be too hard to make a car simulator sporting features like an integrated driver's school as well as a free driving mode. Kind regards, Michael
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    Early morning departure from St John's, Newfoundland. Long flight over water with strong crosswind - not what I had hoped for in view of fuel. VFR conditions at Flores, Azores Islands, otherwise it would have been an NDB app with CTL. Turning base for Rwy 17, deliberately high. Landing..... ..and parked. Wow, are we tired and saddlesore! Europe at last! Glad to be this far.
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    Or use two monitors one above the other with the pop up that add 0 fps hit and you get the most realistic view imo you can get. Well within reason. The 2d pop up are the real size the VC is on a 30" screen. The bottom screen is an old 24" A 24" is really not expensive these days compared to to a ipad. (that's the white area to the left side ) For use with Navigraph, PFPX etc. I also use a chashplane view for the MCDU's so no need for it to be on the iPad.
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    Yes that idea has been going round the office a few times.
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    New full build now available: 1.00 online release for P3d V.4 1.01 tweak for fligthmodel 1.02 new build Updated logic of AGK-47B SP-ASR: whiskey texture fix SP-ASR: added cockpit texture first set 3105K: wing and cowl flaps textures fix Fixed dll loading if addon is installed in another folder than default Dll loads only when the addon starts Sim failures support improved Landing lights glass texture fix PO-500: improved electric scheme simulation Voltage button fix Cold and Dark will affect not oil and fuel
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    THANK YOU! You made a lot of simmers happy with 2nd monitors!
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    Yet another use for 2D panels... Even though I use a 55 inch 4K for my flight sim (thus I can see the instruments/displays extremely well even with my old eyes), people who watch my stream aren't able to clearly make out the finer details - even when I stream a high resolution. The 2D pop up PFD and ND really help people watching the stream to see the displays!
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    Hello, it would be nice to have fuel and oil quantity saved and not resetted when hitting cold and dark. In other words, when I load the plane the next time it should have the same fuel and oil quantity as I have left her. Many thanks!
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    I have tried to apply a fix or ‚cheat‘ if you like, in order to modify the tail wheel turning radius variables in the contact point section of the .cfg, however this did not work. What I would like to do is enable the tail wheel to move in unison with the rudder as a tiller would. I acknowledge this is highly unrealistic for this aircraft, but it would surely enable easy taxi-ing. If anyone knows how to do this modification please let me know.
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    I just completed a first serious test of our new Connected Flight Deck system with the developer Robert Mirozewsk and wanted to share the results. It's a mixed bag but with fantastic promises. Let me first explain what is changed. The big change is that we moved from a peer to peer system (that has all kinds of issue with firewalls, viruses etc) to one that uses a server. That means that it will just work. No more messing with routers etc etc. Connect to the server, type the session ID and you are connected. Three seconds if you are slow. I can't stress enough how important that is. Here is a a slide from a presentation I did recently to 'sell' the system to other companies. It also allows 'matchmaking'. That means you got a website and see all flights going on and will be able to jump aboard as First Officer or observer (the Captain has complete control over who can do what). The website will look something like this: This is a very rough sketch to explore what we need to include, it's not how it will look. But it will give you a good idea on the options and that why I show it. VA's will love it and I will as well because it will be so cool to work on support while seeing another flight going on. Not as in YT or Twitch where you are limited to a video stream, but you will be in your own sim, being able to look around, jump to to external view etc. You are IN the cockpit, not watching a stream. Now I need to get a bit technical to show how robust this technology is. Believe me, you want this robust as hell. This is how my connection to the Connected Flight Deck Server was when we tested. Anybody who knows anything about networking will tell you this is about the worst connection possible. Ping times up to 808 milliseconds and even packets completely dropped. That's what you get when you are using a 2 way sat connection from rural France that costs a bloody fortune a month (mmm I digress it seems). The important part however was that it still worked. We had some jittering in movement but because we moved to a new protocol that keeps the packets in the right order no jumping around as you see so often in other online games. And even with the jittering, it was 100% stable. You have no idea how happy I am right now. With the previous busses we experimented a lot (Joshua did some amazing work there) but this is the next step. This makes the technology mature. Just as we bought licenses for RealLight and TrueGlass because it is the best possible, this is technology that other companies will use. And for those people who hate 'servers', we will deposit the source with a external source so when we go out of business (not planned) it is usable, the connections are encrypted and you only need a email address to connect. We do store your flights so you can see them again (with EVERY action logged), but only if you specifically ask us to do so (opt in, not opt out, double confirmation for people who click fast). It's 'free' technology with our aircraft. No strings attached. Our marketing department does not even know about it and when they will find out they will only be able to see what you can see.
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    Impressed by graphics and system but inside sound def. not my liking. Outside sounds nice for the big radial but cockpit sounds flat and nearly no bass... like you have some ear protectives on. Definetly something you should have in an AN2 but not by default Cheers T.
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    I left Asia on 28th of November, my first North American destination was Unalakleet. The original plan was Nome but the stock airport was boring and I couldn't find a nice freeware. I took off in a heavy crosswind from Anadyr and headed straigth to and above the Bering sea. The flight took 1:38 at FL400 with not much too see up until I reached the small village in Alaska with a population of around 700 and a 45 m wide runway - strange combination. The route was direct with FSX IFR because PAUN wasn't in the ERJ's FMS database (it was actually as I arrived close enough to see it on the ND but as PANK).
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    Version 1.0


    This ZIP - file contains repaints in the colors of Airbus A320 IAE United Airlines N465UA (clean and dirt). These textures can be used for the Airbus X and the Airbus X Extended! ... if you are looking for more or other repaints then you can also look on my homepage http://simtexture.de!
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    Version 1.00


    This is my second repaint on the Airbus A319. I tried to add as much detail as possible.. This is the non sharklet version which was requested. I hope you enjoy flying this plane.
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    Version 1.0


    Aircraft template for the Beech B60 Duke, using the performance tables provided by RealAir.
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    Wer kennt das Problem nicht? Das eigene Haus wird nicht im FSX dargestellt, auf dem Flugplatz nebenan fehlt ein Gebäude, markante Objekte in der Umgebung sind nicht vorhanden,... Mit dem Szenerie-Design-Tutorial, das ich hiermit veröffentliche, ist es möglich, auch als Einsteiger innerhalb kürzester Zeit kleine Veränderungen im FSX vorzunehmen. In diesem ersten Teil erkläre ich unter anderem: vorbereitende Schritte (Installation des SDK) Erstellen von Excludes Umgehen mit dem ObjectPlacementTool (OPT) Platzieren von Library-Objekten Kompilieren einer Szenerie Alle wichtigen Dateien finden sich als Anhang zu diesem Beitrag in einer Zip-Datei. Darin findet sich das Tutorial (PDF) und Beispieldateien zum leichteren Nachvollziehen. Fragen, Diskussionen, Rückmeldungen,... - alles, was mit diesem Tutorial zu tun hat, bitte nur hier in diesen Thread schreiben! Ein herzliches Dankeschön an alle Tester - und nun viel Spaß beim Basteln!
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    total fiese frage ich weiß...deswegen gibts wohl auch keine antwort was? ganz nebenbei beim upgrade von gap 3 hamburg stand auch " Wenn Sie die Vorgängerversion als Download im Aerosoft-Shop gekauft haben, können Sie die neue aktualisierte Version 2012 kostenlos in der Bestellhistorie ihres Kundenkontos herunterladen." nur wurde das letzte nacht ganz ganz schnell mal eben entfernt und für nichtig erklärt...das ist betrug am kunden in meinen augen.
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    Guys, hello! I'm tired of fighting your product! Today, right after take-off (UMMS, RW13, SID BERI1A), all the waypoints from the Legs page suddenly disappeared. Although the ND route remained. I write a little on the forum, I know, you have enough problems without me. But excuse me, when every flight there are new surprises, it's not so much fun, is not it ?! I keep silence about my questions at the forum about CRJ Manager, which have remained unanswered. (CRJ Manager only loads fuel, payload does not change). I'm using FSX. I know that you are focused on the Prepar 3D platform, where the product is also tested. But! So indicate that the aircraft is not particularly compatible with MSFSX, that the customer can BUY it and install at your own risk. And somehow it's not solid, gentlemen! Yes, more. No need to tell me about Visual C ++, antiviruses and stuff. I know all this well. Especially about reinstalling Windows. Leave these tips for teenagers and grandmothers. I use a whole bunch of legitimate software for the simulator, including PMDG and FSLabs, and never experienced any problems. I'd like to believe that you are professionals after all, and a whole army of customers who have believed you and purchased this product for their money, will soon forget about all the problems associated with this plane, like a terrible dream. And further. Dave seems to be living his own life, somewhere in Amsterdam, and always in the café shop. What is he doing with centering ?! And change this is not possible, except through a default bootloader. P.S. Sorry that I'm writing in this thread. Just touched on several topics. Best Regards! 2017-12-15_19-57-29-338.BMP 2017-12-15_19-58-4-680.BMP
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    Es ist eine absolute Frechheit dieses Produkt anzubieten und es auch noch "Professional" zu nennen. Das Produkt von Justsim ist ja schon unter aller Sau aber Ihr schießt dieses Mal den Vogel ab. Nicht nur das die Texturen immernoch uralt nach FS9 ausschauen, auch die baulichen Veränderungen die bereits seit über einem Jahr in Benutzung sind, wurden in keinster weise berücksichtigt. Der Abflugbereich für die Low-Cost Airlines sieht zum Beispiel komplett anders aus. Insbesondere auch die Bodenmakierungen. Wie kommt denn so ein Produkt bei euch durch die Qualitätssicherung? Und wie kannst Du Opabst, der schon so viele Jahre dabei ist so ein Produkt unterstützen? Ich bin maßlos enttäuscht und hatte eigentlich gehofft das Hamburg, ähnlich wie Köln, nach all den Jahren endlich eine komplette Vollsanierung erhält. Stattdessen kommt das hier. Mir tun die Kunden leid, die vielleicht grade erst anfangen sich mit dem Flugsim zu beschäftigen und allen ernstes dafür jetzt 25 Euro inblättern müssen. Vorallem auch im Vergleich zu anderen Airports.